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Best Intro. To Record


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Seeing somebody posted Billy Woods - Let me make you happy, maybe it's time for a thread "biggest letdown after a great intro"?


To me Billy Woods after the intro is like picking up a stunning girl at the club, bringing her home and finding out she's a shemale* :lol:


* or at least it would be a letdown for me, maybe not for some others :wicked:

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These ain't too shabby  Don Davis brilliance  J J Barnes received one of em in a B & S soul pack  along with DB I'm the one who loves you £5  for 100 singles great days




Temporary brain fuddle

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Guest johnny hart

The genius of Berry Gordy realised the importance of those first few seconds so he insisted on dynamic Intros my winner "Baby Hit and Run "The Contours.

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From the vaults of NS just about everything has a gr8 intro...

Lee David-Temptation

Sweet Things-World of Trouble

Millionaires-Love Your Baby

Tony Clarke-Landslide

Rose Batiste-Hit&Run

Carstairs-Really Hurts

Corvairs-No Soul


Superlatives-Still Love You


Sublime one is old Sam spin:

Ron Henderson-Gemini Lady


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Can't be many as short Martyn.... what, 1.45?.... needed another 60secs :huh:


That short & you still know what it is straight away........job done :thumbsup:

(could easily have made some inappropriate remarks about you answer but I'll leave that to others :lol: :lol:)



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