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Huge List Incl Hamilton Movement "she's Gone" + 100S More

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For soundfiles, payment info postage costs etc view the list at http://karlmarthon.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/october-2014-record-sales/


PM to reserve!



Modern Soul & 2 step 45’s


Hamilton Movement - She’s gone - Look-Out / EX / OFFERS (Quality modern soul for the dancefloor. Very clean copy, both vinyl and label. Highly sought after and very rare, made $6643,21 on eBay earlier this month and in slightly lesser condition too. Taking offers over £2000. As with all orders over £150 payments need to be made either with IBAN or using paypal with the buyer covering the fees.)


Reachers - I just want to do my own thing - Magic Disc / EX / £325 (Classic modern soul dancer out of LA. Very rare, and very clean copy here too.)


Leroy Barbour - I ain’t going nowhere - Frontiersman / EX / £300 (Very rare and very good crossover/modern version of the Jimmie Reed Jr track. Phillip Mitchell production.)


Aaron Neville - Hercules - Mercury / VG+ / £175 (White demo of this classy classic. Record has a few light marks and plays with a couple of light ticks in the intro before clearing up nicely. Nothing major but should be mentioned.)


Phil Flowers - Stay awhile - ICI Industries / EX / £125 (Killer two step, classic stuff that remained rare and sought after.)


American Standard Band - Follow me / Morning - Starizon / EX/EX / £125 (Two superb blue eyed free soul styled tracks. For those into Batteaux and similar. Super nice copy complete with pic sleeve.)


Chuck Jackson - Waiting in vain / I wanna give you some love - EMI America / EX / £125 (Current indemander, clean copy complete with company sleeve.)


Charles Jackson - I wanna give you some love / same - EMI America / EX £20 (Promo without”Waiting in vain” but with the a-side which is a good one as well.)


Pictures - I’m gonna see you through - Southwest Experience / EX / £75 (Modern soul classic now quite hard to come by!)


E.K.G. - Give me love - The Roadrunners / EX / £65 (Unplayed copy of this modern soul evergreen.)


All Directions - Lovely girl - Big Cheez / EX / £60 (Superb two step, indie label but with a major label sound and not far off Luther Vandross.)


Bright Moments - She’s so fine - BTU / EX / £45 (Excellent modern soul/disco dancer out of Philadelphia and very far from the PIR style.)


Sly, Slick & Wicked - All I want is you - Epic/Sweet City / EX / £40 (Killer version on the Four Flights/Convertion track.)


Ronn Matlock — You got the best of me — Cotillion / EX / £40 (Classic modern soul.)


Jesse James — If you want a love affair - 20th Century / EX / £40 (Top drawer 70s modern soul. Few light marks only.)


Arrivals - Wrapped up in your love - 20th Century / EX / £35 (Superb Holland-Dozier-Holland penned modern soul dancer. Issue only and rare.)


Mahdi & Tracy Kerr - Who are you - Indy 5 / EX / £35 (Indie version of the David Oliver track.)


Fritz - Love, how is love - Spurtree / EX / £30 (Excellent, and rare, two stepper. Unplayed copy.)


Bliss - If you need somebody - Enjoy / EX / £30 (Underrated NYC modern dancer that will set any dancefloor busy.)


Lost Family - Blow my mind - Innovation II / EX / £25 (Modern soul evergreen.)


Majik - Back into your heart - Hi / VG+ / £25 (White demo of this popular modern soul dancer.)


Magic Morris - (I’m) Choosing you - Soul-Out / EX / £25 (Popular boogie/modern dancer.)


Oscar Perry — He sent me you — Mercury / EX / £25 (Much-loved midtempo 70s soul with a big sound.)


T.N.J.'s — Don't forget about me — Chess / VG+ / £25 (Rousing modern dancer out of Philly's Sigma Studios. Great sweet soul ballad on the flip. Tiny writing on labels.)


