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as a once true audiophile, I used to have all the top kit that was available - spiked feet on speakers, isolating table for turntable etc., pre-amp, power amp, bi-wired speakers etc.

However when it came to speaker cable, I never felt the need

I trialled different high end cables in my own home and in stores  - and to this day I can say that I could hear practically no difference between any of them

if you are talking about moving from the real cheap and nasty stuff at say 50p/1.00 a metre to an upgrade, then you will probably hear a difference - tighter base and crisper vocals mainly

however I wouldn't go crazy and buy stuff at 15/20 quid per metre

im out of touch with it all now so have no idea on makes/prices etc. but I would imagine if you were using the cheap stuff, then going up to 5/6 quid per metre would be enough

google "best budget speaker cable" or check the recommendations in What Hi Fi


hope this is helpful, but don't fall into the trap of spending too much on this - same goes for connectors between components

you will be hard pushed to hear any difference in any of them



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It's very easy to get carried away once you delve into the world of high end hifi.

I would say don't, by all means improve & upgrade & you will most likely hear an audible difference, but after that, it wonders into the realm of placebo & clever marketing & some people spend fortunes, but there is not need because you can get some great cable for not a great deal of money.

They do say put aside a % of the value of your system for cables but this is just the salesman talking.

I use 'Chord' cable on my system (£20 per Meter), but I've upgraded to that over long periods of time to match upgraded equipment (Naim & B&W Nautilus speakers), but I would recommend you look at a brand called QED, I've had it in the past, it's really relatively cheap and a great place to start upgrading.

Don't get sucked in, yes improve your cables, but don't spent a lot, you really don't need to starting out & you will still see 'some' audio improvement.

But really there are lots of permeations & upgrades that can do this also, isolation etc etc, it's a salesmanship dream & billion dollar industry.

For the record, I'll soon be going cable free if I move to the wireless speakers I've got my eyes on but that's a different story, but it's just a matter of time because the high end companies are all in that market now & will soon be the norm.

Hope all that helps a bit.

QED is great cheap starter cable.

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It's the law of diminishing returns, so I would basically agree with what's been said thus far. I'm no audiophile by the way!

I can't remember where my cable came from, I suspect from a local hi-fi shop when I bought some new speakers years ago. So it should be 'proper' speaker cable but it wasn't expensive. It's effectively high gauge bell wire (I.e. it's thick, but looks like bell wire). You need a decent gauge so that you don't get any losses in the cable......particularly over long runs. Not sure of the other technicalities with it, but I'm not sure I buy all this oxygen free bobbins. Hell I've even seen oxygen free kettle leads advetised at £1k plus......just how does that work better!

So, after spending not very much for your decent improvements you'll find that you have to start spending disproportionately to gain any further detectable improvement.

As I say, I'm no audiophile, and one thing I have learned over the years is that you can end up listening for imperfections rather than enjoying the music, so don't get sucked into that as it will spoil things for you.

Having said that, I wouldn't attempt to play down how good decent kit sounds.


Mark R

Edited by Mark R

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I changed mine and went for a budget option from Maplin, my ears could tell a improvement especially on the Bass end,


£4.99 a metre, was cheaper when I bought mine about 15 years ago   :lol:




Shark Loudspeaker Connection Cable High Quality OFC S10 (priced per metre)

Code: XS36P


Product details

Shark Loudspeaker Connection Cable High Quality OFC S10 (priced per metre  = £4.99

An exceptionally high quality speaker connection wire. Each cable contains hundreds of extremely thin, single strands to improve electron flow at high frequencies. Each cable has a larger than normal overall diameter for absolute minimum impedance, thus ensuring good response at bass frequencies. The strands are made from 100% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) for maximum sound purity. The extra-flexible, transparent, figure-of-8 sheathing has one side marked with ‘+’ symbols for polarity identification. 


I also changed the internal wiring on my speakers, had very nasty bell type wire from connectors to crossover then to drivers, changed this to 4mm solid copper cable all joints soldered to do away with push on spade connectors which can cause resistance in the circuit if they work loose from vibrations, which of course you get in loudspeakers.   :thumbsup:     :lol:

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That last post all seems sensible.....cable looks not dissimilar to mine.

Regarding bass response, it's worth remembering that positioning of the speaker can play a big part in that, so you have to get that right too or you might be wasting your £5/metre!!


Mark R

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how may people were juped into throwing away their hdmi cable when purchasing A new TV & spending £100 on a all singing one 4 fcuk all gain !!!! I baught 3  :shhh:

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depending on how long the run is from amp to speaker! the more strands the is less resistance, mean no signal loss! hope this helps



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