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John Manship Auction Results 22-4-2015

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Buddy Smith When You Lose The One You Love

In short…

The finest 60s Beat-Ballad EVER MADE! and without question one of the most-challenging Big-Ticket Detroit’s rarities to try and own; so very ludicrously RARE!

Let’s just let Buddy” do all the talking on this one.. no words from me could ever elevate the importance of this record… as this could possibly be your one and only chance of own what we all consider a masterpiece of it’s genre…

Compelling and totally unobtainable Northern Soul ..ad condition wise perhaps the cleanest in existence.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 2,518.00

Ernie King Too Hot To Hold / That's When I Woke Up

Silly Rare Mercury # offering up not one, but killer sides from Chicago.

I’m curiously wondering just how many serious Soul collectors will be dismissive about this Northern Soul juggernaut of a tune, as it resides on a rather commonly spied label design.. the Oval logo Mercury label..

Think again, this Chicago conceived Northern Soul beast, for whatever reason is super-tough to find and when you unleash the soundfile - the desire for ownership could well become overwhelming. As Nathaniel Meadows pulls together a crammed studio of horns, bluesy guitar (Buster Benton?) and ignites Chicago dance.

From the very first note, those honkin’-horns are utterly relentless ripping up all in front of them, decorated by twangy guitar riffs..the power builds. Only a gnarled vocal in the calibre of King Earnest’s could ever hope to make an impression on such a dominant production. Growls, howls, hoots and barks his vocal through a roller-coaster of sound!

Something the great Johnny Sayles would have enjoyed getting his teeth into… but hey, could Mr. Sayles have surpassed this uncompromising discharge of energy… capped off with some robust saxophone work at the end !! BRILLIANT..

For those of you who like their Northern Soul without limb-debilitating consequences - check out the cultured flipside, a slow-burn controlled masterpiece that swells, rises and lifts into a special Cross-over stroller of quality …as Earnest gets emotional…

Forget the label (which has light water stain) see scan; and treat this double header as one of those major label births that was missed by everyone….

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 236.00

Herb Johnson & The Impacts I'm So Glad (i Found You) / Where Are You

This week’s RARE Northern Soul classic on it’s FIRST label is a fabulous piece of 1967 Philadelphia dance-soul..

Presumably Ed Gilreath of “Chips” record “pluggers” had been notified that a deal for a national release through Brunswick had already been struck; leaving the now coveted “Toxan” label, to been adjusted by the marker-pen, but thankfully leaving the flipside label untouched..

As you’d expect, the 1968 Brunswick press failed miserably with the black release STOCK copy being a real-challenge to find; and the Promo copy is no easy platter to apprehend either..

But before you today is its ultimate form, first local label that so seldom comes to market. With the Brunswick copy showing up in the more imaginative DJ sets in recent times; it’s popularity as a neglected oldie growing by the week.. We consider this TOXAN copy a top-trophy for those of you insistent on owning the elusive first labels..

Trigger the impressive soundfile, revealing uplifting, horn-honking vocal group Northern Soul on the lead side; with the flip giving up KILLER Philly Sweet Soul of the highest order.. two most wonderful tunes.. and Dog-Rare into the bargain.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 208.00

Dee Irwin I Only Get This Feeling / Wrong Direction

Talking about RARE Records, different labels, different mixes - Northern Soul quirky anomalies that feed the thirst for owning the “distinctive” and rarer 45s standing out from the crowd… how about this truly elusive piece..full orchestral Northern Soul

This much-loved string & horn propelled NS dancer did of course go “national” when in 1968 Imperial records released the Wally Roker produced 2.23 mins interpretation as he tweaks Jesse Herring’s arrangement, but in doing so loses a little of the easy flow.. especially on that glorious instrumental break when the horns sadly lose their potency and the accompanying guitar weakens into the background..

Already a very wanted 45 as it’s Imperial 66295 and the Redd Coach version may be only marginally different - but when rarity comes into the equation - Redd Coach 45 provides a chasm of disparity…

A Manship Auction debutante in fact..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 186.00

Ray Pollard It's A Sad Thing C/w All The Things You Are

Undeniably one of the greatest male vocalists of the last century, the magnificent voice of Ray Pollard never fails but to move you.

This example has lived in the shadows of his previous 1966 masterpiece “The Drifter” for far too long. Guided by the same New York craftsmen of the big production Arnold Goland & Gerry Granahan who surprisingly use a British creation from the pens of Les Reed & Geoff Stephens ( No British counterpart who sang these Brit-lyrics jumps to mind)..

Potent lyrics they are too, perfectly worded to marry a Brill Building production.. the combination boils up into one almighty “Latin” inspired arrangement as those “Spanish Harlem” horns weld themselves to a full string section, cradling Ray’s muscular stance; with shrill ladies adding the feminine touch, that is so vital when this vocal-juggernaut revs.. trumpet breaks, strings, girls all provide a cushion for Mr. Pollard to spear his voice into….


The flipside Pollard’s producers guide him towards a “show” tune… even then Ray’s vocal-prowess explodes..

