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Double O's Demingos - Colour One Tear Black

Bit of a long shot I know but looking to upgrade my copy if poss as whilst the pt 2 side is okay (I'd say VG using SS grades and brilliant once gets past the intros...fine for DJing as they say, which is what most want this for I think), the deeper pt 1 side of mine not quite so good with too many crackles and pops for me to properly enjoy this side. No skips or jumps at all, just lots of snap, crackle and pop sadly.


....so anyone out there with a better condition copy and still wants this in their collection mainly for the faster pt 2 side, but willing to trade for lower quality condition to get a few hundred quid from me in return for trade?


Cheers, Steve

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cant offer a trade, but are you willing to sell? price?

Thanks for interest and all those who've already sent messages, but sorry not until I can find a better condition one myself, if one exists.

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Steve ,if you prefer part 1 ,maybe Billy Peterson's version is also a good option ?

Thanks Nev..I love both sides equally but that's a good alternative version too yes, good call.

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I sent you soundfiles some weeks ago and u never replied....

meanwhile i decided to keep my copy btw  :yes:



Sorry Henning, I replied to your pm at the time with my email but didn't hear anything more, so assumed you'd decided to keep yours anyway. I'll double check my emails as I have had some problems with receiving some mail recently. Cheers, Steve

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