Invitations - Look on the good side - Silver Blue / EX / £25 (White demo of this Philly soul classic.)


Ronnie LaShannon - Where has our love gone - Brunswick / EX / £25 (Overlooked modern soul dancer.)


Silk - I can’t stop (Turning you on) - PIR / EX / £25 (Killer PIR dancer that is seldom seen for sale now. Clean stock copy in company sleeve.)


Donnell Pitman - Your love is dynamite - After Five / EX / £25 (Classic two step, very clean copy in company sleeve.)


Music Makers - Rock that stuff - Dash / EX / £20 (TK modern/disco dancer.)


Patrinell Staten - Little love affair - Sepia / NM / £25 (Lookalike reissue from a few years back. Perfect allnighter sound!)


Dillard & Johnson - Here we go, loving again - Piedmont / EX / £20 (First press of this in-your-face modern dancer.)


Storm - She comes up - Pi Kappa / EX / £20 (Popular modern soul dancer.)


Seattle Pure Dynomite - I wonder love - One World / NM / £20 (Unplayed lookalike reissue from Light in the Attic Records. Superb Seattle modern soul.)


John Edwards/Bill Brandon — Tin man/The streets got my lady — Kent / EX / £20 (Fantastic unissued version of the America tune b/w perennial 70s from Bill Brandon.)


Unfinished Business - Holding on - Decimal / NM / £20 (Lookalike reissue of this ultra rare Seattle modern soul dancer.)


Priceless - Love in your life - Decimal / NM / £15 (Lookalike reissue of this fine slab of Seattle modern soul.)


Teddy Pendergrass — The more I get, the more I want/The whole town's... — PIR / VG+ / £15 (One of the biggest Philly club classics, nice on a 45. Solid copy except for a few minor crackles in intro. Promo stamp on ”The more I get” label.)


Gil Scott-Heron - Gun - Arista / EX / £15 (Another great cut by GSH. Pristine demo copy complete with company sleeve.)


Mary Love Comer - Come out of the sandbox - CoLove / EX / £15 (Classic 80’s independent soul.)


Frankie Sanders - Take another look / Blues time in Birmingham - Juana / EX / £12 (Modern soul dancer backed with deepie.)


True Image - It’s only a matter of time / The time is right - Juana / EX / £10 (Frantic modern soul dancer backed with a midtempo cut.)


Truth - Coming home - Devaki / EX / £10 (Punchy modern soul dancer.)


Aquarian Dream - Phoenix - Buddah / EX / £8 (Superb dancer, one to play together with Ramsey & Co “Love call”.)


Johnny Baker - Accept me as I am / Operator, operator! - Cisco / EX / £8 (Two SF modern soul sides.)


Northern soul, crossover, funk and R&B 45’s


Wendy Rene - After laughter - Stax / EX / £175 (Superb Stax outing as sampled by Wu Tang Clan. Very hard to come by in this super clean condition.)


Sam Dees - Soul sister / Easier to say than do - Lo Lo / EX / £125 (Popular dancer as auctioned by Anglo American and by John Manship recently. Here at a better price! Flip is a good deep soul ballad.)


Hank Jacobs and Don Malone - The world needs changin’ - Call Me / VG+ / £100 (Obscure and great 70’s soul with a message. Just shy of EX with a few light superficial marks, plays well.)


Wade Flemons - That other place - VJ / VG+ / £90 (The beat ballads beat ballad. Promo copy with writing on label. Vinyl has a few light marks but plays well.)


Dee Edwards - Why can’t there be love - Bump Shop / EX / £90 (Superb Detroit soul dancer, on the rarest label.So hard to find in clean condition like this.)


Bobby Patterson - I’m in love with you - Jetstar / EX / £65 (Yellow vinyl DJ copy of this midtempo crossover dancer.)


Fabulous Peps - With these eyes / I’ve been trying - Wee 3 / EX / £60 (Superb northern out of Detroit, flip is a version of the Impressions classic.)


