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John Manship Auction Results 15-4-2015

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Guy Allen Changes / You're The One

Imagine a spring Saturday afternoon, rain pouring down, surrounded by like minded friends and a few cool Guinness’s. But the conversation is muted as the music is playing…

not ordinary music, but a tapestry of hand-picked vibes lovely pulled from vinyl filled caskets it’ has taken a lifetime to assemble into a statement of personal musical taste.. given one hour each these purveyors of exquisite Soul music take pride in lining up their 24 or so choices in an order, that will not only stop conversation but maybe even “well-up” a few eyes and flutter a few hearts… as Real-Soul dance music is the order of the day..

This is of course the annual pilgrimage to Great Yarmouth to dowse yourself in the pleasures of SOUL ESSENCE weekender..

The record in front of you, is of it’s type - Rainy-Day afternoon brilliance that brings the faithful from far and wide.. maybe it’s time you the crowd, joined in the adoration of truly fine and decidedly RARE SOUL!!

Like this Guy Allen…and his brothers creation.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 557.00

B. J. Stanton Trust In The Lord / Mama

Do record labels get any more obscure than “LUZZLES” or indeed artists such as the under-the-radar B. J. Stanton.

Perfect for today’s upfront DJ’s seeking the serious RARE modern soul dance offerings. And this is exactly that; A 1982 “private” double helping of 80s Soul-dance wisely pressed at 33RPM so the long 4.49 & 3.57 cuts, play LOUD and clean.

This is D.I.Y. studio work at it’s outer-most obscure, so now click the soundfile to hear why this 7” recently sold for a small fortune…Yes, it hits all the current forward-thinking DJ parameters head-on.

Condition by the way - is nothing short of perfect!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 824.00

Charles Simmons Save The World / You've Got It All

This Ohio creation is a current Monster dancefloor detonator saturated in all the craved-for characteristics for today’s prevailing NS scene..

The deceptive shout-intro holds you for a split second as the horns pause - then erupting brass takes to the air.. and feature so strongly throughout the session, making it a near 3 minutes of impossible-to-ignore Soul-Dance!

Charles frenzied-vocal-attitude seamlessly marries with the horns as frenetic guitar rhythms drive the session home. This is perfect dance-food..

IRRESISTIBLE RARE SOUL DANCE! driven by a horn section from Hell..

The copy before you, you will have noted comes complete with the extremely rare “Picture Sleeve” with Charles brandishing a rather cool hairstyle for the day… the sleeve has light water stains but the disc is totally pristine. Mint vinyl both sides and two labels to match.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 487.00

Blues & Soul # 11 August 1968

One of the very elusive of these iconic A5 early designs.

This example being #11 in the series from August 1968 featuring the recently deceased and by then christened “The Immortal” Otis Redding on the front cover.

BUT CHICAGO FANS you especially need this edition: James Benholm article entitles “I’M IN CHICAGO” with picture of McKinley Mitchell and bio’s on Johnny Sayles, 5 Dutones, Syl Johnson, McKinley Mitchell * Maurice & Mac - an unmissable account of 1968 and the Chicago Soul scene.

Inside with have the standard-set editorials & biographies on Soul Artist & their music. The edition features:

Lou Johnson - Picture & Bio Chuck Edwards - Picture & Bio Dave Godin column - talking about “Pirate Radio” with a neat picture of Radio “Soul” DJ Mike Raven and thanking him for his support for the recently released “Pigmeat Markham - Here Comes The Judge” with Raven’s help pushing it into the Top 50 charts. Sly & The Family Stone - Picture & Bio

The eye-catching Record Company adverts include Soul City, President, Joy etc.

45 & Lp reviews + The Charts

It’s all here documenting the summer of ‘68 and Britain’s Soul Scene of the time

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 68.00

Patty Stokes Is It True / Good Girl (can You Be?)

Yes, you are forgiven for looking twice, thrice or as many times as you like at this spectacularly RARE label variation of the MIR-A-DON label - it is the never-witnessed “RITE” sound pressing and do i hear a slightly different mix..?

