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Bcb Radio 106.6fm Sat 19th Aug 8-10pm

Derek Pearson

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As the summer waves goodbye and the grey clouds beckon this Saturday 19th August between 8 & 10pm will see me doing another 2 hour rare soul session featuring all styles,all era's,all over the place on Bradford's community radio station BCB 106.6FM (note new frequency).

World Web Web people can listen to the show via the real audio live stream - listen on www.bcbradio.co.uk

Those lucky enough to be living within a 10-15 mile radius of the transmitter can hopefully listen direct on 106.6FM. However when I've been travelling on high ground like the M62 across West Yorks I've been able to pick it up quite clearly. As per usual I'll be playing loadsa 45rpm records off chunky black vinyl some mint and some badly scratched. Friends and venues will be getting a mention as per usual.

Thanks to Mike Hughes for streaming previous months shows.


Here's a list of the artists I played. Will post up a more detailed playlist as and when time/memory allows.

Johnny Barnes; Mill Evans; Enjoyables; Jimmy Delphs; Donald Jenkins; Jean Wells; Etta James; Bettye Swann; Enchanted Five; Unlimited Four; Johnny Moore; Brothers Of Soul;

Harold Hutton; Shirley Wahls; Mitty Collier; Joe L; JL Brown; The Moovers; Lee Jones;

JJ Jackson; Shufflers; The Dells; Patti Drew; Baby Washington; Tommorrows Men;

Acoustics; Hot Chocolate; The Ultimates; Jean Wells; Deon Jackson; MM & The Peanuts;

The Chancellors; Seminoles; Joe Moore; Dee Clark; Four Gents; CP Love; Composers;

Gene Chandler; Sunday; Bobby McClure; Patience Holloway; Spooners Crowd;

Holly Maxwell; Teddy Greene; Jeannie Reynolds; Barrett Strong.

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Here's a list of the artists I played. Will post up a more detailed playlist as and when time/memory allows.

updated as promised.

onwards, derek

Johnny Barnes "Real nice" Cap City;

Mill Evans "I've got to have your love" Constellation;

Enjoyables "Push a little bit harder" Capitol;

Jimmy Delphs "Almost" Carla;

Donald Jenkins "I've settled down" Cortland;

Jean Wells "After loving you" Calla;

Etta James "I'm so glad" Cadet;

Bettye Swann "I'm lonely for you" Capitol;

Enchanted Five "Try a little love" CVS;

Unlimited Four "I wanna be happy" Chanson;

Johnny Moore "You're the girl for me" Chi City;

Brothers Of Soul "Hurry don't linger" Criss Cross;

Harold Hutton "Lucky boy" Checker;

Shirley Wahls "Because I love you" Calla;

Mitty Collier "Pain" Chess;

Joe L "Worried" Clissac;

JL Brown "My true love" Clifton;

The Moovers "Someone to fulfil my needs" Deep City;

Lee Jones "On the other side" Amy;

JJ Jackson "It seems like I've been" Calla;

Shufflers "Always be mine" Crackerjack;

The Dells "Thinking about you" Cadet;

Patti Drew "Stop and listen" Capitol;

Baby Washington "Don't let me loose this dream" Cotillion;

Tommorrows Men "Whoe's that lady" Congress;

Acoustics "Living in hard times" Cherry Blossom;

Hot Chocolate "We had true love" Cleveland;

The Ultimates "Just because you've gone" Capito;

Jean Wells "What have I got to lose" Calla;

Deon Jackson "When your love" Carla;

MM & The Peanuts "The Phillie" Money;

The Chancellors "She came all the way" Cap City;

Seminoles "I can't stand it" Checkmate;

Joe Moore "I know you like a book" CB;

Dee Clark "I won't be your fool" Constellation;

Four Gents "I've been trying" HBR;

CP Love "Never been in love" Chimneyville;

Composers "Lets get straight" Complex 3;

Gene Chandler "After the laughter" Checker;

Sunday "Ain't got no problems" Checker;

Bobby McClure "Peak of love" Checker;

Patience Holloway "Stay with your own kind" Capitol;

Spooners Crowd "Two in the morning" Cadet;

Holly Maxwell "Only when your lonely" Constellation;

Teddy Greene "Cry" Capitol;

Jeannie Reynolds "Hit and run" Casablanca;

Barrett Strong "Love is you" Coup.

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just word that some of dereks past shows are featured in the radio section of sounds feature

along with a few others - only about 15 up for now but as time allows this be updated with past and new stuff

with the remote fat player can add to playlist and listen while browsing rest of site web etc

just hit the plus under clip to add to your playlist


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