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Moveonup Soul Show. With Arthur Fenn

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Arthur Fenn will be joining us this evening for this, the last of our radio shows on


10pm - 12am Tuesday 2nd November. Playing Northern soul and X-over with an hour of deep soul sounds.

Tune in!

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Be deffo tuning in for this one, Matt.

He's very good is Mr Fenn.

Well worth a listen folks, and the web link means you have no excuses.


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Good show last night.

Had it on while I was drifting off to sleep. Sound quality was poor my end, may have been the link?

The quality of the music came through though, with George Wydell (A big Brett Franklin spin) & Connie LaVerne being stand out tracks for me personally.

Didn't agree with Arthur on the Phyllis Hyman cover, 'Cabaret'? quite accomplished I think, and no too disimilar from Connies' IMVHO.

Then again, what do I know!


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