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200 Soul/funk/jazz 45S On Ebay (Rare Ones + Cheapos)

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Hello everybody,

I just put 200 soul, funk and jazz 45s up on ebay (auctions end 5th + 6th November)




featured items are:

BOB MARSHALL & A/C's - Big Ladies Man / Funky Fox (Virtue) great 2-sider
CHARLES BUBBA SUGGS - Funky Boogaloo / Misty (Suggs) hammond B3 instrumenal
CHARLY CHUCK - Curiosity Kills / Disc Jockey Rap (Chanson)
CLIFFS OF RHYTHM BAND - Boogaloo Popeye / Jumping (Dit Dot) 2-sided boogaloo funker

DONALD RAY & REVUE - Strut Your Stuff / Leave It To Your Heart (Aslon)
DYNAMIC DUKE ROYAL - I Wanna Know /Let Me Prove My Love (Montel) r&b stormer + deep soul ballad
ESQUIRES NOW - Having A Party / Get Ready (Trinidad) superrare island funk 45
GEORGE E JOHNSON - Wake Me Up / The Penn Walk (CRS) philly funk
HUSTLERS - Goodbye / That's What Makes Her Boss (Fascination) obscure funk
IRIS BELL & JIVE-ETTES - Honky Games / One Strong Woman (High-Glass)
LEE MITCHELL - How Can You Be So Cold / Unique (HL&M) fantastic 2-sider
LIL RAY & FANTASTIC FOUR - A One Man's Love Is Another Man's Poison / Soul Power (Upstream) old Keb Darge spin
OLAPEDO OGOGOMODEDE - It's Your Thing / Love Story (Action) deep-funk cover version of the Isley Bros. tune
ORPHANS - Soul Shake / Funky Love (Sinatra) obscure funky-soul 2-sider
ST. JOHN'S WOOD - Take My For A Ride / Now Later Beyond (UA) heavy psych-funk 45
SOUL BROS. INC. - Put It On / Go On And Have Some Fun (SBI)

BUDDY RICH ORCHESTRA - The Beat Goes On (Pacific Jazz, reissue) contains both LP and 45 version

DON GARDNER - Cheatin Kind / What Now My Love (Sedgrick, reissue)
DYNAMICS - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf / Knee Deep (Bolo)

GAY PHILADELPHIANS - Hot Pants Road / Jo Jo Lo (Tropico)

JIMMY LYNCH - Notions of Mr. Motions / The Broadway (LaVal)

LENIS GUESS - Some Woman's Bedroom / Just Ask Me (Legrand) amazing soul tune!
LAWRENCE WILLIAMS - Soul Town / Set Him Free (Mil-Smi)

VERNON GARRETT - Merry Christmas Baby / Christmas Groove (Glow Hill)

and many many more

Thanks 4 looking!

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