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Radiomagnetic Revamp New Shows On Archive

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Radiomagnetic has revamped the web site which should lead to home page for the show with active links. It is still at but it has been redesigned. Tune in live at 2:30pm on Saturday and hear me explain it.

We have more space than ever for archived shows and we hope to have the latest show on the web site by Monday. In the mean time there are twelve shows in the archive. You should be able to see them all here and listen to them as well

If you want to see what was played on the shows you can track them down via the forums here

Here's the guest or the club mix on each show.

2004 10 23 Live Set Davie Hudson McChuill's Glasgow Mod weekender 26/06/2004

2004 10 09 Derek Robertson Guest

2004 10 02 Guest Fraser Dunn

2004 09 25 Guest Martin Gavin

2004 09 18 Guest Mikey Collins

2004 11 09 Live set Colin B at Friday Street August 2004

2004 11 04 Live set Mikey Collins Paul Molloy Afterglow at the Ad Lib 9th April 2004-11-04

2004 08 28 live set The Soul Hipster at The GoGo 16th July 2004

2004 07 31 Live set Mikey Collins Kevin Knowles Goodfoot April 2004

2004 07 24 Live Set Easter weekend Cuba Norte Friday street Mikey Collins Paul Molloy Guest Lenny Harkins and Divine 11 04 2004

2004 07 17 Live Set Barry and Scot Goodfoot June 2001

2004 07 10 Live Set Davie Kincaid Lambretta SC Stirling RC rally Friday 2nd July 2004

The July shows will disappear first so here's what is on the earliest show.

2004 07 03 Young Holt Unlimited Who's Making Love

Barbara McNair- Everything's Good about you

King Curtis Instant groove

Hal Frazier After Closing time

Popcorn Wylie Hanky Panky

The Spellbinders Chain reaction

James Brown Mashed Potato Popcorn

James Brown Cold sweat

Davie Hudson McChuill's 26/06/2004

Glasgow Mod weekender

Spanky Wilson-light my fire

The Charmels Sea shells

Danny White cracked up over you

Venicia Wilson This Time

Norman Charles She's a woman

The Newcomers This girl Loves You

Johnny Taylor Cheaper to Keep Her

The Bar Kays a hard day's Night

Lou Ragland since you said you'd be mine

Margie Joseph Punish me

The groove Love it's getting Better

Fantastic four can't stop looking for you baby

The Originals Tear it on down

Davie Hudson McChuill's 26/06/2004

Glasgow Mod weekender

The Radiants If this is Love

The Drifters what to Do

Lou pride Coming Home

Barbara Linn Ozens Oh Baby (we Got a Good thing going)

The Banana Splits Doing the banana split

Herbie Goins and the Nightimers -No 1 in your heart

Tracie Robins That's what you are to me

Veniece Starks You Gotta take the bitter with the sweet

Janet and the Jays Love what you're doing to me

Earl Wright Orchestra Thumbing a Ride

The O'Jays I'll never Forget You

Cal Tjader Evil Ways


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