Eddie Hill - I can hear you crying - Ge Ge / EX / £60 (Evergreen Detroit soul which is very hard to find in clean condition now.)


J.J. Barnes - Got to get rid of you / Snow flakes - Volt / EX / £50 (White demo of this classy Detroit double header.)


Ballads - Butterfly - Music City / EX / £50 (The most indemand version, really takes off in the second part!)


Ballads - Butterfli - Balja / EX / £20 (Superb Bay Area disc.)


Creations — Just remember me/Times are changing — Globe / EX / £45 (Fingersnapping northern soul. A little ring wear on labels, two small sticker marks on B label.)


Gloria Lynne - Kickin’ life (Like an old tin can) - Mercury / EX / £45 (Killer crossover and rare on 45.)


Tommy Yates and the Imperial Show Band - Darling, something’s gotta give - Verve / EX / £40 (Midtempo northern soul. BB hole.)


Kittens - Ain’t no more room - Chess / EX / £40 (Chicago female northern soul dancer. Popular in the early northern soul days in Stockholm. BB hole.)


Cody Black - What goes round - Detroit Renissance / EX / £40 (1978 Detroit soul.)


Will Hatcher — You haven't seen nothin' yet — Wheelsville / EX / £35 (Midtempo 70s, nice floaty vibe. This is the version with piano intro. Beautiful copy.)


Big Jim’s Border Crossing - You’re good for me girl / Love built on a strong foundation - Zanzee / EX / £30 (Excellent double header from the fantastic J.R. Bailey/Ken Williams duo.)


Dennis Landry — Sing my song/Concentration — Soul Unlimited / EX / £30 (Instant funk/rare groove club track.)


Marion Black - Who knows - Capsoul / EX / £30 (Very popular northern with a touch of R&B. Flip is a deep soul cut.)


Lucifer - Don’t you (Think the times a-comin’) - Invictus / EX / £30 (Just superb folky soul, and a hard to find 7 inch.)


Ikettes - What’cha gonna do - Phi-Dan / VG- / £25 (Promo copy of this northern soul dancer. Record has lots and lots of marks but plays ok.)


Jean Elias - How long can I go on fooling myself - Backbeat / EX / £20 (Lovely female soul with haunting horns.)  


Gloria Walker - My precious love - People / EX / £20 (White demo, X on label. Fantastic midtempo soul.)


Jean Wells - What have I got to lose - Calla / EX / £20 (Crossover evergreen.)


T.S.U. Toronadoes — What good am I/Getting the corners — Atlantic / EX / £18 (Tremendous doublesider: crossover brilliance b/w 5 star funk.)


Gene Chandler — Don't have to be lying babe — Curtom / EX / £18 (Uptempo 70s dancer from Curtom. Instrumental on flip.)


Juanita Williams — Baby boy/You knew what you was gettin' — Golden World / EX / £18 (Killer female 60s Detroit produced by Popcorn Wylie, love both sides.)


Hypnotics — Beware of the stranger — Reprise / EX / £15 (Fine funky soul arranged by Tom-Tom Washington!)


People’s Choice - You’re mine / Run to me - Veroneeca / EX / £15 (Tough double header, crossover soul in the Dynamics “Don’t let true love die” style. Flip is a good ballad.)


Joe Haywood - I cross my heart - Front Page / VG+ / £15 (Great crossover dancer with some truly catchy horn section. Label has a S written with a filt pen, vinyl a little swirl like mark not affecting play.)


Stage IV - Just another guy - Millie / EX / £12 (Excellent crossover soul, version of Timothy Wilson on Buddah.)


Barbara Lynn — This is the thanks I get — Atlantic / VG+ / £12 (Much-loved classic from Barbara.)


Impressions — Love me — Curtom / EX / £12 (Awesome uptempo dancer!)


Ray Charles - I don’t need no doctor - Abc / EX / £12 (White globe logo first press. Comes in company sleeve.)


