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The 3 Records That Gave Me Most Pleasure

Derek Pearson

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I DJ'd at the Prestwich Anniversary a week last Friday and for anybody thats been there they'll know thats an exceedingly large dance floor to move. The 3 records that gave me the most pleasure to play were three I personally havent heard played out for a long long time. Fair enough I don't stop out right to the end of all-nighters these days and I'm not bombing up and down the country like I used to. Maybe it was played and I was trapped in the toilet by some stranger who wanted to be my best friend. Or I might have been that pissed I'd forgotten the name of my mother.

None of them are hideously rare or expensive but thats the fun of DJing isnt it - trying to blend in records into your set that people have forgotten about? Maybe I was cheating and being lazy because none of them are unknowns, all three have had some/alot of plays over the years so I'm an easy target to shoot at.

Spinners "She's gonna love me at sundown" (VIP);

J.J.Barnes "Sweet sherry" (UK. Stax) LP;

The Monitors "Share a little love" (Soul) LP.

All 3 held the floor and cheered me up no end.

Time to walk the dog,


Was telling Robbo about my 3 choices and he said he always plays the Monitors track - its all good fun innit.

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Spinners "She's gonna love me at sundown" (VIP);

I was talking about this to someone Friday and how we thought it was a good track, yet I couldn't sell it on ebay when I put up a spare copy for sale for less than a fiver, a little while back! :ohmy:

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