What a top-value 45 this is - with my choice of lead side, giving up impeccable Sister-led Northern Soul Crossover; mid-tempo drenched in young-girl anguish as Patty gives up an hands-clench, half-bent-over, looking-at-the-floor performance, as she spills her insides out in front of you - REAL GUT WRENCHING SOUL.. served with the intensity only witnessed on the truly great Soul achievements.

Flip it over and Patty shifts the gears through to uplifting Northern Soul. Joined by (we assume) The Ascots who bring their vocal-bounty to the session. This is really a male-vocal-group session led by an outstanding girl-vocalist.. then the “Vibe-Break” and proper real-deal Northern Soul jells…

It is records of this standard that beg the question - why £30 why £300 why £3000 ..this tune for me delivers from the top-drawer on BOTH sides…

The rarity of this single, in this form, in this “as new” condition - is the equivalent of treading in Unicorn droppings, whilst running the mid-field for Barcelona vs the Dog & Duck Pub team on a Sunday morning in the Tahiti & district knockout Footy cup…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 438.00

Chris Morgan Who Am I / Now I Taste The Tears

Time for this under the surface mighty-leviathan to make waves after decades of barstool adulation and predictions of great things ahead. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict its time in the sun cannot be very far away, just click the soundfile and unleash…..

a massive Bill Medley production being met head-on by an equally imposing vocal. Little wonder this house-quaking tune has evolved into a 45 enjoying a towering-reputation - growing at the same rate as it’s rarity.

Bill Medley penned and produced, arranged by Bill Baker the two provide a real-sense-of-power, that’s invading your ears at this moment. As the producers favourite instrument the “Tuba” times its profound belches perfectly; just as it did on Jerry Ganey’s treasured MGM anomaly… treasure this example of Bill Medley studio prowess too.. this 45 has vanished in recent times, sounding better today than it ever did..

NOTE: don’t forget about the highly prized Deep Soul journey hidden away on the flipside… that could well become rooted inside you also.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 168.00

Les Chansonettes Don't Let Him Hurt You / Deeper


The all too common Girl “warning” to her friends, “Don’t Let Him Hurt You” “Like He Did Me” delivered with such velocity you do get the feeling the lead singer is preaching from recent experience… and Dale Warren is thinking he’d better come up with a production to do this ladies agony, some justice!

Dale piles on the drums, unleashes the horns, the shrill girl chorus steps to one sides, leaving the dominant lead to deliver the “Caution” with unparalleled conviction.. she takes a brief break and Dales horns wade in at full-throttle!

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - the REAL NORTHERN SOUL that triggered back-drops, spins, splits and synchronized hand claps…

This SHRINE at it’s most persuasive, it’s most convincing, it’s most memorable..

Flip it over and these gals are again not in the best of moods, as they spit out ferocious Northern Soul…. in an almost scary way.. two fine examples underlining Shrine’s passion for bypassing anything sweet & twee..

Note. no flaky labels, no water damage just a faded X on label to guide the mid-60s Washington “Jock” to which side to drop the needle on… if he dared.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,466.00

Jack Montgomery Dearly Beloved / Do You Believe It

We were gonna save this new arrival straight from our MINT USA source for “MANSHIP’S MINTS” for Christmas - but we figure “Mints” are just as tasty at Easter.

Before you are two flawless labels - vinyls almost certainly unplayed before our soundfiles were harvested, snugly hugging its original birth-sleeve. Collecting the real-deal Northern Soul classics in perfect condition doesn’t get any more pleasing than owning this Detroit masterpiece…

One for those who consider CONDITION the most important factor whilst buying rare records… we are 8 months away from another “MANSHIP MINTS” Auction, here’s an early taster of things to come… we don’t ever expect to see another in “virgin” condition, that’s f’sure.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 358.00

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Sheila Ferguson Heartbroken Memories / Signs Of Love

Oldies DJ’s let’s have a Spring Bar-B-Que, Burger-melts with Sam & Kitty, The Snake as toppings … so there’s a little room for truly magical Northern Soul oldies like this underplayed jewel..

