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John Manship Auction Results 12 -7 - 2015

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Ja Neen Henry Baby Boy C/w Love Is What You Make It

Surely, this 100% Detroit Northern Soul sleeper has snoozed for far too long - well nearly 5 decades with never really breaking into the hearts of the NS masses, seems way too long to me.

With Dale Warren and Andre Williams collaborating, to rework the original Golden World NS classic by Juanita Williams. Dale & Andre dispense with the lush strings, replacing them with triumphantly meaty trumpets on the intro. Then Ja Neen (aka Andrea) Henry’s vocal slips into place, riding a wave of shrill girl-group backing and a rattling piano slaps.

An impressive horn instrumental break, featuring (if I’m not mistaken) Sax-God Mike Terry burping his signature low-blow baritone to great effect..then his saxophone rising up Motown style towards the ends.

This take is not as sugary as the original version, which was also fabulously constructed in the true Motown Style of the time.. This Blue Rock weighty rendition does it for me, but then again I’m totally biased, as I cannot think of any record featuring Mike Terry sax-work, that I’m not utterly enamored with.

Flip it over, and you’re treated to a Van McCoy NS dancer - not in the same calibre as “Baby Boy” but a darn welcome bonus to this superbly clean Mint - PROMO!

May we add, this record is rarely if ever experienced in this flawless state.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 358.00

Sir Charles Hughes & The Village Choir Sweet Hot Lips

I always wished the 3.00 minute 45rpm 7” version of this deliciously Soulful Dance journey would never end. Obviously Sir Charles Hughes felt the same as me, left yearning for more “Sweet Hot Lips. This lengthened and uplifted 4:47 12” version with the bewitching instrumental break… is awesome.

Village Chior such an highly gifted gathering, who never seem to stretch or strain in their passion to serve up the ultimate Soul Groove. This is near 5 minutes of Soul-Perfection decorated with cooling horns and an highly accomplished jazz guitarist elevating the session to greatness.

3.00 had me begging for more - near 5 minutes almost satisfies…but records of this style make me insatiable…just can’t get enough.

This limited 12” press is in pristine flawless condition..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 188.00

Carl Douglas Serving A Sentence Of Life

An highly respected member of that exclusive club of BRITISH ONLY release 45s. That tick all the Northern Soul quality control boxes.

Totally RARE

Darn fantastic Northern Soul

A validated vintage classic

and a beautiful head-turner into the bargain

But there’s always a reason for some of these Brit-Exclusives capturing the very essence of Norhern Soul - the catalyst in this case being Pierre Tubbs.

Pierre collaborated in the studio with the likes of Sidney Barnes, J. L. Jackson etc. Now there’s a pairing that crafted some truly awesome Northern Soul classics. So two years later after rubbing shoulders with the greats of our music, Pierre Tubbs brought traces of New York Soul to the UK giving the then raw 26 year old Jamaican Carl Douglas the job of belting out his fine vocal through, this horn-riddled Northern Soul masterpiece.

Huge tune at The Torch, Cats, Blackpool Mecca, pre-Wigan Casino’s birth and another lasting legacy for the relentless British crate-digging troops who left no stone unturned in the exploration for the “next” tune.

Oh Boy, whoever first discovered this killer - must have leaped for joy all the way home…

Before you today is a fine clean copy, tiny discreet X on label is it’s only flaw.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 392.00

Sidney Barnes I Hurt On The Other Side

Having earlier mentioned the influence Sidney Barnes had and still has on the Northern Soul scene, we thought let’s list an example of this man’s extreme talent of serving up memorable 60s dance-Soul.

This 45 is considered his finest & certainly most-wanted. A record that Capitol picked up on, for Arthur Wright to get his teeth into; in true Arthur style he totally beefed it up. With Capitol behind it achieved not only very minor sales but also it’s wider availability provided the Northern Soul scene with the copies that turned it into a Torch, Mecca, Cataombs, Leeds Central, pre-Wigan NS Monster..

This, the original version is a totally different story - sold nothing on release; in fact an excruciating rarity as the stock copy, a mythical 45 (never seen in the flesh as the Red Bird press) leaving the extremely elusive PROMO in front of you as the only realistic route to secure a copy.

So much more subtle than the brazen Jerry Cook take,so subtle, polished with classy girls cooing & oohing at every opportunity - this is classy, classy Northern Soul that other the brief 70’s Charley records re-issue, has never been bootlegged..

Trophy-piece NS classic with two flawless labels - the vinyl has a few very light surface marks but as you can see and hear it does NOT affect play.

Proud ownership await

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 651.00

Audrey Riley Love Can't Live In Chains

In the time when the soulful Sister vocal has never been more appreciated, we thought this virtual “unknown” Soulful dancer would cause some interest and fit neatly into some of the more “upfront” DJ sets.

A 1977 indie that offers up very little information for the reviewing to build on; both the arranger, writer & producer, like the singer herself are utterly obscure names. But boy does the gathering craft a mean tune.

