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100% Originals - 75 Fabulous Titles

Record Sales Anoraks Corner

Posted (edited)

Heads-up and eyes-down for some more 100% originals all in great condition...nothing beaten up!


A to Z of label order:


George Benson - My Baby's Good To Me - A&M E+ £15

Beautiful condition of this wonderful tune


Volumes — Gotta Give Her Love — American Arts WD E+ £30

Beautiful copy of this Detroit classic!


Montereys - It Hurts Me To - Arwin WD E+ £225 SOLD
Fabulous and in-demand male group track!


Rosetta Johnson - That Hurts - Atlantic WD E+ £30 SOLD

Tremendous stomping Northern!


Jimmy Hughes - It Ain't What You Got - Atlantic WD E+ £35 SOLD

Popular dancer - rarer demo copy


Merle Spears - I Want To Know - Atlantic WD vg+ £40
Vinyl has a few marks but plays no problems...sticker on label.

Traditions - My Life With You - Barclay E+ £175 SOLD

Ex "Little Joe Roman" c/up from the Casino.


Fuller Brothers - Don't Knock Me - Bell D E+ £25

Gutsy version of this popular dancer.


Dealers - You Got It - Big Bunny E+ £100 SOLD
Indemand male group belter!


Jimmy Holland - Baby Don't Leave Me - Blue Rock WD E+ £50

Under the radar dance track - not an easy one to find.


Tony Lamarr - Just In The Nick Of Time - Buddah E+ £20

Remember this anthemic tune...love it!


Herb Ward - Hands Off She's Mine - Buddy E+ £60

Phillie rarity - great dance track


Faithful Wonders - Ol' John (Behold Thy Mother) - Checker E+ £150

Would be mint- but the "DJ Copy" has been scratched out.


Shirley Ellis - Soul Time - Columbia WD E+ £50 SOLD

Big revival spin at the moment!


Bobby Diamond - Stop - Columbia WD E+ £45 SOLD

Classic dancer - lovely condition.


James Crawford - Honest I Do - Columbia M- £40

French copy in stunning pic sleeve!


AC Reed - My Babys Been Cheating - Cool E+ £65 SOLD

Crunching thumping RnB Northern!


Little Anthony - Never Again - D.C.P. WD E+ £25

Love this one...rare demo copy


Roosevelt Grier - Pizza Pie Man - D.Town M- £75
Thumping mid-tempo H.B Barnum production.


Luther Ingram - Ain't That Nice - Decca E+ £75 SOLD

Stormer! Rarer stock copy!


Ray Barretto - Soul Drummers - Fania vg+ £25 SOLD

Gold label 1st press..clean labels...vinyl vg+.


Marva Whitney - Saving My Love For My Baby - Federal WD E+ £40 SOLD

Storming Detroit...rarer WD!


Albert Washington - I'm The Man - Fraternity E+ £40 SOLD

Always indemand...clean copy!


Johnny Appalachian - Up In Smoke - Goldie E+ £75 SOLD

Rare Canadian copy! Big vocal Beat Ballad!


Timmy Thomas - It's My Life - Goldwax D M- £40

Northern on such a cult label!


Al Gardner - Sweet Baby - Googa Mooga M- £60 SOLD

French copy with pic cover (slight tear)


Romy Bishop - You Gave Me Back My Love - Heritage M- £20

Only on the rarer stock copy.


P.W.Cannon - Beating Of My Lonely Heart - Hickory E- £20

Stafford anthem for Mr.Thorley...revival time!


Freddie Williams - Name In Lights - Hollywood WD E+ £70

Superb...highly recommended...rarer design WD copy!


Anthony Raye - Give Me One More Chance - Impact WD E+ £30

#1030...100 mph Detroit dancer!


Volumes - You Got It Baby - Inferno WD E+ £40 SOLD

Top notch Detroit dancer...rarer WD!


Art Neville - Hook Line & Sinker - Instant vg+ £45 SOLD

Stomping solid New Orleans dancer...slight edge warp NAP.


Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love - Instant M- £60 SOLD

Indemand and lovely clean copy!


Frank Butler - The Love I Need - JV M- £40 SOLD

Indemand moody mover!


Determinations - Bing Bong - King M- £90 SOLD

Superb Northern...ex Casino c/up.


Little Dooley - If Ever I Needed You - KoKo WD E+ £175

Indemand...backed with the storming "You Better Be Ready".


Little Dodley (sic) - Pity For the Lonely - KoKo M- £40

Stormer...strong Northern...recommended


Billie Warfield - Crying All the Time - Merging E- £25

Another Zeke strong goodie on this cult label.


Don McKenzie - Whose Heart - Miracle E+ £15

Early Motown rarity...not Soul...for label collectors.


Vernon Garrett - if I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Modern WD M- £45 SOLD

Rare WD...absolute classic Northern Soul!


Marvellos - In The Sunshine - Modern WD E+ £45

Class...rare WD copy...recommended!