Johnny Jones and the King Casuals - Soul poppin - Peachtree / EX / £12 (Mod/northern soul instrumental. Vinyl looks clean but it plays a little bit crackly.)


NA Allen - I’m in love with you - Janus / EX / £10 (1972 funky soul dancer.)


Tenison Stephens — Where would you be — Chess / EX / £8 (60s northern pounder. ”Where would you be” is EX, the not-so-impressive flip is VG+. DJ copy.)


Fiestas - Sometimes storm - Respect / EX / £8 (Lovely, underlooked crossover dancer on this Stax subsidiary.)


Margie Joseph - Your sweet lovin - Volt / EX / £6 (Slow burning funk track. White demo copy, complete with company sleeve.)


Group Soul, Ballads etc 45’s


El Count Executives - Pot of gold / Nothing comes to a sleeper - Gemini / VG- / £100 (Killer Detroit double header. Bad news is the condition, plays with background noise, never really overpowering the music but present most parts of the songs especially in the first part of each track.)


Charles Johnson - I bet’cha don’t know - Mighty Mo / EX / £90 (Major TK rarity. J.R. Bailey/Ken Williams not much unlike the hit “Let me prove my love to you” they wrote for Main Ingredient. BB hole and vocal side label is a bit sun bleached.)


Nelson Sanders — This love is here to stay/Tired of being your fool — La Beat / EX / £60 (Powerful r&b b/w a deep soul ballad. Lovely copy.)


Sweet and Innocent - Express your love - Active / EX / £45 (Spacy female sweet soul, a recommendation!)


Child of Friendship Train Robbers - Will you answer - Suncoast Artists / EX / £45 (Killer sweet soul!)


Masqueraders — How big is big/Please take me back — Bell / VG+ / £35 (Great doublesider from this highly esteemed group.)


Jimmy Jones - Yesterday’s mistakes - Twinight / VG+ / £35 (White promo copy, writing on label. Some light marks, plays ok.)


Soul Majestics - I done told you baby - Al-Tog / EX / £30 (Silver label vinyl copy of this Chicago group harmony evergreen.)


Jeff Dale — A suffering pain — Atco / EX / £30 (All-time deep soul great, darker than a night in hell.)


Full Speed - It must be love - Real Thing / EX / £25 (Highly recommended femme soul. Red label black lettering label variation.)


Auditions - Returning home from Vietnam / Get set, be ready - Freckles / EX / £20 (1973 Chicago double header, group harmony backed with a frantic uptempo. Small round gold sticker on GSBR-side.)


Topics — All good things must end/Try a little love — Heavy Duty / EX / £20 (Great crossover b/w an equally strong sweet side.)


True Movement - What a lovely way to meet / Depression - Mystic Insight / EX / £20 (Two great sides. Sweet soul backed with modern dancer. )


Clarence Mann - Man’s temptation - T&M / EX / £15 (Soul for an old man, or young man with an old man’s taste.)


Patience - This is all I can say - Sounds on Solid Grounds / EX / £15 (Superb slowie with a mellow groove feeling. One to play alongside Sass “I only wanted to love you”. Label variation is the turquoise logo on as on the youtube clip.)


Brothers of Soul - I guess that don’t make me loser/ Hurry, don’t linger - Boo / VG+ / £15 (Superb Detroit soul. Just shy of EX with some light superficial sleeve marks not affecting play.)


Lost Weekend - The bridge of love - Lost Weekend / EX / £15 (Superb ballad out of Gary, Indiana.)


Debbie Taylor — I don't wanna leave you — Arista / EX / £15 (One of the all-time great soul ballads, David Jordan-produced magic as played not once but twice at the recent Bilbao weekender. White demo with long & short versions.)


Bobby Wade — Blind over you — DeLuxe / EX / £15 (Terrific sweet soul, just a beautiful track. Very slight label wear, vinyl is super clean.)


