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Northern / R & B / 60's Soul

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To reserve/buy records: email
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted directly,
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends & Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/monthly.htm 



All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Northern / R & B / 60's Soul


Kane and Abel Break down and cry  recommended Destination 25
Little Marion Let me back in your arms  w/demo/great Destination 50
D & Joe Instant happiness  M-/smwol/superb De-to 75
"Dialtones, The" "If you don't know, you just don't know / Don't let the sun shine on me " vg+/w/demo/sl warp-nap Dial 15
"Tex, Joe" "Baby, be good " great Dial 15
"Tex, Joe" "Baby, be good" w/demo/great Dial 20
"Trask, Diana" Precious time  nice mid-tempo Dial 6
"Hall, Thomas" You told me a lie  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommeded Diamond 25
"Linneas,The" Born to be your baby  demo/great Diamond 20
"Linneas,The" It's a good kind of hurt  demo/2 x's ol-flip/great Diamond 20
"Pirouettes, The" If you see my baby  2 xol/great Diamond 20
"Varner, Don" More power to ya / Handshakin'  demo/great Diamond 25
"Winters, Ruby" I don't want to hurt nobody  recommended Diamond 15
"Winters, Ruby" Just like a yo yo  recommended Diamond 15
Steptones Lonely one / Steppin high (inst)  EX+/superb Diamond Jim 250
"Cookies, The" Only to other people  Dimension 10
"Irwin, Big Dee" And heaven was here  stmol-flip/recommended Dimension 25
Brenda & The Tabulations That's in the past  VG/plays great/superb Dionn 20
Brenda & The Tabulations That's the price you have to pay  recommended Dionn 15
"Lady Fox & Foxettes, The" Our love (will never grow cold)  recommended Don-El 20
Contemplations Alone with no love (wol) / same-inst VG++/superb Dontee 125
Entertainers IV Temptation walk (wol) EX-/great Dore 6
Vel-vetts You really never know till its over  EX/superb/great inst. Flip too Dore 75
"Alexander, Arthur" Keep her guessing  VG++/sol-flip/v sl warp-nap/great/rare Dot 200
"Flowers, Phil" Son of mine w/demo Dot 12
"Love, Ronnie" Chills and fever  EX-/sm sol/2 x's ol/great Dot 20
Mellow Fellows My baby needs me / Another sleepless night  M-/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb sides Dot 50
"Mod Squad, The" Beautiful woman  w/demo/great/unknown? Dot 20
"Granger, Gerri" You must be doing something right  Double L 8
"Hudson, Pookie" (I love you) for sentimental reasons ex-/great Double L 12
"Jackson, George" That lonely night  ex-/sl warp-nap/superb mid-tempo Double R 15
Georgia Prophets For the first time  recommended Double Shot 20
"Van, Billy" A year ago  great/unknown? Dra 25
Precisions If this is love  EX+/classic Drew 25
"Edwards, Dee" "All the way home / Love, love, love (sm wol) " M-/classic Detroit/great flip too D-Town 75
"Rogers, Lee" Boss love  great D-Town 12
"Davis, James" Chains around my heart  great R&B Duke 20
"Parker, Junior" Wait for another day  nice mid-tempo Duke 15
"Parker, Little Junior" You're on my mind   Duke 10
"Taylor, Ted" Hold me tight   Duke 10
"Smith, Effie" Trouble mind  w/demo/xol Duo Disc 10
"Dynamics, The" Hold it!  ex-/R&B inst. Dyna 15
"Blackmon, Bobby/Soul Express" She's gotta have soul  M-/demo/superb/rare Dynamic 60
Commands Don't be afraid to love me / Around the go-go  EX/2 great sides Dynamic 40
Bethea I wouldn't come back  great Dynamo 15
Bethea I wouldn't come back w/demo/great Dynamo 20
"Foxx, Inez And Charlie" You fixed my heartache  EX+/wol//superb Dynamo 35
