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You Want To Trust People But

Pete S

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I don't understand how feedback can be private.. I thought part of ebay was you could see if a seller bidder was honest by thier feedback.

Totally agree, I really dislike buyers & sellers who have privatre feedback although thats mainly because I got stung for best part of £100 by a french buyer with private feedback :yes:

Having said that, the bidder on this item has bought several bits from me before and I've never had a problem with them.

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I dunno, what do you think...seller has private feedback - high bidder has no feedback


can't so all what it did on goofbay, but his rating looks OK


its better than mine anyway :yes:

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Guest Bearsy

The seller has been an ebay member since august 2003 and has a paypal set up and looks like they are knowing what they are doing so i would buy as you are covered with paypal for upto £500 if it goes wrong, i dont even think its a gamble if that helps at all.

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I personally don't trust people who have private feedback - I got stung by an Italian who said that the record never arrived and when I asked him why his feedback was private he got all shirty.

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crystal.7348 is cosher....a big buyer.

120006465186Jul-09-06Jul-16-06 04:48:09GBP 41.99MARIE KNIGHT - YOU LIE SO WELL - MUSICORcrystal.7348 (*) mayfairmenthol

was he ok when he brought this Pete?

I don't know abot the seller tho....i'd have to buy something cheap 1st

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