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Cheap Originals Issues & Re Issues/2Nd Issues, Incl Reductions

P&P (with proof of posting)  UK £2 each , elsewhere plus at cost .

Discounts for multiple purchases 

All ex cond and above unless where stated

Pm’s please & thanks for looking


 £5 EACH  - Many a fraction of book price 


Mikki ‘Look before you leap’ Emerald ex
Brown Sugar ‘Don’t hold back’ Bullet ex
Ural Thomas ‘Pain is the name of your game’ UNI ex
Jay Lewis ‘Should I come back’ /’Tell us what went wrong’ wol ex

The Esquires ‘Get it on’ Bunky ex
Royal Five ‘don’t stop’/nobody else’ P&L ex

Little Milton ‘can’t hold back the tears’ Checker ex

Jean Adebambo ‘paradise’ Santic ex

Fabulous Counts ‘get down people’ ex
Gayle Haness ‘we got a thing going baby’ Bang ex
Lenny Williams ‘choosing you’ French ABC ex
Bloodstone ‘my love grows stronger’ Tnek ex
The Ones ‘don’t let me lose this dream’ motown promo ex
Radients ‘voice your choice’/’if i only had you’ chess — drill hole ex

C and the Shells ‘i’ve fallen in love’ Cotillion promo ex

Aretha Franklin ‘this time for real/i wanna make it up to you’ Arista w.stain , vinyl ex
Vernon Harrell ‘your love’ Score m-
Bobby Bloom ‘where are we going’ Roulette promo m-
Philly Devotions ‘hurt so bad ‘ Columbia demo m SOLD
Dooley Silverspoon ‘bump me baby’ Cotton ex

Barrino Brothers ‘i had it all/try it you’ll like it’ Invictus ex
Wild Bill Davis ‘blues for barbara’ Everest ex £
The Younghearts ‘do you have the time’promo (20th century) ex
Swiss Movement ‘Bring back your love’ (rca) ex
Stanley Clarke ‘Straight to the top’ Epic demo ex
Brainstorm ‘Lovin’ is really my game’ Tabu ex
Jackie Moore ‘This time baby’ Columbia ex



 2nd issues, reissues  etc - seperately priced


Checkboard Square ‘double cookin’/Connie Clarke ‘my sugar baby’  (Goldmine) £5

Flirtations ‘nothing but a heartache’ (Stardust) £5

George Blackwell ‘can’t lose my head ‘/ The Group ‘ I don’t like to use’ (Wigan Casino 25th Anniv no.9- Goldmine/Soul Supply) £5

J J Barnes ‘our love is in the pocket’/Darrell Banks ‘ open the door to your heart’ (Goldmine 7s) £5

The Showman ‘wrong girl’ Ronnie Douglas ‘ worth waiting for’ (Stardust) £5

Charades ‘the key to my happiness’/The Scott Brothers ‘my day has come’ (Stardust) £5

Vanguards ‘good times bad times’ /Betty Lou & Bobby Adams ‘dr truelove’ (Soul Mafia) £10

The Magnificents ‘ my heart is calling’/’on main street’ (Soul  City white label demo) £10

Gladys Knight ‘the stranger’ /Chris Clark ‘somethings wrong’ (Tamla promo) £10

Larry Clinton ‘ she’s wanted’/Lee Andrew & the Hearts ‘I’ve had it’ (Wigan Casino 25th Anniv no. 5/Goldmine) £5

Sam Fletcher ‘I’d think it over’/Sam Dees ‘lonely for you baby’ (Goldmine 7s white label promo) £10

Lou Pride ‘I’m comun ‘home in the mornun’/Bobby Hutton ‘ lend a hand’ (Goldmine 7s white label promo) £10

Delights ‘lover’/’tell me why’ (Soul City) £5

Del — Larks ‘job opening’ (Queen City) . wol A side ‘chris’  £50 now £40

Joey Delorenzo ‘ wake up to the sunshine girl’ (Fabulous) with co. sleeve £30 now £25

Timmie Williams ‘competition’/Magnetics ‘I had a girl’ (Virtual) £30

Now £25

Edited by andybellwood

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