"Foxx, Inez And Charlie" You fixed my heartache M-/superb Dynamo 40
"Andrews, Harold" You're a winner  ex-/w/demo/superb Early Bird 65
"Andrews, Harold" You're a winner  M-/w/demo/superb Early Bird 75
"Huey, Claude" Feel good all over  EX-/classic Early Bird 65
Eddie & Ernie The cat  M-/recommended Eastern 15
"Bragg, Johnny" They're talking about me (2 x's ol)  M-/Inc M- Pic sleeve/classic Elbejay 75
"Gin & Gents, The" Dreams for sale / Boy and girl  2 great sides Eldorado 25
"Vonn, Gary" Keep on comin' back to you girl  w/demo/great mid-tempo Elf 15
"Cincinnatians, The" Do what you want to do  M-/recommended Emerald 30
"Pipkins, Jim & Boss Five,The" Mr. C. C.  great mod inst. Emerge 15
"Kay, Joey" Bundle of joy  R&B/recommended Empire 100
"Ames, Nancy" I don't want to talk about it  M-/1st yellow lbl/Inc Co slv/superb Epic 25
"Franklin, Erma" I don't want no mamas boy (xol)  w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb R&B Epic 75
"Hamilton, Roy" Don't come cryin' to me (xol) / If only I had known  w/demo/2 great sides Epic 30
"Hamilton, Roy" I need your lovin'  great Epic 30
Soulosophy Mama's book / Live your life with someone  w/demo/2 great sides Epic 15
Steelers Can't take this pain  w/demo/recommended Epic 25
"Troy, Ben E" I miss you  M-/w/demo/recommended Epic 15
Vibrations Cause you're mine  M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/classic Epic 150
"Wade, Adam" Rain from the skies  superb version Epic 30
"Akens, Jewel" You sure know how to hurt a fella  ex- Era 6
"Mosley, Tommy" Exit loneliness enter love  M-/recommended Era 30
"McKay, Delsey" Cast your spell on me  Belgian/pic. Slv/superb Eurec 30
"Lexingtons, The" I found my baby  recommended Everest 25
"Lynne, Gloria" You dont have to be a tower of stregth  EX+/recommended Everest 30
"Jones, Bobby" You're a devil  great Expo 12
"Boothe, Bette" Teardrop avenue / Right on time  great Falew 30
"Conn, Billy" I should have known  recommended Federal 20
"Jewels, The" My song  recommended Federal 15
"Corby, Chuck & Entrees, The" I need your love  M-/recommended Fee Bee 75
Will Of The People We got love / Because you broke my heart  M-/demo/2 great sides/TIP!!! Firebird 10
"Walker, Gloria & Chevelles, The" Need of you  recommended Flaming Arrow 15
"McGregor, Billy" Fall on my knees / Mr Shy  2 great sides Flash 12
"Bond, Lou" "Ooh, you cheater / What have I done " 2 great sides Fontana 30
"Cunningham, Diane" Someday baby  M-/great Fontana 20
"Leaders, The" Night people  vg+/great Fontana 10
"Leaders, The" Night people great Fontana 15
Taste Of Grey Just once in my life (Joe Renzetti at his best!!) M-/w/demo/superb Fontana 25
"Strong, Nolan" Mind over matter  great Fortune 15
"Five Emprees, The" Hey lover  vg+/great version Freeport 12
"Rouzan Sisters, The" Dance every dance  great Frisco 10
"Hambric, Billy" Talk to me baby / Human  M-/2 great sides Fury 30
"Taylor, Little Johnny" Help yourself   Galaxy 10
"Dawn, The" In love again / Ba ba ba de ba  vg++/w/demo/great Gamble 15
"Sharp, Dee Dee " What kind of lady / same M-/w/demo/classic/rare demo Gamble 100
"White, Artie (Bluesboy)" Don't love him like you did me / Gimme some of yours  deep/funk Gamma 8
"Drapers, The" (I know) your love has gone away / You got to look up  M-/w/demo/2 great sides Gee 100
Exits I don't want to hear it / same EX-/w/demo/classic Gemini 75
"Constellations, The" Easy to be hard / same M-w/demo Gemini Star 12
"Armstead, Jo" A stone good lover (sm wol) / The urge keeps coming (inst)  VG++/classic Giant 20