Click the soundfile, and like me you’ll be wondering why we get so many “repeats” an evening when there are 45s of this calibre to drop the needle on..

Condition of this Richie Barrett Philadelphia creation could NOT be finer - could have been “made yesterday” springs to mind…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 234.00

Ambassadors Too Much Of A Good Thing

Ridiculously fine condition!

Ridiculously fine Northern Soul, it is one of those example recordings, you can use to explain that age-old question…

“What exactly is this Northern Soul sound” point them in the direction of this urgent horn-guided, “vintage” style stomper, with enthusiastic men cooing and doo-wahing in perfect unison to an unstoppable full-throttle production..


Then, if you do not want to enlighten again, point the inquisitor towards “Cool Off” or “Destination Unknown” all will muddy his ears into confusion… as the classic retort of “If You Have To Ask You’ll Perhaps Never Understand” would have been the perfect response…. in the beginning

Or if it moves the SOUL and makes you want to dance… then you could well have a new convert on your hands. If any tune is gonna turn the lights on, to the novice, this is an ideal candidate.

Condition is blinding btw 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 555.00

Honey & The Bees Baby, Do That Thing / Sunday Kind Of Love

Fabulous Sister-Funker!

These usually oh-so-sweet Philly-Ladies drop their elegant wasy and find some real attitude as they rip into and tear up, Jimmy Bishop, Billy Broomer & Norman Harris’s tit-bit, Winfield Parker had tackled just a few months earlier..

Love “The Sisters” sassy take on this uncompromising horn-honking Funker. The the lead of this 4 girl gathering, punches holes through the hard-line Bobby Martin arrangement with her forceful serving of the lyrics..

Proper 60s Funk Dancer in fine clean condition

Flip it over, for the side Arctic chose to lead with and they revert back to the style they made their highly-regarded reputation from. Soul as sweet as it gets.. tight harmonies, expressive vocals, rise and fall twist and turn from a cocktail of pitches into one delicious mix…

Condition of this PRMO is blinding - btw

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 88.00

Gene Mcdaniels A Hundred Pounds Of Clay

The lure from the British release UK Soul collector of the “Yellow” London DEMO only gets worse as you get older..

Personally being “Old-School” my pulse still gallops at the sight of a British 60s PROMO. But there is something about a “London” demo I find irresistible. Unlike the serious London label completist, they adore the Gold or Silver text releases. Each to their own, but I think with this example, most of you fanatical homeland Soul collectors, discover they will not own a copy. Our sales database born in the last century reveals this is our first DEMO copy in at least 15 years..

Yellow is so mellow - the vinyl is flawless - as are the two labels..

What’s not to love..?

It couldn’t ever be Eugene McDaniels rich velvety & utterly booming vocal

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 33.00

Chris Clark Love's Gone Bad / Put Yourself In My Place

Not only one of the tough TMG500s to snare but also offering up two fine Northern Soul offerings…into the bargain.

The multi-talented Chris Clark comes under the spell of Holland-Dozier-Holland’s genius with a less-commercial A-side that just screams Northern Soul; as Chris Clark’s vocal treated to a light “Echo” as it snarls its way through a mountain of horns, persistent guitar rhythm, rattling percussion and whirling keyboard work… All the time Ms. Clark’s vocal gathers strength as she acts out the lyrics of despair so beautifully.

Flipping it over, Chris gives her own interpretation of the much-loved Motown classic, The Isley Brothers, The Elgins, The Supremes etc. covered… But just like the a-side Chris Clark again stamps her own perception of those all-too-familiar lines, with perfect timing & delivery of the lyrics. The result this white Goddess sounds “Blacker Than Hell” with all that Soul… lushly decorated by some impressive Sax interludes.

