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Big List Of Records For Sale

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All Original 45's

Items are dispatched from USA


Payment by Paypal please as a gift

Shipping to UK is First class 1-3 records (£8.42) 4-5 records(£9.74)

Shipping to US is First Class 1 record $3.50 2-3 records $4 4-5 records $4.50



Please message me for more details......




Wiley, Johnny K.-  Let The Good Thing Go/Right By My Side (Promo) Epic 10638    Mint £20


Munnings Jr., Fred- All The Best Things / `same` (Instr.) Cap 1002  VG+ £10


Perry, Billy- Can` let you go/  Sitting On The Banks Of The River (Promo) Ronn 71 Mint £60


Owens, Gwen     Keep On Living / It Ain`t Hardly Over Josie    1009       Mint        £25


Leavill, Otis    There`s Nothing Better /`same` (Promo)        Dakar      625         Mint        £15


The Larks    The Roman / Heavenly Father (Promo) Money             112         VG++      £35


Kilgore, Theola    As Long As You Need Me (Want Me, Love Me) /This Is My Prayer Serock 2006    Mint- ("BB" Hole) £12


Kennedy, Joyce    Misunderstood /(Darling) I Still Love You  Ran-Dee      110         Mint-      £50


Murray, Louise     The Love I Give     For Some       Verve     10376    Mint ("BB" Hole)   £200


Mr. Percolator      Burning Up For Your Love/ I Need Your Love To See Me Through  Wax-Wel  VG++/VG+ £175


Muscle Shoals Horns    Hustle To The Music    Born To Get Down (Born To Mess Around)     Bang 72 Mint £6


Muscle Shoals Horns   Where I`m Coming From    Bump De Bunp Yo Boogie   Bang       728         Mint-      £6


Murray, Clarence The Book Of Love `same` (Promo)    Federal  12565    Mint        £25


Murray, Clarence Baby, You Got It    One More Chance               SSS International  730         Mint        £10


Murray, Jo Jo & Top Flight Band        I`m In Love            Your Love              I B Productions     7809       Mint        £25


Murray, Juggy       Built For Speed Pt. 1            Built For Speed Pt. 1 & 2    Pony       1              Mint        £8


Murray, Louise     The Love I Give     For Some               Verve     10376    Mint ("BB" Hole)   £200


Murray, Mickey    Flat Foot Sam        Jodie       SSS International  755         Mint- BB Hole       £8


Murray, Mickey    Explosive Population           Going Back To Alabama       Federal  12258    VG++ (”BB” Hole) £8


Murray, Mickey    People Are Together          `same` (Promo)    Federal  12560    Mint        £8


Murray, Mickey & Clarence Murry  How Do You Think I Can Live With Somebody (After What I Been Used To)  The Pig & The Pussycat SSS International  743         Mint-      £8


Murray, Mickey    Shout Bamalama   Lonely Room (Promo)         SSS International  715      Mint-  £8


Murry, Ron            Love Train             What If They Gave A War   Genna    1001       Mint     £10


Murray, Mickey    Shout Bamalama   Lonely Room (Promo)         SSS International  715     Mint-    £8


Murry, Ron            Love Train             What If They Gave A War   Genna    1001       Mint        £10


Mtume   P.O.P. (Pursuits Of Pleasure) Generation        Same (Promo)       Epic         6283       Mint (W O/L`s)     £6


Mu Band                Let Me Come Inside            Let`s Go Streaking                Zephyr   100         Mint        £10


Muddy Waters     I Feel So Good      Going Home (Promo)          Chess      2085       Mint    £10


Muddy Waters     Got My Mojo Working        Woman Wanted   Chess      1774       VG+    £20


Muhammad, Idris Turn This Mutha Out           Same (Part 2)        Kudu       940         Mint     £6


Mundy, Reg Band Finger Pop             Same (Promo)       Atlantic  89946    Mint-      £6


Munnings Jr., Fred               All The Best Things               `same` (Instr.)       Cap         1002       VG+     £10


Munro, Sonny (1975)          I`m Never Gonna Hurt You Again      `same` (Promo)    Epic         50098    Mint    £20


Murphy, Eddie (1982)         Boogie In Your Butt              `same` (Promo)    Columbia               3209       Mint-/VG+     £4


Murphy, Gwindon                The Pearl               Baby Baby Baby    Crazy Horse           1306       Mint-      £35


Murphy, Robert   Happy Soul Birthday (          `same`    Romur    3039       Mint        £12


North, Freddie  She`s All I Got    Ain`t Nothing In The News (But The Blues) Mankind 12004 Mint £6.00    


North, Freddie  You And Me Together Forever  Did I Come Back Too Soon (Or Stay Away Too Long) Mankind    12009   Mint   £6


North, Freddie  Just To Please You           Ninety-Pound Woman  Capital  4832       Mint £35.00        


North, Freddie  Lovin` On The Back Streets          `same` (Promo) Mankind              12019    Mint- £6.00


