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Reason Why, New Holidays, Gloria Jones, Na Allen, Directions Lp + More

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To view the list with soundfiles, grading info, payment info etc go to:






Modern soul / 2 step 45’s


Sylvester Jackson & Rita Garret - I want a lot (of what you got) - Mint / EX / £600 (Amazing and totally unique piece of music that I never get tired of. A very rare 45.)


Reason Why - Step inside my world / So long letter - Polydor / EX / £400 (Two sides of Willie Hutch magic. Super rare both on issue and demo, and here you get both sides.)


Page One - Thank goodness gotta good woman - Norfolk International / EX / £325 (Current indemander, version of Lenis Guess. Great stuff!)


Mark IV - Signs of a dying love Pt1 & 2 - OTB / EX / £275 (Tough NJ modern soul from the “I can’t tell you something good”-guys. Current indemander!)


Straight Jacket - The greatest part of loving - Showboat / EX / £150 (Popular modern soul dancer from 1980. Sold for £232 at Manship auction last year.)


Platinum Plus - Why must we part - Way-To-Gold / EX / £150 (Feel good modern soul dancer.)


Otis Clay - The only way is up / Special kind of love - Echo / EX / £125 (“The only way is up” clean copy without any hiss. Flipside has a few sleeve marks but plays well as well. I also have a minty copy of the japanese album with this song on, complete with obi and insert @ £30.)


Larry McGee Revolution - The burg - Boogie Band / EX / £100 (Good modern soul with a hit of boogie. Dried up now and still well indemand.)


C.L. Blast - Love don’t feel like love no more / Beautiful lover - Juana / EX / £100 (Superb double header for the dancefloor with mature taste. Not an easy one to find!)


Billy Proctor & Love System - Keeping up with the Joneses - Epic / VG+ / £80 (Promo copy of this rare killer Philly cut, same song as Adam Wade. Just shy of EX with some light marks, plays well.)


Fir-Ya - Keep on tryin’ - Star-Glow / EX / £80 (Popular George Perkins modern soul dancer.)


Chuck Roberson - I’ve got to have your love / You don’t love me - Bluesong / EX / £80 (Modern soul classic from the early days. With good ballad flip.)


Samson & Delilah - You bring the tears - Polydor / EX / £70 (Demo copy of this excellent modern soul dancer.)


New Younger Brothers - You gave me the feelin’ - YBP / VG / £70 (Rare modern soul double header which John Manship auctioned recently. Vinyl has plenty of light marks, plays fine on “You gave me the feelin’” side and with a little background noise in places on the flip.)


Tal Armstrong - You’ve got so much feeling in your love - Love / EX / £60 (Nice clean copy of this modern soul / 2 step indemander. Always preferred Part 2, this is an all time fave.)


Bay Brothers - What does it take (to win your love) - Millenium / EX / £60 (Great modern version, promo vinyl copy.)


Marvin Sims - Love is on the way - Rivertown / EX / £50 (Great modern soul double header.)


Jean Terrell - No limit - A&M / EX / £50 (Rarest and best version. Not easy to find on 45!)


Bobby Hutton - Watch where you’re going / Loving you, needing you, loving you, wanting you - Abc / VG+ / £45 (Rare issue copy with two sides. And both sides are just superb!)


Sly, Slick & Wicked — All I want is you — Epic/Sweet City / EX / £40 (Killer version of the Four Flights/Convertion track. White label promo copy.)


JNB - I’ll be the one - Glyn / EX / £40 (Popular modern soul dancer. Bigger text company name label variation.)


Imperial Wonders - You live only once / Turned around over you - Solid Foundation / VG / £35 (Brown tex original copy of this classic double header. Vinyl has lots of light marks but both sides plays surprisingly well with only minor and occasional background noise.)


Al Hudson & Soul Partners - Spread love - Abc / VG+ / £35 (Absolute classic which is indemand on 45. I have three copies, all of which has some light sleeve marks but plays well. First taker gets a copy in original sleeve and with a jukebox strip.)


J. J. Nichols - Dancin’ lady - NAM / VG / £30 (Lovely blue eyed feel good modern. Vinyl has many light marks, plays ok.)


Darrow Fletcher - Rising cost of love - Atlantic / EX / £30 (Easily the best version of this well covered song. Promo copy.)


Kevin McCord - Never say - Present / EX / £30 (1985 modern soul out of Detroit, quite hard to find on 45.)


Krash Band - So I can make this change - Liberated / VG / £30 (One of my alltime faves, amazing midtempo modern soul that never grows old. This copy is not the best however. There’s a couple of hairline marks that creates clicks pretty steadily on parts of the second half of the song. Label has writing which looks like a dedication. I sold two unplayed copies at £250 so this is well discounted.)


