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Healthy lifestyle what !!! Half of us are fecking dead .

The Soul Scene wether we like it or not is smelting pot of music, styles, progression, nostalgia, which as evolved over the last 50 years. Everyone involved with it be it dj,s Soulies has their own pe

Anyone eating shredded wheat after a nighter would still be chewing it today lol

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Eat two and put the other two on either side of your face for authentic looking sideburns.

Now I know what the baggy trousers with dozens of pockets were all about,wearers of said trousers used those pockets to keep individual shreded wheats in ,especially those leg side pockets.

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The worst thing about those shreddies is that they always used to bloc k the works up and wouldnt go through the needle,thus leading folk into harder foodstuffs like chinese class a soy sauce which was more suitable  for injection  as already being in a liquid form.Perhaps one of the biggest influences on the nighter scene regarding foodstuff substance abuse was during the late seventies when folk turned to downers such as ovaltine which led to them staggering around knocking over tables when attempting to spin and more or less staggering around till they fellover and went asleep where they fell.The introduction of ovaltine had a considerable effect on the nighter scene which previously had thrived on uppers such as shredded wheat,weetabix and for the real hard core even coffee reared its head for some time.As stated earlier a large percentage of injecters having encountered problems with shreddies and also weetabix turned to class a such as soy sauce and of later years chilli sauce hit the market ,this unlike soy required thinning down with water  to be ready for use.Class a users drifted away from the scene in droves during the early eighties as did ovaltiners ,there was also the great industrial disputes over the next few decades at the Kellogs factories,shredded wheat became rare and was produced in limited numbers,others stepped in such as the infamous back street blue and white striped packaged own brand "Wheeties", knocked out in great volumne by the likes of asda,tesco and any other  unscrupulous producers looking for a quick buck.these back street street copies were a poor version  of the real thing ,shoddy,having unknown additves and varying greatly in strength between sh.t and poor.There were even cases of folk being taken to hospital with severe diareaho after consuming these back street blue and white packaged copies thus missing most of the nighter.


Well today many years later Kellogs and the soul scene are again thriving and its a real one in the eye for those who who say I went but I always abstained especialy  now that doing shredded wheat is being promoted as being a good and healthy thing to do , why not shout it out loud and proud,I went back then and  my head was always "shredded",and I loved it.!When the first thing folk used to say on meeting up at the nighter was "How many have you had tonight,"followed by,"I've had four with loads of sugar(thus showing you were hard core)".Some say excessive eating of shreddies and of course weetabix has left consumers with long term damage such as irritable bowel syndrome,me I say they will say anything people do is harmful and shreddie eaters are just as honest and trustworthy as anyone else.


Ps. There is an alternative hypothesis that the move from stimulant breakfast cereal use on the nighter soul scene  to class a soy sauce,exotic flavouring use was due to legislation that required supermarkets to stack both products next to each other on the shelfs.

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I actually used to think of Weetabix as a part  of souling.Whenever Wilky came round my mums house on a monday after a weekend that usualy started on a thursdays souling and blocking to chill out we would listen to curtis mayfield albums and also eat all the weetabix in the cupboards.I have always hated mondays and as my mum and dad would be at work we would hammer the cupboards for food to replace energy.The usual starter would be about six weetabix and a load of milk and sugar with usually a second helping at least.Well it was the seventies and we were still growing and burning off millions of calories every weekend.Good times,much Wunderbar reaching the sheer heights of utterness time and again  ,brilliant tunes to listen to great people around you,sadly more than just a few no longer with us.

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