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To reserve/buy records: email soul45collector@ntlworld.com  
or phone UK (0)1724-357147, Mobile - (0)7941 309 081 (9am to 9pm) or PM me.

Most major credit/debit cards accepted direct
also www.paypal.com payments as a 'Friends OR Family' payment or at 4% extra

UK Postage:-
Recorded Delivery:-
7" singles; first record - £2.50 for first 3 singles, then 25p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £4.50, then £1.00 each extra item.
Special Delivery:-
£4.75 extra to the above rates.
Overseas Airmail postage:-
European countries:-
7" singles; first record - £4.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £7.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
All other overseas countries:-
7" singles; first record - £5.00, then 50p each extra single.
L.P.'s/12" singles: first record - £9.00, then £1.00 each extra item.
Overseas airmail insurance (where available) is £9 extra to the above rates.

Full list with sound clips here - http://www.soul45col...com/special.htm 


All records should be in at least excellent condition, unless stated otherwise. Most will be mint-.

Please ask if you need to know the exact condition.

As always your satisfaction is guaranteed.



Northern / R & B / 60's Soul


Beaumont, Jimmy--- You got too much going for you (wol) listen_f1.gif / I never loved her... listen_f1.gif EX/w/demo/2 superb sides Bang 100


Attractions--- Why shouldn't a man cry listen_f1.gif M-/superb Bell 100


Lavette, Betty--- I'm just a fool for you listen_f1.gif / Stand up like a man listen_f1.gif EX+/2 superb sides Calla 50


Millionaires--- You've got to love your baby listen_f1.gif M-/superb/classic Castle 150


Vashonettes--- A mighty good lover (sm sol) listen_f1.gif EX-/superb Checker 75


Stewart, Billy--- A fat boy can cry listen_f1.gif / Count me out listen_f1.gif M-/DEMO/2 superb sides Chess 60


Valentinos--- Sweeter than the day before (date-wol) listen_f1.gif / Let's get together listen_f1.gif EX/2 superb sides Chess 200


Chandler, Gene--- I can take care of myself listen_f1.gif / I can't save it listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/2 superb sides/rare demo Constellation 75


Chandler, Gene--- Pretty little girl listen_f1.gif / A little like lovin' listen_f1.gif EX-/superb/nice flip too/his rarest Constellation 100


Austin, Patti--- Leave a little love listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/at her best! Coral 100


Til, Sonny--- Hey! Litlle woman listen_f1.gif M-/DEMO/superb CP Parker 150


Pickett, Wilson--- Let me be your boy listen_f1.gif M-/superb Cub 75


Little Charles And The Sidewinders--- It's a heartache listen_f1.gif / I'm available listen_f1.gif M-/2 x's ol/Inc Co sleeve/2 superb sides Decca 150


Woodbury, Gene--- I'll be glad listen_f1.gif / It's only you listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Del-Val 60


Winters, Ruby--- Better listen_f1.gif / I want action listen_f1.gif EX+/demo/2 superb sides Diamond 85


Huey, Claude--- Feel good all over listen_f1.gif EX-/classic Early Bird 65


Bragg, Johnny--- They're talking about me (2 x's ol) listen_f1.gif M-/Inc M- Pic sleeve/classic Elbejay 75


Lawrence & The Arabians--- I'll try harder listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Hem 100


Lynn, Cindy & The In-Sounds--- Meet me at midnight listen_f1.gif EX/w/demo/classic In-Sound 100


Clovers--- Try my lovin' on you listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/superb Josie 75


Huey, Claude (Baby)--- Keep it to myself listen_f1.gif EX-/demo/wol/superb M.I.O.B. 85


Vontastics--- I'll never say goodbye listen_f1.gif / Don't mess around listen_f1.gif M-/w/demo/sclassic/great flip too Satelite 125


Buckman, Joe--- Till the end of time listen_f1.gif / Right now listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Sepia 30


Soulville All-Stars--- Nobody to blame but myself listen_f1.gif M-/superb  Soulville 150 


Vontastics--- Never let your love grow cold listen_f1.gif / You can work it out listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides St Lawrence 40


Martin, Trade--- She put the hurt on me listen_f1.gif M-/classic/superb Stallion 200


Berkshire Seven--- Stop and start over listen_f1.gif EX-/tiny wol/superb Stop 125


Showmen--- Our love will grow listen_f1.gif / You're everything listen_f1.gif EX+/2 superb sides Swan 100


Soul Exotics--- Baby It's true listen_f1.gif / Darlin' listen_f1.gif M-/superb/great flip too Terri 150


Houston, Freddie--- Soft walkin' listen_f1.gif M-/recommended Toto 75


Lopez, Trini--- Sinner not a saint (wol) listen_f1.gif / If listen_f1.gif EX+/2 great sides United Modern 75