Honey Cone feat. Sharon Cash - Somebody always messing up a good thing - Hot Wax / EX / £25 (Later, rarer and much better release by this classic group. A superb modern dancer, here in promo white label version which looks real cool.)


Lost Generation - Your mission (If you decide to accept it) - Innovation II / EX / £25 (Essential two step! Label on part 1 side has partial miscoloration.)


Barbara Carr - Reaching out to you - Bar-Car / VG- / £20 (Superb two step and actually a very rare release. Not the same version as on the album. Took me 6 years to find my own copy then a couple more before I could mint up. Vinyl is absolutely covered with marks. Bob A helped me fix this up so playing condition is quite ok with only light background noise mostly present in the first part of the song.)


Grey & Hanks - Gotta put something in - Rca / EX / £15 (Promo copy of this superb modern soul dancer. Complete with company sleeve.)


Skip Mahoney & the Casuals - Running away from love - Abet / EX / £15 (3:22 white promo version of this classic modern soul cut. Unplayed copy in company sleeve.)


Jimmy Jones - Make believe everything’s all right - Capitol / EX / £15 (Lovely floater, second label after very rare local release.)


T.F.O. - Happy family / Let love come right on in - Venture / EX / £15 (Excellent double header with both sides just available on the rarer issue copies.)


Maze featuring Frankie Beverly - Before I let go / Joy & pain - Capitol / VG+ / £12 (Two evergreen classics which still sounds amazing. “Before I let go” is studio version, flip is a shortened live version off the Live in New Orleans album. With jukebox strip, vinyl has jukebox swirls but plays clean.)


Jeffree - Mr. Fix-it - Mca / EX / £10 (White promo copy complete with company sleeve, superb track!)


Tyrone Davis - Just my luck - Columbia / VG+ / £10 (Popular modern soul spin, and much rarer than most his other releases on the label. Just shy of EX with one spot with light superficial marks not affecting play.)


Gene Chandler - Let me make love to you / Does she have a friend for me? - 20th Century/Chi-Sound / EX / £8 (Vinyl copy! Usually seen on styrene. Two superb sides, midtempo modern dancer backed with a two stepper.)


Leroy Hutson - Don’t it make you feel good / I do, I do - Curtom / VG+ / £8 (Two superb cuts of the Hutson II album. “I do, I do”-side has some light marks not affecting play.)


Intrepids - After you’ve had your fling - Columbia / EX / £8 (Vinyl promo copy of this classic Philly sound. Complete with company sleeve.)


Pockets - Happy for love - Columbia / EX / £6 (Promo copy of this classic modern soul sound. With company sleeve.)


Northern Soul / Crossover / R&B / Funk 45’s


Joe Walls - Brother, brother - J and N / EX / £150 (Very rare Chicago 45. Obscure socially conscious underground Marvin Gaye kind of sound. “Brother, brother” label side has a little staining from being exposed to H2O.)


New Holidays - Maybe so maybe no - Soulhawk / EX / £100 (PInk label copy of this Detroit soul masterpiece. So hard to find in this clean condition. )


Gloria Jones - Tainted love - Champion / VG / £90 (Original! Styrene copy with the correct runout details. Labels are clean but vinyl has many light superficial marks, plays well.)


Cheers - Take me to paradise / I made up my mind - OKeh / EX / £60 (Very rare vinyl copy! Usually seen on styrene. Really nice and clean Red A/white promo copy of this northern soul classic. The official a-side “I made up my mind” is an excellent group soul cut.)


Na Allen - Thanks for nothing - Atco / VG+ / £60 (White demo of this popular crossover soul dancer. Vinyl is visually VG+ with a few light scuffs, plays clean.)


Bobby Patterson — I’m in love with you — Jetstar / EX / £60 (Yellow vinyl DJ copy of this midtempo crossover dancer.)


Bobby Patterson - You taught me how to love - Jetstar  / EX / £15 (Yellow vinyl DJ copy. Superb slowie.)


Gladys Knight - Too late for you and me / Supremes - Love is like an itching in my heart (alt take) / EX / £60 (White label copy of two previously unreleased Motown tracks. This is the sought after release which came out in the late 1980’s and were then sold for £20 as new. Excellent sound quality. Clean labels. A copy sold on eBay in 2010 for $265.)


Marvin Gaye - Lonely lover / So long / EX /  £45 (See above, clean labels here as well.)


Roe-O-Tation - Special category / Old love - Gerim / VG+ / £50 (Two great midtempo soul sides! Writing on label, says “Plug” + “DJ Copy” + two “X”. Vinyl has shade like marks, think it has been treated with teflon spray. Plays well.)


Two Fellows - Stop (Don’t give up your loving) / Yea, yea, yea, yea - Mutt / EX / £50 (Northern soul backed with great group soul slowie.)


Cruisers - Mink and sable mable - Gamble / EX / £50 (Ignore the title, this is one bad crossover dancer with growing demand. Rare one for the label. Black label demo copy.)


