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Being new to London, not a regular net user, and not keen on surfing half my life, can anyone guide me to a good, simple and concise list of soul/motown/whatever club events in the London area? I would be most grateful.

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Most active in this topic

Go to The Dome in Tuffnell Park next Friday (opposite the tube) and you'll be able topick up a list there that some lads always have advertsing and listing all the London events on for the month.

There is also 'These Old Shoes'; 'The Valatone'; 'Scenesville' all of which yoiu should find reference to their sites somewhere on this site.

There is also my event, The Plinston, in Letchworth, Herts which is approx. 30/40 mins from Londons Kings Cross by train and car and we have Mick Smith, Soul Sam and Butch on, amongst others in January.

Hope this posting helps and welcome to the scene!

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Guest in town Mikey

Sorry I was busy this morning so just put in a quick email.

In town is just a very basic word document I email out each month with a list of most of the Northern Soul, Motown, mod or Reggae nights. I put on everything I am told about so I cant be accused of 'favouring' any certain night. But no-one seems to ever let me the details for the event in Morden. And as I have yet to get down there, cos I never know when it is on, I cant add it to the listing even though everyone who has been says it is really good.

In town is three years old next month, and is handy to pin on your wall or hang on your fridge when you just want to glance and plan your month. It is sent to a few hundred soulies and goes currently to 11 countries and all over the UK, to guys who may want to come to London, and want to plan to do so, and tie in a soul night at the same time.

Anybody who wants can email me and I will add you to the list. All addresses are hidden in the BCC address so you shouldnt get loads of unsolicited emails.


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A great midweek venue is Soul In The City. The first wednesday of every month finds us at Nylon Bar, I Addle Street, London EC2

6.30pm - midnight ( & beyond!)

Average attendances of 150 listen & stomp the night away to Classic northern to Current monsters & everything in between.

DJ's Martin Thomson, Mac, Paul Mckay & Dave Greenhill

2nd Anniversary coming up full details www.soulitc.co.uk or phone Dave 0197 1876661

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If you're around Sunday 23rd November there's a Northern Soul All-dayer.

Competition Ain't Nothing All-dayer (no.2)

VENUE: Herbal, 10-14 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2

TIME: 12pm through to 2am

TAX: £5 before 5pm, £8 thereafter

DJ line-up:

Ady Croasdell, Brian Rae, Keb Darge, Tony Smith, Mr Mischief

Dave Edwards,Paul Franklin, Trafford, Tef, Frankie and Tim Finch

Special Band Feature (early evening):

The Cashmeres

It would be fantastic if you could make it.

Further details at:-


Play the on-line Northern Soul Game at:-


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