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Barbara Mcnair - You're Gonna Love My Baby Video Clip

Pete S

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Last one from me tonight.

That's a shame Pete as I'm on nights here.... will have to find summat else to do later then....

p.s. you don't need the "link" in post, just the bit after the "=" placed between the "tube" tags :thumbsup: ....

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The vocal is slightly different on this to the 45.

Little known fact- in the last days of The Rocket we projected this, Joannie Summers, Sandra King, 'Voice Your Choice' and Venice Starks onto a big screen. Some of the tracks were overdubbed with the original 45's to improve sound quality. It was awesome. A hell of a lot of work went into it too.

We also had a projector onstage with a camera on the decks so you could see the records being cued up and playing. It looked fantastic. There maybe a picture in my gallery , I really cant remember because I'm drunk.

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