"Armstead, Jo" I've been turned on  great Giant 12
"Lost Souls, The" I'm your love man  superb Northern/rare Glasco 75
"Baron, Elliott" Man to man / The spare rib (stol)  EX/2 great sides Golden World 30
"Debonaires, The" How's your new love treating you? / Big time fun  M-/w/demo/2 superb sides Golden World 40
"Sunliners, The" All alone / The swingin' kind  EX-/w/demo/2 great sides/rare demo Golden World 125
Profiles Take a giant step walk on  M-/recommended Goldie 60
"Sierras, The" I'll believe it when I see it superb Goldisc 20
"Sierras, The" I'll believe it when I see it  w/demo/superb Goldisc 30
Star-Drifts An eye for an eye  w/demo/recommended Goldisc 15
"Contours, The" Just a little misunderstanding  EX-/classic Gordy 12
"Contours, The" Just a little misunderstanding  classic Gordy 15
"Lands, Liz/King, Rev Martin Luther" We shall overcome/I have a dream(speach)  Gordy 6
Martha & The Vandellas One way out  M-/classic Gordy 15
"Reeves, Martha & Vandellas, The" Forget me not  2 great sides Gordy 15
"Reeves, Martha & Vandellas, The" I gotta let you go / same M-/w/demo/superb/rare demo Gordy 30
"Starr, Edwin" My weakness is you  M-/superb Gordy 25
"Weston, Kim" A thrill a moment ex-/classic Gordy 55
"Weston, Kim" A thrill a moment classic Gordy 60
"Weston, Kim" A thrill a moment (xol)  M-/w/demo/classic Gordy 80
"Channels, The" I got my eyes on you / Anything you do  w/demo/2 great sides Groove 50
King Edward & His BD's Beg me (wol) / Girls are (suppposed to be)  ex-/2 great sides/rare Groove 75
"Mills, Margie" What about mine? / Look who's crying on my shoulder  M-/w/demo/great Groove 20
"Mancha, Steve" Don't make me a story teller  ex-/demo//wol/great Groovesville 20
King James & Mel You better move on  sld  Hal 12
"Dunn, Leona" Baby don't play around  great Hallmark 15
"Strogin, Henry" Good love  EX+/great R&B Hank 20
"United Four, The" She's putting you on  M-/superb Harthon 60
"Walker All Stars, Jr " Good rockin'  EX+/R&B inst/superb Harvey 40
"Walker All Stars, Jr " Good rockin' M-/DJ ink stamp ol/R&B inst/superb Harvey 40
"Yeomans, The" Unlucky  ex-/great Heidi 20
"Zircons, The" Don't put off for tomorrow (what you can do today)  M-/great Heigh-Ho 40
Lawrence & The Arabians I'll try harder  M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Hem 100
Patty & The Emblems "Mixed-up, shook-up, girl " M-/great Herald 25
"Townsmen, The" Just a little bit  ex-/w/demo/wol/great Herald 25
"Cherry People, The" And suddenly EX-/great Heritage 8
"Cherry People, The" And suddenly  great Heritage 10
"Wynters, Gail" You've got the power  M-/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Hickory 20
"Gee, Ronnie" Shes so fine  VG++/great R&B Hiddy-B 25
"Mike & Censations, The" Don't mess with me / There is nothing I can do about it  M-/w/demo/2 superb sides Highland 30
"Wrigley, Betty" Selfish one  superb version Hit 20
Inovations Stay on the case / What now my love  EX-/superb/great group flip too Hit Sound 40
L.H. & The Memphis Sounds Double up / House full of rooms  M-/2 great sides Hollywood 40
"Williams, Freddie" Name in lights / I just can't believe it  M-/w/demo/superb/great flip Hollywood 75
"Carr, Timothy" A stop along the way  xol/recommended Hot Biscuit 15
"Carr, Timothy" A stop along the way w/demo/recommended Hot Biscuit 20
"Carr, Timothy" Love me love  great Hot Biscuit 15
"Epic Splendour, The" A little rain must fall  recommended Hot Biscuit 15
"Greene, Al & The Soul Mates" Dont leave me  EX-/superb/sol-flip Hot Line 12
"Sha-Rae, Billy" Do it  M-/great funky dancer Hour Glass 12