Ray Gant & Arabian Knights — Don't leave me baby/I need a true love — Jay-Walking / EX / £12 (More 5 star deep soul, must-have record if you're into this sound.)


Prophecy — Nya/Everybody walking together — All Platinum / EX / £10 (Awesome, spacey sweet soul - big bang for a small buck.)


Baby Washington — I can't afford to lose him/I don't know — Cotillion / EX / £10 (Superb Bobby Womack-penned ballad.)   


Vera Powell — I didn't know how happy I could be — Cheri / EX / £8 (Deep soul ballad of the highest order, remember hearing this in the Jim Wray lounge at Yarmouth which is the perfect setting for this kind of tune.)


5 Special — (Let stop making) Small talk) — Mercury / VG+ / £8 (Awesome midtempo sweet soul, personal favorite! Few light marks and scuffs, plays fine. Tiny label writing.)


Disco & Modern Soul 12’s


Mark IV — If you can't tell me something good/Take this love — Brite Lite / EX / £175 (Different, more boogiefied version than the 45. Flip is a beautiful sweet soul track.)


Gino Dentie — I wanna ta-ta-ya — Valuntino / EX / £50 (Superb uptempo version of the Johnny ”Guitar” Watson favorite! Barely any marks but a shade in vinyl on instrumental side not affecting play.)


Lou Ragland And G.L.O. - Love moods — Casino / EX / £50 (Rare mini LP with the great 80s modern tracks ”Making love” and ”To love”.)


Terry Callier — I don't want to see myself (without you) — Erect / EX / £35 (Uplifting classic on a very clean original 12")


Marcus — Love they don't know you — Marcus / EX / £35 (Well-liked 80s modern soul, smooth stuff.)


J.D. Hall — I wanna get into you — Essar / EX / £30 (Classic modern in the longer/better 12” mix.)


Joshie Jo Armstead — In the right place — Preacher Rose / S/S / £20 (Still sealed copy of this great 80s two stepper!)


Charles Wilson - Trying to make a wrong thing right / I don’t want to loose your love - Alley Cat / VG+ / £10 (Two essential two steppers on one 12 inch.)


Exportations — Find another day — Spectrum X / NM / £10 (Midtempo 80s modern.)


Soul, disco and funk albums


Village Choir — Street opera with a blues waltz — SCM Ringer / EX/VG+ / £400 (Very rare album from Lee McDonald-led group feat the awesome modern track ”All purpose love” and uptempo modern/disco on ”This summer feeling”. Record in great shape, cover just shy of EX with a little creasing on back.)


Pulse - s/t - Olde World / EX/EX / £400 (As new copy still in shrink. Only flaw is a small round white sticker stuck under the seal on the back cover. With the great dancer “Sunshine” and the fantastic mellow groove track “Baby I miss you”. )


George Smallwood — Just 4 you — Smallwood / EX/VG / £300 (Awesome album! ”Disco lady”, ”Mr Sunshine” and the mellow ”Listen to the rain”. Record is weaker EX with a few surface marks, plays as it should. Cover has light water damage on front & back + 7 cm split on spine. Still looks well.)


Magnum — Fully loaded — Phoenix / VG+/NM / £200 (Big funk/rare groove classic. ”Evolution” + ”Your mind” etc. Record has a few light hairlines, nothing major or feelable. Cover looks superb in tight shrink.)


Lasse Fernlöf and His Orchestra - The Chameleon - Rca / VG+/EX / £175 (Very rare soundtrack with jazzy stuff from Lasse Fernlöf and his orchestra. Vinyl plays fine but has a few light superficial marks from being taken in and out of the sleeve.)


Tony Fox — The beginning — Blaster / EX/EX / £175 (”Love, let love and be loved” + ”I wanna get next to you”.)