So check out this guitar driven groove that starts upbeat and feverish but like a tortured-carousel ride, this soulful plea rises and falls on a wave of strings and cooing Sisters, but always picking up the beat to keep this soulful stroller going… ideal

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 228.00

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Come Spy With Me C/w More Love

Very seldom did British EMI mess around with a release, once it went to press, but TMG 614 was an exception to the rule. Why an executive decision was made to immediately withdrawn the first press with “Come Spy With Me” on the flipside and replace it with “Swept For You Baby” is baffling, but created a very elusive 45 for the TMG completer to pursue.

This copy is in tip-top condition with two flawless labels, two vinyls which are strong clean Mint minus, only revealing the merest surface sleeve contact blemish under focused scrutiny.

This is a beauty and no TMG collection can ever be considered finished without its capture.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 112.00

Sugar Simone Suddenly C/w King Without A Throne

Without question one of the very hardest numbers in this most coveted of label series to snare.

Again, condition is nothing short of miraculous, even the center hole seems to have enjoyed a life of celibacy, as the center spindle hole required a little firm encouragement to push through. This could have been an unplayed copy before making our acquaintance.

Sugar draws inspiration from New York’s Brill Building with this fine Dritersesque recording, a mid-tempo dancer scattered with Ben E. King flavourings. Written & produced by himself “Keith Foster” aka Tito Simon this Jamaican Soulman certainly delivers it real… as is proved on the flipside…

as Sugar Simone plumbs the depth of despair with a Deep Soul ballad any of the his USA Southern Soul counterparts would have been proud of..

Both sides worthy of the label, both sides offering fabulous examples of their genre on a platter that could not turn up in finer condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 111.00

Trini Lopez Sinner Not A Saint

Killer R&B Northern Soul shaker that has become very popular with the dancefloor in recent times.

A relentless rattling piano is the key component that lifts this session above the norm, as the effervescent Trini swing into action blending Jazz/R&B/R&R into a compelling dance tune you just cannot ignore.

Flawless condition is the main reason for this going to auction, this eye-catching 1964 original Dutch release, comes complete with the original picture sleeve, snugly housing a pristine Stateside 45.

Looks gorgeous doesn’t it..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 104.00

Sam Moultrie I'll Always Love You C/w Do Your Own Thing

How damn good does this beauty sound today, after avoiding the Oldies DJ overkill, that sadly so often taints a “Classics” kudos.

A listing for those many Northern Soul collectors, who relentlessly hunt down the rarest variations of the NS classics"‰–"‰here’s a seldom-seen example with blue & white logo. Instead of the straight black label with silver text. (So elusive!)

I remember this tune breaking at Cleethorpes Pier 1975-ish the same night a car full of us traveled up the coast, listening to it on a C90 cassette, that just happened to have Willie Hutch’s “Love Runs Out” as the next song. Fabulous piece of NS Dovetailing for tape-flow.

Low and behold, not long inside the Pier, and it got played. Soul Sam sending my ears a glossy shade of “Pea-Green”. On the way home we all knew the words to both the standout tunes on that C90 and sung them at the top of our voices.. a rather unpleasant experience if you sat next to “Spanner”.

This seldom seen variation is a flawless copy, looking good in it’s rarest outfit - take a listen to a fabulous underplayed groove that will, like it did me rekindle some euphoric NS recall.

PS FUNK fans will be impressed with the flipside - a right good “Hunk-Of-Funk” 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 159.00

Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas Agony And Extasy

Ludicrously RARE 70s Philly D.I.Y. album from the desk of Charles Earland; offering up not 1 but numerous ALBUM ONLY soulful dance tracks of the calbre you’ve come to expect from this conveyor of all that is fine when it comes to Philly Jazz or Soul, on this platter he blends both perfectly.

Vocally impressive with the little known Paige Douglas flexing her stunning vocal through precise dance arrangements littered with occasional glimpes of Charles Earland skill with the sax and keyboard.

So check out the tracks of this album we have selected for your critique - we think you’ll be mightily impressed - DJ’s cannot fail with these instantaneous movers at their fingertips - we did not have space for the soulful ballad soundfiles but they are just as riveting.

Two labels and both sides of the vinyl are flawless - cover is free of writing, stains or tears but does suffer from a a top-seam split. Which we can professionally repair F.O.C. if the winner so wishes.

RARE ALBUMS don’t come much more notable than this rarity, I’m absorbed

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 265.00

Ronnie Forte That Was Whiskey Talkin' C/w Nervous Breakdown

A brief 1977 exclusive 45 for Mary Chapman, Queen of Cleethorpes claim for her young soldiers; who not only made “Whiskey Talkin” a monster in it’s time but equally the “Nervous Breakdown” side ploughed a furrow or two on that hallowed dancefloor. Back then it actually mattered not which side you dropped the needle on..both sparked the same response.