"Mitchell, Jock" Work with me Annie  EX/w/demo/R&B/great Impact 75
"Raye, Anthony" Give me one more chance  EX-/superb/rare issue Impact 35
Classics IV Stormy  good version Imperial 10
"Courtney, Lew" The man with the cigar  recommended Imperial 20
"Courtney, Lew" The man with the cigar w/demo/recommended Imperial 30
"Irwin, Dee" I can't stand the pain  demo/great Imperial 15
"Jackson, June" It's what's underneath that counts / Fifty percent won't do  demo/2 great sides Imperial 75
"McCracklin, Jimmy" Can't raise me  M-/superb R&B/TOP TIP!!! Imperial 30
"O'Jays, The" I'll never forget you (2 x's ol)  EX-/classic Imperial 125
"O'Jays, The" Whip it on me baby  great Imperial 15
"Silhouettes, The" Which way did she go  w/demo/stmol-flip Imperial 20
"Dee, Little Jimmy" I should have listened / I went on  v sl lbl ring wear/great Infinity 30
"Lynn, Cindy & The In-Sounds" Meet me at midnight  EX/w/demo/classic In-Sound 100
"Bates, Lee" You won't do right  recommended Instant 25
"Nash, Johnny" You got soul EX+/great Jad 3
"Price, Lloyd" "Take all / Luv, luv, luv " 2 great sides Jad 25
"Price, Lloyd" "Take all/Luv, luv, luv" w/demo/2 great sides Jad 30
"Hamilton And The Fifes, Edward" I'm gonna love you / Call me  EX/2 classics Jameco 75
"Houston, Cissy" I just don't know what to do with myself  M-/Inc Co sleeve/recommended Janus 30
"Jo, Shirley" Trust each other  M-/recommended Jas 8
"Continental 4, The" The love you gave to me  great Jay-Walking 6
"Robins, Jimmy" I can't please you  superb R&B Jerhart 15
"Patterson, Bobby" What a wonderful night for love / My baby's coming back...  M-/2 superb sides Jetstar 30
"Patterson, Bobby" What a wonderful night for loving / T.C.B. Or T.Y.A. M-/superb Jetstar 25
"Butler, George (Wild Child)" Hold me baby w/demo Jewel 15
Johnny and Jon Why did you leave me  wol-flip/R&B/recommnded Jewel 20
Johnny and Jon Why did you leave me ex-/demo/smooth R&B Jewel 20
"Wagner, Cliff" Exception to the rule  recommended Jewel 40
"Clovers, The" For days / Too long without some loving  w/demo/wol/2 great sides Josie 25
"Clovers, The" For days/Too long without some loving w/demo/great  Josie 30
"Elliot, Linda" Fell in love with you baby  VG++/lite wol & lbl ring wear/recommended Josie 25
"Elliot, Linda" Fell in love with you baby w/demo/recommended Josie 50
"Flowers, Phil" You little devil  R&B/superb Josie 25
"Flowers, Phil" You little devil w/demo/R&B/superb Josie 35
"Johnny & Expressions, The" Where is the party  ex-/great Josie 15
"Kokomos, The" No lies  w/demo/sm wolgreat Josie 20
"Lanham, Richard" (Hey little girl) don't believe him  w/demo/recommended Josie 25
"Love, Jimmy" Two sides to every story  w/demo/recommended Josie 45
"Love, Mary" The hurt is just beginning / same w/demo/great mid-tempo Josie 15
"Mitchell, Grover" I don't want to hear it  w/demo/2 x's ol/great Josie 15
"Original Cadillacs, The" I'll never let you go (wol) / Wayward wanderer  M-/2 superb sides Josie 35
21st I just can't forget your name / The thought of me losing you  M-/2 great sides Joy 25
"Appreciations, The" Afraid of love  great Jubilee 30
"Dentie, Gino" Sad Tomorrows / same ex-/w/demo/great mid-tempo Jubilee 20
"Dentie, Gino" Sad Tomorrows/same w/demo/great mid-tempo Jubilee 25
"Gibson, Beverly Ann" A three dollar bill  EX+/w/demo/superb Jubilee 75
"Skyliners, The" Don't hurt me baby  recommended Jubilee 20
"Skyliners, The" Everything is fine sl lbl wear/recommended Jubilee 10
"Skyliners, The" Everything is fine  ex-/recommended Jubilee 10
"St. Clair, Renee" Look what I got  M-/w/demo/2 superb sides Jubilee 50
