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Barbara Mason - Give Me Your Love


Barbara's Buddah Lp (1972) "Give Me Your Love".  What is the difference between the original and the reissue?



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Not sure Chalky....


I have what i presume is an original.


The cover is thin stiff card that is a darkish brown (looks a bit like cork in colour and texture) on the inside.


The front cover is slicked on and over the seams with a square slick on the back.


The label has a definite ring around about a quarter of the way in, between the "Buddah Records" and the track selections.


A-side run out has the following matrix:  (hand etched)  BUDDAH-BDS-5117-A (followed by a) 1 in  a circle (then the) Frankford Wayne Mastering stamp (followed by hand etched) NS.-11-11 (Directly opposite is etched P.R).

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Joe.  I bought one described as an original off discogs, cheap mind.  But as soon as I saw it I was suspicious, even more so when I saw the inner sleeve and inside of the cover.  There is no FW stamp either   :huh:

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