Today before you, is a neat clean, small hole solid-center TMG591 that plays perfectly, these two fine offerings from an under-recorded Chris Clark. But for the distraction of her film-making talents; we would have heard much more of her vocal that always paints-the-picture of lyrics so vividly.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 96.00

Graig Douglas Don't Mind If I Cry

By 1964 this British chart-toppers career was in decline by 1969 his record company PYE could not even spell his name correctly.. crediting this real-rarity to GRAIG Douglas, not that it made any difference no airplay was ever enjoyed on this Tony Hatch production of “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” with overwhelming competition from Sacha Distel & B. J. Thomas, Craig, it never stood a chance and his studio recording was all but over…

If you gotta go, why not go out with a record that today is vey highly sought-after, as the flipside has an enviable underground following from the Northern Soul British release collectors, and rightly so, as the soundfile is about to underline.

Haunting string intro throws you into thinking “what the hell is this?” then slowly but surely the recording stirs, builds, swells into one mighty Big City Beater… take a listen to this fine, fine sleeper from the most unlikely of sources..hidden away on the B-side of an insipid version of a B. J. Thomas hit, lay what I’d describe as a Brilliant-Brit-Belter…

LOVE IT and it is so very elusive! 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 86.00

Bobby Angelle It's Just Gotta Be That Way

Shredded Wheat?

Yes, we all ate “Shredded Wheat” in our teenage years; in the car park of Wigan Casino, the seafront Of Blackpool, the darkened areas of Temple Street, Wolverampton. No doubt if you peered through the rows of parked car windows, you would more than likely see teenagers munching away madly devouring enough “Shredded Wheat” to get them through the rigors of an “All Nite”Soul-dancing session.

If you didn’t have any Shredded Wheat with you, there was always somebody who knew somebody who may have some spare to sell you. SW was essential..

“Shredded Wheat”… it made your head buzz with euphoria, gave you the energy to dance all night - even made the most mediocre record, sound damn FANTASTIC! Whether you agree with the amount of “Shredded Wheat” consumed on the Northern Soul scene or not; the atmosphere of these now iconic Clubs would have been so much duller without it.

As for late night “Shredded Wheat” dining making you younger in your twilight years… there is strong evidence to consider that statement to be a slight exaggeration… as 100s of our compatriots are now sadly meeting a premature departure from the scene…”Shredded Wheat” I’m just glad I only swallowed the “Blue” coloured ones..

Click the soundfile and enjoy yet another Northern Soul tune that has promoted Corporate products.. this example however being perhaps the obscures and hardest to find.

Condition of this now nationwide favourite is utterly flawless by the way..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 136.00

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824 quid for the B.J. Stanton???? Somebody's either been taking crazy pills or hasn't done their homework before bidding. Sold for $200 on the open market a coupla months ago, and before that a few times for less than $30.....needless cash throwing.....just do some research!  :rofl:

Edited by Greg Belson

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I thought that Bobby Angelle would have gone for a lot more, particularly following it's recent use in a cereal commercial.. not sure the shredded wheat sales pitch did much for the auction price :)

I suppose the fact that it's recently been reissued on a Kent 45 may have lessened the demand for it.. always had a soft spot for this tune :thumbsup:

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Guest johnny hart

"Loves Gone Bad " Chris Clark £96 stock ,minter c/w orange birth placenta. Good result; Us red promos £35,issues £15, Uk demo ebay ,buy it Now £250 [Heavily autographed G/W label,not by CC!]. Still motown demand weak,john the man valued it at £75 in his King james UK 1st edition price giude. with auction commission and inflation its a loss Tim. The smart new money is on motown /Soul icon Craig Douglas Who came in at only £10 less at an encouraging £86!

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But that was quite an anomaly given the popsike average.. Funny thing was Nev a few on FB were doubting it would reach a decent price on JM - but it's quality both sides so me thinks tales of the  death of Mr Simmons have been overestimated ;-)

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That ebay price was stupid. its £300ish on ebay now fairly regular

I never said it wasn't a stupid price on eBay ,but my way of thinking ,is that people send records to be auctioned by John ,to reach higher prices than popsike or ebay average ,otherwise theyd all just stick em on ebay or for set sale .

A pic sleeve copy in nice nick at set sale on any forum would normally be priced higher than it reached at auction last night ,so take off the commision ,it was a poor result for the seller imho!

The eBay price was way too much in today's market ,but it happened ,so my point being ,there seller didnt get the result he/ she ,was expecting imho :(

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