Dyson's Faces — S/T — Dy-Rich / S/S / £150 (The superior blue cover version. Rare and superb LP, from modern dancers (”Welcome to all this love again” + ”Till I've got this feelin' of love”) to super sweet ballads )”Don't worry about the jones” & ”Cry sugar”). Perfect sealed original without cuts!)


Gaston — s/t — Chocolate Cholly's / EX/EX / £100 (”Mind sticker” popular modern dancer + ”You don't love me” a nice mellow groover. Cover in weak EX condition - looks great but has some wear on top seam and minimal split on top right.)


Flipside - s/t - Sweetbay / S/S / £90 (Still sealed! Rare Florida album. With the Joy & Pain rip-off “Jah watches over Jamaica”.)


O.V. Wright - Nucleus of soul - Backbeat / S/S / £90 (First press and still sealed copy!)


Bobby Story — The storyteller — Proud / EX/EX / £75 (”Let's do something different” + ”If every man had a woman like you” popular modern tracks on this 1982 LP from Bobby Patterson.)


Cool Creations of St. Maarten - Vol 1. - EX/EX / £60 (Island album with the surprise cut “”Wish upon love”. Superb modern soul! Cover in weak EX condition with a tiny corner wear and a little aging/yellow-ing on back.)


Sammie Relford - We are stronger - Space City U.S.A. / EX/NM / £60 (With the slick “Hey love”. Superb copy still in shrink and with insert.)


Jaedes — S/T — Athena / EX/EX / £55 (Hardly the £155 it made on Manship's, but definitely an excellent record. A bunch of great album-only tracks, most notably the crossover gem ”Big surprise” and the sweet soul ”Teach me a lesson in love.)


Gil Scott-Heron — Pieces of a man — Flying Dutchman / EX/EX £45 (All-time soul classic. ”Lady Day & John Coltrane”, “When you are who you are” etc. Record is EX- with a few minor surface marks, plays fine. Small sticker residue/tear on A-side label.)


Billy Butler & Infinity - Hung up on you - MGM / S/S / £40 (Still sealed copy! Has a DJ sticker on back and a price sticker on front. Likely a white label promo copy but again still sealed so can’t check.)


Otis Clay — The only way is up — Victor / EX/EX / £30 (Title tune is one of those never-fail dancefloor classics. Japanese original with insert & obi. Just a little age spotting on back cover.)


Donald Byrd — Kofi — Blue Note / EX/VG+ / £30 (Recorded in 69-70 but unissued until this 1995 release. Killer jazz set with Frank Foster, Ron Carter, Duke Pearson et al. Cover has a little edge wear and a tiny sticker mark + minimal tear on front.)


V/A — Soul Spectrum vol 1 — BBE / NM/EX / £25 (One of the best modern comps ever. Curtis Anderson, Jeanie Tracy, Tony Troutman etc.)


V/A — Soul Spectrum vol 2 — BBE / EX/EX / £25 (Same as above, but exchange for Patterson Twins, Del-Larks, Flowers and a dozen more.)


Stovall Sisters — S/T — Reprise / VG+/VG / £25 (”Hang on in there” fast funky club favorite + the crossover track ”Yes to the lord” that's ripe for big plays. White demo. Pretty neat stamp on front & back cover and both labels. Cover is strong VG due to ring wear and 8 cm split on bottom edge.)


Collins And Collins — S/T — A&M / VG+/EX / £25 (”Top of the stairs” modern evergreen + a killer midtempo version of ”You know how to make me feel so good” (same as Harold Melvin). Cover has promo stamp on back.)


Sydney Joe Qualls — So sexy - 20th Century / EX/EX / £20 (”I don't do this” modern biggie and ”I'll run to your side” great version of Harvey Scales. Canadian original in shrink with minimal cutout.)


L.J. Reynolds — Travelin' — Capitol / VG+/VG+ / £15 (”Say you will” awesome 2 step, plus the title track that's been getting plays recently. Cover has a little creasing a a tiny sticker mark + minimal tear on front.) 

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