Rivingtons--- I love you always listen_f1.gif / Years of tears listen_f1.gif EX+/demo/2 superb sides Vee-Jay 60


Dean, Debbie--- Why am I lovin' you listen_f1.gif / same M-/w/demo/perfect labels/classic VIP 75


Carr, Eddie--- Your love is indescribably delicious listen_f1.gif / Evel Knievel listen_f1.gif M-/superb/great popcorn flip W.H.C. 200


Stewart, Darryl--- Name it and CLAIN it listen_f1.gif (rare mis-spelled title) EX/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/great Wand 150


Ballads--- I can't see the love fro the tears in my eyes (Part I) listen_f1.gif / Part II (wol) EX/1st label/superb Wee 75


Counts--- Stronger than ever listen_f1.gif / Gospel Truth listen_f1.gif EX-/superb/great R&B inst flip/RARE Yes 150

/ / / /  Crossover / 70's / Modern Soul BELOW  / / / /

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Crossover / 70s / Modern Soul


James, Jesse--- If you want a love affair listen_f1.gif / same M-/demo/fantastic 20th Century 50


Wiley, Michelle--- Feel good listen_f1.gif/ I feel so at home here listen_f1.gif EX+/2 great sides/Inc Co sleeve 20th Century 75


Mann, Charles--- It's all over listen_f1.gif / same-mono M-/w/demo/Inc Co slv/classic ender ABC 40


Franklin, Aretha--- Wonderful listen_f1.gif / The only thing missin' listen_f1.gif M-/fantastic/great flip too Arista 50


Drifters--- You got to pay your dues listen_f1.gif M/w/demo/superb Atlantic 75


Joseph, Margie--- Come on back to me lover (sm wol) listen_f1.gif / Same-mono M-/demo/superb Atlantic 30


California Rock Choir--- Whoever you are listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/superb x-over Cyclone 40


Channel 3--- The sweetest thing listen_f1.gif / same M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 150


Qualls, Sidney Joe--- Run to me listen_f1.gif / Same-mono M-/w/demo/superb Dakar 40


Williams, Lenny--- How can I forget you listen_f1.gif / Feelin' blue (xol) listen_f1.gif M-/DEMO/superb x-over Galaxy 40


Las Vegas Connection--- Running back to you listen_f1.gif / Can't nobody love me like you do listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides Hep'Me 250


Barrino Brothers--- Trapped in a love listen_f1.gif M-/Inc Co sleeve/superb Invictus 40


Patterson, Bobby--- I'm in love with you listen_f1.gif M-/demo/clear gold vinyl/superb  Jetstar  75


Brewster Crew--- I'm one who know listen_f1.gif M-/superb Lifeline 75


Sunny & The Sunliners--- I'm no stranger listen_f1.gif / When it rains listen_f1.gif EX+/demo/Inc Co slv/2 superb sides London 30


Smith, Marvin--- Who will do your running now listen_f1.gif EX+/great Mayfield 100


Lynch, Frank--- Young girl listen_f1.gif / same-mono M-/demo/superb My 50


Ebonys--- I'm so glad I'm me listen_f1.gif/ Do you like the way I love listen_f1.gif M-/2 superb sides/rare Phil. Int. 50


Dyson, Clifton--- I'm giving up listen_f1.gif M-/highly recommended Quiet Storm 40


Wycoff, Michael--- Looking up to you listen_f1.gif EX+/Inc Co sleeve/superb RCA 75


Contours--- I'm a winner listen_f1.gif / Same EX+/w/demo/Inc Co sleeve/top tip!!! Rocket Records 30


Ghetto Children---  It's not easy to say goodbye listen_f1.gif/ Don't take your sweet lovin' away listen_f1.gif M-/demo/2 superb sides  Roulette 100


Percy And Them--- Look in the mirror of my eyes listen_f1.gif / Trying to find a new love listen_f1.gif EX+/w/demo/2 superb sides Roulette 100


Washington, John--- Daddy teddybear listen_f1.gif / Burn the calendar listen_f1.gif M-/2 great sides Sandwash 40


Out-Of-Sights--- My womans love listen_f1.gif M-/superb x-over  Saru  60


El Shobey & Co.--- Never missed what you got listen_f1.gif recommended Shout 40


Murphy, Merv--- It's growing listen_f1.gif M-/superb Simmons 150


Scott-Heron, Gil--- The bottle listen_f1.gif M-/French/colour pic slv/classic/ORIGINAL  Strata-East  30 


Relf, Bob--- Blowing my mind to pieces listen_f1.gif / Girl, you're my kind of wonderful listen_f1.gif M-/orange label/2 classics Trans-American 100


Onyx--- You never fail to amaze me listen_f1.gif M-/x-over/superb Yew 40

Loads more on the website - www.soul45collector.com

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