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I had the distinct pleasure of guesting on Fraser Dunn's Soulful Allsorts radio show on 28th February. This was my 4th time on the show and as always an absolute blast. The show is aired every Saturday between 2-4pm and is a wonderful selection of SOUL from Fraser and his guests. Fraser has a vast collection and knowledge to draw on and never disappoints with the variety and quality.


There is a huge back catalogues of shows that can be reached via the link below and contains shows from some brilliant guests (myself excluded!) such as Steve Edgar, Zane Hunter, Andy Dennison,Dave Box, Andy Whitmore, Mike Charlton and more. 


Well worth a listen  Subcity Radio // Shows // Soulful Allsorts


Here's what I played


Bloodstone – Never let you go – London
Joe Philips – Without you – Omen
The Gliders – No Time – Alva
Sonny Craver – Outside of Memphis – Dalya
Henry Richardson – Dancing Girl – Elois
James Brown & Lyn Collins – This Guy's in love with you – Polydor
El Dorados – Looking in from the outside – Paula
Edwin Starr – There you go – Soul
Jay Morton – Did you get the message – Buddah
The Del Cords – Your mommy lied to your Daddy – Impala
Charles Drain – She's Gone – Checker
Vicki Anderson – Never find a love like mine – King
Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign –How's your wife - Innovation II
Freddie Scott – Girl I love you – Probe
Jimmy Hanna – Lonely Man – Bolo
Clarence Haddon – There has never been a moment – Desiree
The Capitols – I thought she loved me – Karen
Bobby Conerly and the Entertainers – Po boy – Ovide
Jerri Jackson – I can almost believe – Parallax
Mitch Ryder – I never had it better – Avco
Odyssey – Our lives are shaped by what we love – Mowest
Marvelle Hampton – I know how it feels – Piggylo
Master Plan – Clinton Park – De-Lite
Rev Thurman Gerald – Who is the one – Family
Bill Robinson and the Quails – Lay my head on your shoulder – Date
Samson and Delilah – Honey – Match
Arnold Albury and the Casuals – My baby don't understand – Dade
Wilma Scott – It's a mean old world – Verdy
Paul Varisco and the Milestones – Hey Girl – Morceau from New Orleans
The Lovations – I don't want you – Cap City

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Some brilliant stuff on there Mr Russell, will give it a blast on monday, hope you are well buddy



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Posted (edited)

Will be listening to this with pleasure tomorrow ! 


That  Rev. Thurman Gerald is a powerful song indeed !!

Edited by polyvelts

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thanks guys




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