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Milestone Soul Albums


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Title: Milestone Soul Albums

Summary: Milestone Soul albums is a review of albums that are considered milestones in soul history when released.

This is based on the soul perspective of the individual soul connoisseur.


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For all those 80’s soul connoisseurs out there only a handful of British soul artists that stood out, in comparison to their US counterparts. Keni Stevens is one of those British soul artists who could have succeeded were other UK soul artists failed, as his unique voice and production could compete with some of Americans finest at the time. However Keni Stevens came and went without getting the full recognition he deserved even with top UK Soul DJ’s like Robbie Vincent, Andy Peebles and Jeff Young backing him.

There was no mistaking the honey-toned voice at the other end of the phone. The same voice that has enraptured UK Soul fans in the classic soul decade that was the 1980’s. Keni Stevens is one of a kind, an artist who has stood the test of time, who has established a unique place in the pantheon of 80’s soul music...........

rest at


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