Valentinos Tired of being nobody / same M-/w/demo/great Jubilee 12
"Bloom, Bobby" "Love, don't let me down " recommended Kama Sutra 15
"Ballard, Kenny" Mr. Magic  w/demo/great Kapp 25
"Charmettes, The" What is a tear  ex-/great Kapp 8
Hesitations You can't by pass love  VG+/superb Kapp 35
Hesitations You can't by pass love M-/superb Kapp 50
"Jackson, Jerry" Wide awake in a dream / She lied (sm xol)  EX+/w/demo/Inc Co slv/superb Kapp 85
"Patti & Emblems, The" One man woman  recommended Kapp 15
St. George & Tana Without your heart  w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Kapp 25
St. George & Tana Without your heart  colour pic sleeve/great Kapp 25
St. George & Tana Without your heart  w/demo/colour pic sleeve/great Kapp 30
Thee Prophets Playgirl  great Kapp 12
Thee Prophets Some kind-a wonderful  wol/w/demo Kapp 12
"Welch, Lenny" Rags to riches  M-/w/demo/wol/Inc Co slv/great version Kapp 10
"Welch, Lenny" The right to cry  fantastic version Kapp 8
Happiness "Luck, love and laughter / Burning mountain " EX-/2 great sides Karma 15
"McElroy, Sollie" Angel girl / Party time  M-/2 great sides Karol 30
"White, Danny" King for a day  EX+/superb soul Kashe 20
"C.O.D.'s, The" I'm a good guy / Pretty baby  superb 'n' cheap  Kellmac 10
"C.O.D.'s, The" I'm looking out for me / I'll come running back to you  recommended Kellmac 25
"Hill, ZZ" Have mercy someone  R&B Kent 12
"Sweethearts, The" This couldn't be me / No more tears  M-/DEMO/superb Kent 85
Vernon and Jewell Hold my hand (FANTASTIC SAX!!!) superb R&B Kent 25
Vernon and Jewell That's a rockin good way  great R&B Kent 15
"Hart, Dian" All the time  recommended Kerr 20
"Austin, Leon" Two sided love  recommended King 20
"Ballard, Hank & Midnighters, The" It's love baby (24 hours a day)  wol-flip/R&B King 15
"Brown, Charles" Regardless  wol-flip/great King 25
"Brown, James" Money won't change you sl warp-nap/great King 10
De Vons Someone to treat me (the way you use to) / same M-/superb King 30
"Duncan, James" Here comes Charlie  R&B/great King 20
"Duncan, James" I'll be gone  great King 15
"Duncan, James" Out of sight / Too hot to hold  recommended King 20
"Duncan, James" Stop talking to your child  superb dancer King 15
"Holland, Lee" Let's stay together  sol/great King 20
"Holland, Lee" Let's stay together great King 20
"Jewells, The" Lookie lookie lookie / Smokie Joe's  2 great sides King 25
"Kittrell, Christine" Call his name  M-/Inc Co sleeve/great R&B King 30
Little Willie John Fever  EX+/great King 8
"Mathis, Rita & Notions,The" True love is a wonderful feeling  great King 15
"Rozier, Alice" "George, BB and Roy" recommended King 30
"Rozier, Alice" "George, BB and Roy " w/demo/recommended King 40
"Ingram, Luther" Since you don't want me / Missing you  2 good sides Ko Ko 20
"VII Emotions, The" Life  recommended K-P 30
Debbie & The Lads/Debbie Falls Dear lord above  recommended Ladd 100
Vanguards The thought of losing your love  M-/recommended Lamp 25
"Gray, Maureen" Oh my wol/beat ballad/great Landa 15
"Melvin & The Blue Notes, Harold" Get out  M-/classic Landa 85
Sydels You don't know / Happy go lucky guy  M-/2 great sides Lang 40
"Daniels, The" (I lost my heart) In the big city  M-/superb/WHAT PRICE IF RARE!!!! Lantam 15
"Casualeers, The" When I'm in your arms / Come back to my arms  demo/wol-flip/great Laurie 20
"Four Epics, The" How I wish that I was single demo Laurie 10
Gerard Happiest man  M-/superb Laurie 125
"Ladybirds, The" Handsome man (2 x's ol-flip) M-/w/demo/recommended Lawn 100

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