Gigi & the Charmaines - I don’t wanna lose him / Mysteries - Too late now - Kent / £45 (Kent 27th Anniversary 45, two great previously unissued 1960’s sides.)


Carol Anderson - Holding on / It shouldn’t happen to a dog - Mid-Town / VG+ / £40 (Tough Detroit double header, usually seen with a lesser good flipside. Vinyl has shade like stains, plays well but not perfect.)


City Limitz - First love - Virtue / EX / £40 (White promo copy of this funky soul indemander. Very in vogue sound at the moment.)


Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris - We got a thing goin’ on - Heidi / EX / £40 (White demo of this midtempo duo disc. Vinyl is clean but label has small sticker on each side, A-side also has an X writing and two stamped A’s.)


Profiles - Take a giant step (walk on) - Goldie / VG- / £35 (Northern soul classic. Vinyl is filled with light marks, plays well.)


Third Point - Spirit - Tide / VG+ / £30 (Bongo fuelled female lead dancer with a slight latin feel. One for the dancefloor! Label has a small stain with sticker residue.)


Triplett Twins - Black sensuous girl - Jay Pee / VG+ / £30 (Rare one from this obscure Chicago duo.)


Mister T - Love uprising - Dakar / EX / £30 (Rarest and to me the best version. Issue copy!)


Wales Wallace - Somebody I know - BRC / VG+ / £25 (Just shy of NM, plays great. Essential Chicago crossover.)


Classic Example - That’s groovy - GSF / EX / £25 (White demo copy, neat writing on label in form of an “W” and and “X”. Excellent crossover sound!)


Star-Tells - Falling in love with you girl / You’re wrong about me - Lamarr / VG+ / £20 (Rare white demo of this classy Chicago group soul harmony cut. Small writing on label. Vinyl just shy of EX with some light marks, plays well.)


Bernadette Peters - We’ll start the party again - Abc-Paramount / VG+ / £20 (Great looking white demo. The artist was great looking and white too - blue eyed northern soul. Vinyl has been teflon treated.)


Magnificent Men - I’ve got news - Capitol / VG- / £20 (Blue eyed stomping northern soul classic. Partly removed sticker on flip. Vinyl has lots and lots of marks but plenty of shine. Plays fairly clean with only a little background in the very beginning before clearing up fine.)


Z. Z. Hill - No more doggin’ - Kent / EX / £15 (Stomping northern. Promo copy.)


Johnny Watson - It’s better to cry - Valise / EX / £15 (1993 release of previously unissued crossover soul dancer.)


Brooks O’Dell - I’m your man - Gold / EX / £10 (Black label promo copy of this dramatic beat ballad. End of the night allnighter sound of the highest quality.)


Patterson Singers - That’s love - Atco / EX / £10 (Pristine white promo complete with company sleeve.)


Poets - She blew a good thing - Symbol / VG+ / £10 (Northern soul evergreen. Black/white/orange label variation with silver text. Vinyl has been teflon coated, plays well.)


Bethea the Masked Man & the Agents - I wouldn’t come back - Dynamo / EX / £10 (White demo of this charming midtempo northern soul dancer.)


Ad Libs - Nothing worse than being alone / If she wants him - Share / VG+ / £10 (Classic double header, northern soul oldie backed with an excellent midtempo cut. Vinyl has been teflon treated.)


Ballads / Group / Sweet / Deep 45’s


Peace, Justice & Equality - Of all the hearts - Stone Gold / VG+ / £125 (The definite version! Very rare on 45, usually seen on album. Label has writing which looks like a dedication. Vinyl has some light marks, plays ok.)


Barons - We should be together / That’s how love is - Gamma / EX / £80 (Two superb sides on a disc that simply doesn’t turn up anymore. Two stepper backed with ballad, both top class.)


Thoughts - Plain as the nose on your face / Walk on brother - S.O / EX / £45 (Superb group soul, backed with blaxplo sounding funk.)


Herman Davis - Gotta be loved - Venus V / EX / £40 (Lovely slowie out of LA on this Kent distributed label. Promo copy with date and X written on label.)


Superstars - Beautiful things / Instr - TAPS / EX / £30 (The rarest out of their two 45’s on Taps. The same group who had two 12 inchers on the Budweiser/Starstream label.)


Master Plan - Clinton park - De-Lite / EX / £30 (Lovely midtempo LA soul.)


Theatrics - We got a love / I got cha - VR / EX / £30 (Superb double header with only the rarer issue holding both sides. Group soul with appeal both to modern soul lovers and group and sweet soul fans. I also have a VG+ copy available @ £25.)


Frankie Karl & the Dreams - Don’t be afraid - D.C. / EX / £20 (Rare white demo! Superb classic. X on label and date on flip.)


