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The Chandlers - Cheap?

Matt Male

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Guest Trevski

A grand?? never! JM's auctioned copy was £850, which was far too much :D Rarity-wise, should not be more than £300 tops, IMHO. Not a hard record to find, got my copy when it was first played, from sanquine, for the exorbitant fee of £80! Seen loads over the years, 18 on popsike now. highest one on there in pounds is £450,

highest dollar price is $652=£344, which is in the right area, I would say.

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Why is this so cheap these days? I thought it was a lot more than this, wasn't it a grand at one time?


More copies found? Lack of popularity?

check the condition, then grade it up to mint value, and I think you'll find it's about £300 for a mint copy- which is probably right...

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More copies found? always been about, another of those records I can't understand why people paid so much money for, It's for sale somewhere most weeks.

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Guest rachel

It coesm with it's own curse, thats why people don't buy it anymore (cue curse of the chandlers article but I can't find it)

You mean... The Curse of the Chandlers ?

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Guest rachel

Thanks Rach, just out of interest, how do you find all these old threads so quickly?

Special magical powers :D


That too :D

Right, back on topic... :D

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