Those prolific Northern Soul bootleggers however, were only able to lift a poor quality sound from a cassette tape of the “Whiskey Talkin” side leaving the original still highly desirable for its uncompromising booming sound quality and the ” “Nervous Breakdown” side never got bootlegged at all…

Two great sides that validated The Pier & The Winter Gardens yet again with tunes born on the North Sea… today this euphoric original copy sounds doubly-right for a belated NS revival… and a Cleethorpes euphoric recall

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 362.00

Leah Dawson & Choker Campbell & Magic City Orchestra My Mechanical Man

A listing for those many of you who appreciate the historical, the unusual and conversation pieces that make the rich Northern Soul tapestry so very interesting.

I was immediately attracted to this “Test Press”, covered in vital handwritten information and showing the full artist credits that never completely made it into print on the “Gold” original first press.

Dripping in Motor City provenance and unleashing an early “Torch” dancefloor favourite that led to an horrid 1972 poor fidelity WHITE PROMO counterfeit, that sadly at the time stopped it’s progress in the coveted Northern Soul “Classic Hall Of Fame” realms.

I think it looks great, I also think after hearing how good is it, again; it has gotta be a candidate for an inspired NS Revival spin - “Mechanical Man” is after all way, way too good to be ignored..and this unique example of it looks so cool doesn’t it…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 110.00


on I Just Can't Life My Life C/w My Heart (will Understand)

Liz Lands And The Temptations Midnight Johnny C/w Keep Me


Condition, Condition, Condition.

50 years old and we think our auction vinyl processor was most likely the first person to play it. Stunningly flawless, other than the X and received date MARCH 12 1964 on the flipside label, this fabulous example of Motown Northern Soul is perfect!

What a refreshing experience listening to this 45, as both sides are so untypically Motown. “Midnight Johnny” the side favoured by the Northern Soul & Popcorn fans sees Gospel Diva Liz, like a “Soulful” Kate Bush, wail hauntingly away as her vocal glides on a raft of shrill girl group choruses. So very unique in it’s make up, but pushed even further into the “Twilight Zone” by the unconventional use of the serpent-mesmerizing styled clarinet, at an unexpected time.

Flip it over - for a meaty piano assisted Beat Ballad you’ll find invading you head, as again Liz turns in a “from the heart” performance assisted by a dreamy harmony backup by The Temptations and an uncredited gathering of girls. Group harmony vocal fans, this is Motown pure “Soul” at it’s finest.

If your seeking, the elusive vinyl perfection whilst buying Rare-Soul, Northern or Motown …look no further!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 131.00


Mary Stallings C/w Hewitt & Company You Gotta Git C/w Lame Duck

You have more chance of you hearing The Queen trump during her Christmas Day speech, than finding this 45 Mint minus condition.

Farcically RARE, Lonnie Hewitt Oakland, California project with San Francisco’s highly regarded Jazz Diva. The prolific Mr. Hewitt manages to fuse R&B, Soul and Jazz into one juggernaut of a stomper, elevated into another league by Miss Stallings undeniable gift for delivering tongue-twisting lyrics without pause or stall, so powerfully it demands “Northern Soul Dance”

Classy, classy Northern Soul backed up with a fine Jazz instrumental twist on the session, as a rattling piano steps up in place of the vocal. The presence of Stallings as the singer, seems to have drawn in the Bay Areas most talented jazz musicians as this vocal-free rendition stands up to Cal Tjader, Ramsey Lewis standard scrutiny.

As we stated at the beginning, even getting a whiff of this rarity in any condition, is pretty remote… 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 83.00



Jessie Davis There's Room For Me

Legendary Los Angeles Northern Soul from a man who is no stranger to the superior 60s dance offering. With his “Gonna Hang On In There” held in very high regard by NS aficionados. Here’s his even rare most-wanted 45.

The celebrated gifts of Arthur Wright are evident as he guides Jessie through another of his signature full orchestra driven productions, perfectly matched with the artists cultured vocal.

In true “Wright” style a backing of blaring horns provide the perfect surroundings for a troop of strident girls to unleash shrill choruses against a bank of zippy strings layering even more oomph into this huge production.

Totally classy session carrying an irresistblely smooth richness, we have begun to expect from these two talented characters of the 60s Los Angeles Soul scene.

Near impossible to secure in this flawless condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 813.00


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Right then you lot....is the Mary Stallings as rare as stated in the sales pitch? If it is, then someone has got a good buy.....I have no idea, so will ask you knowledgeable bunch.....thank you....Rob

Edited by Lionelonthevinyl

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Right then you lot....is the Mary Stallings as rare as stated in the sales pitch? If it is, then someone has got a good buy.....I have no idea, so will ask you knowledgeable bunch.....thank you....Rob

one here..

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Miss Stallings is not at all tough to find over here Stateside, nice mover mind you, the rare one on the label is a garage 45 not soul.


Mr. Manship telling porkies? Surely not?  :lol:

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