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130 Soul, Funk And Jazz 45S. Ending 12Th & 13Th March

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Hi there,
currently on ebay 130 soul, funk and jazz 45s. ENDING 12th & 13th march.
some rare stuff, some cheapos, some little known tunes.


featured items are:
THELONIOUS MONK - Consecutive Seconds / Just A Glance At Love (Columbia)
MARK MURPHY - Why Don't You Do Right / Fly Me To The Moon (Riverside)
JIMMY McGRIFF- Let's Stay Together / Theme From Shaft (Groove Merchant)
JIMMY McGRIFF- Stomp Juice / The Worm Turns (Groove Merchant)
LES McCANN - McCanna / Basuto Baby (World Pacific)
JOE WILLIAMS & ORCH. - Get Out Of My Life / Hallelujah I Love Her So (Solid State)
VINCENT BROS. TRIO - Satin Doll / Laura's Theme (no label)
RAY BRYANT COMBO - It's Madison Time Pt.1/2 (Columbia)
MICHAEL JAY - The Electric Twist Pt.1/2 (Peco)
LOUIS CHACHERE - A Soulful Bag / Shout Down (Central)
DYNAMIC DUKE ROYAL - I Wanna Know /Let Me Prove My Love (Montel)
GAY PHILADELPHIANS - Hot Pants Road / Jo Jo Lo (Tropico)
IRIS BELL & JIVE-ETTES - Honky Games / One Strong Woman (High-Glass)
ST. JOHN'S WOOD - Take My For A Ride / Now Later Beyond (UA)
AALON BUTLER & NEW BREED BAND - It's Got To Be Something / Please Give Me A Chance (PKC)
BILLY JENKINS - Mr. Naylor Pt.1/2 (Flambo)
CHARLES BUBBA SUGGS - Funky Boogaloo / Misty (Suggs)
CHARLY CHUCK - Curiosity Kills / Disc Jockey Rap (Chanson)
CHYMES - Dancing Shoes / IÄve Lost (Teako)
DYNAMICS - Knee Poppin' / Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf (Bolo)
EDDIE BUSTER BAND - Churn the butter / Kitchen cookin (M&M)
JIMMY HANNA & BLUES BAND - Baby Don't Your Lose Your Cool Pt.1/Pt.2 (Bolo)
JIMMY TILLMAN QUARTET - Vampire Pt.1/2 (Nahum)
JOE DERMONTTE - The Frog / Glory Of Love (Reams)
JOHN HARRIS & SOUL SAYERS - Hangin In / What Can I Do (Kerston, reissue)
JUST US & BRASS JAM - Brass Jam / Used To Be (Mod)
KENNY BALLARD - It sure looks good / I wanna love you (Toy)
KIM TAMANGO - Not By Bread Alone / Can't Wait Until Tomorrow (Firebird)
LIL RAY & FANTASTIC FOUR - A One Man's Love Is Another Man's Poison / Soul Power (Upstream)
MERCY SLUTS (Poets of Rhythm) - $600 Tune / Banana Republic (Wowsville)
MICKEY O'BRYAN QUARTET - Hey / The Dove (Ivanhoe)
OLAPEDO OGOGOMODEDE - It's Your Thing / Love Story (Action)
PAUL SIR RAGGEDY FLAGG - Papa-Momma-Romper-Stomper / Shoo Fly Pie (Atlantic)
RAMBUNCTION - Disco Rambunction / It Might Make A Difference (Square)
RED PRYSOCK - Groovy Sax / I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Junior)
RENA FAYE & TEDDY BEAR CO. - Thank You Baby / Do It (Melron)
RUTH BROWN - You're A Stone Groovy Thing / Someday (Solid State)
YVONNE DENIS - Ain't no sunshine (Showcase Inc.)
and many many more

Thanks 4 lookin'

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