North, Freddie  Sweeter Than Sweetness   I Did The Woman Wrong Mankind 12011 Mint- (W.O.L`s.) £6.00          


North, Freddie  It`s So Groovy Doing What You Want To Do (With Who You Want To Do It To) /You`re Killing Me Slowly But Surely   Mankind  12018 Mint-    £6.00    


North, Freddie  Roll Over     Are You Thinking Of Him (When You`re Loving Me) Mankind 12014 Mint   £6.00   


North, Freddie  Taking Her Love Ain`t Gonna Be Easy      `same` (Promo) Mankind      12020    Mint-   £6.00        


North, Freddie Laid Back And Easy          Song # 29 (I`m Your Man)             Mankind       12014    Mint-     Soul  £8.00 


North, South, East. West              I Can`t Make It Without You        Same (Promo)  20th Century      2096       Mint     £20.00  


Northern, Johnny            A Little Thing Called Pride             Nitewalk              Cloud    505         Mint   £25.00  


Northern, Johnny            Nobody`s Perfect    `same` (Promo) Buddah 345         Mint      £30.00


Norvells      Without You       Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad        Janis      6366       Mint      £25.00  


Norwood, Dorothy      Get Aboard The Soul Train    There`s Got To Be Rain In Your Life (To Appreciate The Sunshine)    GRC       1011       Mint-     £12.00  


Norwood, Dorothy     Mama Loves Her Children All The Time  / Same (Promo)   GRC       2009       VG+/VG++      £10.00  


Notations            Think Before You Stop   `same` (Promo) Gemigo                500         Mint   £8.00    


Notations            I`m Still Here      I Can`t Stop         Twinight               141         Mint-     £60.00  


Notations            It`s Alright           Since You`ve Been Gone              Gemigo                503        Mint      £12.00  


Novatak               Proven Love       Ain`t Nobody     Bold       205         Mint      Soul       £8.00    


Now      Girl You Sure Turn Me On Pt. 1   Pt. 2       Fee (Red Label) 303         Mint      £35.00  


Nu Soul Habits   Meant To Be      Bring Your Loving Home (Promo)              Motown              374631130      Mint-     £6.00    


Nuggets               New York            I`m Getting Away             Mercury               74087    Mint      £6.00    



Nu-Tones            Easy Way To Love            Took Her Love   Soul-Plus             8248       VG++   £80.00 


Nu-Trons             Tension                Wild Side             Federal 12495    Mint      £12.00  


Nyhtjar                 Nice Girls Do It Too          `same` (Promo)                RCA        12114    Mint-     £15.00  


Nytro    Nytro Express    Return To Nytropolis      Whitfield             8780       Mint (W O/L)     Soul       £6.00    


Nomads               Tell It Like It Is    Rainbow`s End (Promo) Josie      905         Mint (W O/L) £50.00   


Nooks, George I Miss You            Love You Dub    Kickin`   2063       VG++    £10.00  


Nooks, George (2001)    Lean On Me       Version (Computer Paul)              Stone Love         125 Mint £5.00  


Nooks, George And Prince Mohamed    Freedom Blues Mix Up Version Life Music            No # ( no number) Mint (Stamp O/L)       £5.00    


Norback, Craig   Holding On For Dear Love             Pray For Me       Color     1001       Mint (Small Torn Label) £15.00  


Norflett                Soul Heaven      `same` (Promo) Audio Arts           60019    Mint-     £8.00    


Norma & The Heartaches             Hot Pants            Hot Pants Dance               Marmaduke 2 Mint £15.00   


Norman, Jimmy                Thank Him           You Win Again   Mun Rob             102         VG++ £20.00 


Norman, Jimmy                Just To Get To You           Green Stamps   Dot         16016    Mint-     £15.00  


Norman, Jimmy & The Viceroys You Crack Me Up            I Know I`m In Love (Promo) Little Star 121     VG++ (W.O.L.)     £25.00  


Norman, Jimmy   I Wanna Make Love To You      `same` (Promo) Buddah 504         Mint      £25.00  


Norman, Tim      I Can`t Stand It  / `same` (Promo)             Fame     362         Mint-/VG++ (W.O.L.) £30.00 


North Tower      Living Just For Loving You             You Got Me        Metro   870327  Mint £20.00       


North Tower      1, 2, 3 Kind Of Love          Looking Forward To June              Sei          811      Mint £25.00 


North, Freddie  Don`t Make Me Cry        Someday She`ll Come Along       Phillips International       3574       Mint      £20.00  


North, Freddie  The Hurt              It`s No Good For Me  (Promo)    Ric          119       Mint  £250.00     


North, Freddie  How To Cry         O.K., So What?  University           605         VG+ £10.00        





Mint-Perfect- Condition with no scratches plays perfectly


Very good++- Still is in perfect condition basically mint


Very good +- Still great condition and plays as good as new, there may be scuffing on the record that does not hinder play


Good- does play but with background noise hissle and pops



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