Sammy Jones - You’ve got to show me - Jenesis / VG+ / £20 (Wonderful slowie with a wonderful production. The record has some sleeve marks, plays well.)


Lynda Seals - I’m gonna make you love me / Handle with love - Jamex / EX / £20 (Very rare issue copy, the better side “Handle with love” is only found here.)


Group - Spinning around / Say girl - Avalanche / EX / £20 (Two great sweet soul sides. The better side, “Spinning around” is only found on the issue copies.)


Dynamic Soul Machine - Boom-a-rang / Moving on - Respect / VG+ / £15 (Sam Dees deep soul backed with an annoying instrumental blaxplo styled funky cut. Both sides plays well, the ballad side is EX and the flip VG+ with some sleeve marks not affecting play.)


Carl Weathers - You ought to be with me - Mirage / EX / £15 (Promo copy of this popular slowie. from the singer/actor who played Apollo Creed in the Rocky motion pictures.)


Arthur Conley - I’m a lonely stranger - Jotis / EX / £15 (Great deep soul. Conley and Otis Redding penned and released on Otis’ own label.)


Mike & the Censations - There is nothing I can do about it - Highland / VG / £12 (Highly recommended! Just lovely slowie featuring some truly different lyrics. Vinyl has many light marks but plays clean.)


Half & Half - Makes you wanna cry - Counterpart / VG / £12 (Cincinatti rarity with a superb mellow groove type of sound. Label has some discoloration, vinyl light marks. Plays with light, and occasional  background noise and the occasional light pop.)


Teddie Morrow - What’s your sign - Seiba / EX / £10 (Fantastic sweet soul!)


David Simmons - All I want to do (Is make a little love to you) - Fantasy/Wmot / EX / £10 (Superb slowie which is hard to find on 7 inch.)


Mighty Pope - Tower of strength - Private Stock / EX / £8 (Sam Dees penned slowie. Vinyl copy complete with company sleeve.)


Sweet Thunder - Baby, I need your love today / I don’t care what you say - Fantasy/Wmot / EX / £6 (Two lovely sides which appeals to two step/mellow groove fans in particular.)


12 inchers


Ty Karim & George Griffin - Keep on doin’ whatcha’ doin’ / Carch action - Sheridan House / EX / £100 (Sought after modern soul from this cult label. First release ten years prior to the Konkord one. As new copy in shrink. Flipside has some pressing marks not affecting play.)


FF Yellowhand - You want every night - Fire-Sign / EX / £50 (Classic boogie.)



Soul albums


Dwight Sykes & Jahari - You that I need - Vamp / EX/EX / £400 (Super rare and highly indemand low fi soul album. With the title track both vocal and instrumental versions + “Rock steady”. As new copy still in shrink. A still sealed copy sold on eBay a couple of months back for $860. )


Roger Hatcher - R&Better - Guinness / EX / £200 (“Your love is a masterpiece” superb modern soul dancer. As new copy still in shrink.)


Directions - s/t - Brunswick / S/S / £200 (Sealed copy! There’s a tiny damage on the opening side edge. “I want to be your special man”, “She’ll never say it” and “We need love” are all top class crossover soul sounds.)


James Conwell - Let it all out - Guinness / EX/VG+ / £100 (Legendary album! Cover has a damaged corner that could easily be made to a cut corner for a cleaner look. Vinyl weak side of EX with a couple of hairlines, plays well.)


Ernie Fields - I’ll be loving you - Crash Music / EX/EX / £40 (Very rare modern soul album out of Florida. With covers of Gateway’s “Can’t accept the fact”, David Ruffin’s “I can’t stop the pain” and his own “Heard you talking in your sleep” here in another version than on the 45.)


Stephanie Mills  - Movin’ in the right direction - Abc / EX/EX / £20 (White label promo copy of this rarer album containing the superb rare groove title track. Front cover has “Promotional - Not For Sale” sticker.)


Maxine Brown - We’ll cry together - Commonwealth United / EX/EX / £20(Great looking white label promo copy. With the funky “See and don’t see”)


L.R. Superstars - Sayin’ it - Rare Grooves / EX / £20 (UK 1990 release mixing the songs on one of their two Budweiser 12’s with their two Taps 45’s and a couple of previously unreleased tunes to that. White cover with programming sticker.)


Relatives - Don’t let me fall - Heavy Light / EX/EX £20 (Pretty much unplayed copy of this 2009 release featuring mostly previously unissued 1970’s recordings. Includes “Leave something worthwhile”.)


Special Delivery - Living on the run - M&M / EX/EX / £10 (Includes “Don’t deny my love” which is one of my all time favourite two steppers. “Got to be number one” is a good dancer. Cut corner.)


Paul Kelly - Hooked, hogtied & collared - Warner Brothers / EX/EX / £8 (With the Yarmouth styled “You make me tremble”. Cut corner.)

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