Freddie & Henchi - Biscuits & Buttermilk - MoSoul M- £100 SOLD

Ignore title this is Boogaloo at it's absolute best!


Eddie Holland - I'm On The Outside Looking In - Motown WD M- £175 SOLD

Rarer map design promo...stunning looking!


Major Lance - 7" Jukebox Mini LP - Okeh E- £50

Complete with all jukebox strips/pics

6 top tunes:

  • That's What Mama Say
  • Gypsy Woman
  • I'm the One (only way to get this on a US 7")
  • It's Alright
  • Think Nothing About It
  • Little Young Lover

Major Lance - Too Hot To Hold - Okeh WD E- £35

Major Lance - Gotta Get Away - Okeh WD E- £25

Would grade higher but "Not For Sale" has been blacked out.


Peoples Choice - Hot Wire - Palmer E+ 30

Their other one on the label...fab Detroit dancer

Harold Burrage - Say You Love Me - Paso M- £50 SOLD

Rare RnB...especially in this top condition!

James Coit - Black Power - Phoof WD vg+£25

Rare WD...edge warp NAP and slight label staining


Edwin Starr - Scotts On Swingers - RicTic WD M- £250 SOLD

Detroit rarity...super clean copy.


Freddie Gorman - In A Bad Way - RicTic WD E- £15

Bell Sound stamped original...rarer WD.


Freddie Gorman - Take Me Back - RicTic WD E- £25 SOLD

Detroit classic...flipside is pretty damn good too!


Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS Int vg+ £330 SOLD
Plays fine...no hiss or cue burn...has a few marks on the playing surface.
Labels have slight ring-wear...but overall a nice copy!


Danny White - Natural Soul Brother - SSS Int E+ £25 SOLD

Indemand...clean copy.


Mark V Unlimited - Gone - Sagport M- £50 SOLD

Currently causing interest...quality always comes through!


Annita Henson - Bit By Bit / Talks Around - Sevens Int. M- £20

Mid-tempo femme dancers.


Kelly Garrett - Loves The Only Answer - Smash WD E+ £225
Manic stormer...rarer WD.


Sam Moultrie - I'll Always Love You - Southbound M- £30 SOLD

Blue label 1st press original!


Doug Parkinson - I'll Be Around - Southern Star M- £40

Australian only 45.


Smokey Robinson & Miracles - I Care About Detroit - Standard Groove M- £150

Detroit rarity...nice clean copy!


Justine Washington - I Can't Wait Until I See My Babys Face - Sue D M- £30 SOLD

West  Coast black/white striped rare press!


Barrett Strong - Whirlwind/I'm Gonna Cry - Tamla E+ £25

Early striped label rarity in clean condition.


Kip Anderson - I Get Carried Away - Tomorrow WD E+ £75

Kip Anderson - I Can't - Tomorrow WD E+ £75

Both great dancers!


Devotions - Same Old Sweet Loving - TriSound E- £35

Gold label 1st press...flip has a couple of marks


Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo - TruGloTown M- £30 SOLD

Indemand...rarer plain yellow label.


Marv Johnson - Come On And Stop - United Artists E- £50 SOLD

Superb...so catchy...rare black stock copy.


Vows - Tell Me - V.I.P E- £125 SOLD

Detroit master class...deletion hole in label otherwise beautiful.


Rivingtons - I Love You Always - VeeJay D vg+ £35 SOLD

Sheer class...fabulous dance track!


Ballads - I Can't See Your Love - VeeJay D vg+ £25 SOLD

Slight writing on label otherwise a nice copy of this classic.


Darrell Banks - I'm the One Who Loves You - Volt E- £90

Deletion hole otherwise a nice copy of this indemander.


Little Willie Jones - You're Welcome To Try - VRC E- £25
Forgotten Stafford spin...was it Guy or Keb on this one?!

Nick Allen - Hard Way To Go - Walas E+ £50 SOLD

Cross-Over Funky Northern...as some may say!


Cody Black — I Am Particular — Wheelsville E- £150

Styrene has a small pressure crease NAP
Counts - Stronger Than Ever - Yes - M- £200 SOLD
Ex 100 Club favourite...top drawer Blue Eyed Northern.
£400 on Manships site.




Lou Courtney - Skate Now Shing-A-Ling - Riverside E- £25
Nice clean stock copy...sleeve is uncut and has only minor wear.
Vinyl/labels has a few minor marks, but nothing serious.


McKinley Mitchell - P.Vine £35

Packed with his Chicago recordings!

Vinyl is near mint; sleeve has slight wear; complete with obi and insert sheet.



PayPal or UK bank transfer

Courier P&P £10 per parcel


Edited by Anoraks Corner

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Pics :thumbup:











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Posted (edited)

More pics :hatsoff2:











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More more more!











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Could you make it 65 on johnny appalachan ??


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danny white is a steal!!!

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List updated...plenty of goodies still there...imo :thumbup:

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SOLD discs indicated...plenty of quality vinyl still available :thumbup:

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