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Best Intro. To Record


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Probably had this topic before, but may as well start it up again as not a lot else going on??

Best introduction/opening chords to a record. Just have a couple the first being a current "want" of mine.


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Think Most Great Northern Records Have to have Great Intros.Thats all part of the Call to the Dancefloor and the excitment generated by the openning bars of the disc,All the ones mentioned so far are fine examples.

I remember when i was starting out at youth club stage the intros that stuck in my mind were

Julien Covey---A Little Bit Hurt

Frank Beverley--If Thats What You Wanted

The Jades--I'm Where Its at

Human Beinz--Nobody but me(that Opening Horn Blast)


Velvet Hammers Happy is a good intro also, there are lots when you start thinking

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Guest Dave Turner

Jaco beat me to The Tempos - Countdown so I'll go for 


Morris Chestnut - Too Darn Soulful


Like the Tempos you know you're into a kick arse Northern from the point go


and this looks like my old Amy stocker   :yes:


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Guest Matt Male

There are loads. I get caught out regularly by Joey DeLorenzo because the 15 second intro always sounds so good, and I forget the next three minutes are shite.


Ton of Dynamite - As soon as the drum comes in you're running to the floor. :)


And Hey Sah Lo Ney as well.

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My Hang Up Is You - The Skull Snaps has a great intro IMO. :yes:


Would some kind person post the link for me and be even kinder by PMing me an idiots guide as to how this is done from You Tube to here?  :thumbsup:





Just find a suitable copy on youtube hit the share button and cut and paste the link probably stating http//

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