As a STOCK copy this one tough 45 to acquire. This listing is so very near to Mint minus… as near as it could be, actually.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 144.00

Zeke & The Soul Setters Make My Love A Hurting Thing / Take It And Get

That perfect for today sound that is sweeping the Northern Soul dancefloors of Europe… craving the blending of Funk, Jazz & Soul into a compelling dance track, if that’s your bag - that style does not come any more impressive than on this Richmond, Virginia concept…. With David Fitzgerald again utilizing his composition that gave birth to William Cumming Northern Soul status…

completely deconstructing that highly regarded rarity, replacing William Cummings vocal with a skilfully delivered sax, prompted by subtle horn blasts in the background forming solid rare-soul-dance…

Flip it over and Mr. Fitzgerald gets tougher with his production as a raw Funker spews from the speakers.. TWO GREAT SIDES

Note, the label design offers an insight into primitive 60s D.I.Y. street-level productions, as the Artist credit and the running time have been added as an after thought by hand… nice touch..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 282.00

Contours First Look I At The Purse / Searching For A Girl

For over 15 years now, our computer files on sales has grown into millions of facts of prices sold for, who bought them, how many copies we have sold etc. etc. For Soul vinyl the sales data it is not only unrivaled, it is also essential to our statements on rarity, demand and availability..

So when we announce today, the TMG 531 as a Red & White 1965 DEMO is one of the very hardest TMG Demo’s to capture. We say it without hesitation, because in the last 15 years our data reveals with have NEVER SOLD or HAD a copy during the whole of that time….and before that we can only guess how few we have handled.

This is one of the HARD ONES to find, and as you Motown Junkies rush to your hallow-haul of TMG’s, we are betting you don’t own a copy and if you do it is unlikely to have flawless vinyl, like this baby or indeed sporting labels free of tears, writing stains or other irritating defect.

The Demo is Dog-Rare and in OCD kosher condition..

So click the soundfile to unleashed uncompromising Tamla Motown Northern Soul, as Smokey Robinson revisits the importance of “Money” theme that serve Motown so well in the past..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 271.00

Unity If You Ever Need Someone / Sweet Memories

This week’s Sweet Soul impossible 45, hails from the streets of Macon, Georgia. Giving up ice-cold falsetto lead, supported by seamless harmony.

An impressive syrupy-stroller aided by and unobtrusive piano lighting the way. The lead vocal is an impressively soul voice, but when he rests from singing and the group harmonize, this session leaps into greatness with impeccably tight-teamwork.

Fabulous and rare Sweet Soul…

Flip it over to hear, what the Record Label considered the best choice to lead with. As so often happens when the label sacrifices quality in the quest for a “hit”, so deciding to lead with a “Michael Jackson style” young voice conveying the reflective lyrics…

Although in itself it is a very decent slab of “Sweet” but pales to the overlooked flip..which is stand-out.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 140.00


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Admirals Got You On My Mind / King Of Love

I love the way that 60s Soul labels not matter how “obvious” they are, always seem to have a couple of releases that are “impossible” to locate..

Check out VOLT 125 - a double-helping of totally obscure Memphis vocal-group Northern Soul, backed up with a rich harmony ballad. Both expertly executed by this mysterious gathering guided by Steve Cropper.

Not only unicorn-rare but also sitting inside it’s birth-sleeve, in unbelievable MINT condition..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 177.00

Living Color Gotta Strange Feeling / Thank The Lord For Love

What makes the Northern Soul scene the most durable of all underground music scene is the relentless search by DJ’s and collectors for the tunes we missed. Not always because of extreme rarity but sometimes because a stand-out has been obscured by it’s better known “A-Side”

Nonchalantly lurking on the flipside of a Wigan Casino / Cleethorpes Pier anthem is a Chicago screamer that is now receiving big attention from the “scratch below the surface” NS jocks..

Now in 2015 this is no easy find, with the a-side considered a NS collection essential, the now in-demand flipside has gone long out of carry-box circulation.

Take a listen to a PMT dancer saturated in attitude and animosity - this is perfect for today’s dancefloor as the angry-sister is the flavour of the season…

Flipside is timeless Northern Soul - is neat ad tidy condition with the light h2o stain over the “M” being its only discernible flaw..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 141.00

J. W. Alexander Freezin' / Doin' The James Bond Walk

From the man who encouraged and later partnered the late, great Sam Cooke comes a potent spring of 1966 Los Angeles D.I.Y. session, giving up everything require for Northern Soul R&B greatness.

A James Woody Alexander private session showcasing a bluesy blend of Soul & R&B incorporating squealing sax, burping brass, screeching harmonic decorating the howling rasp of J. W.’s snarling vocal!

A far cry from the “Kags Music” releases before Sam Cooke was killed when the pair enjoyed huge worldwide success with their work on Keen Records, SAR and eventually RCA. This 45 was a personally conceived and constructed by “Alexander” alone, and sadly fell into total obscurity, forgotten completely by collectors and historians alike.

Take a listen this is one-hell-of-a-tune, as the drum-roll, hand-claps and shrill girls signal DANCE!! with the distance screaming sax adding all the authenticity of the local jamming session, turning into a gem as the enthusiasm of all concerned comes through loud and clear..

What is also loud and clear is how you can one minute ride the crest of a wave, then unexpected fall ..due to circumstance beyond your control…

PS the flip is a quirky-jerk that’s worth a listen too…

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 101.00

Darrell Banks Open The Door To Heart / Our Love

Check out that label - your pulse is racing isn’t it!

Mine raced and then skipped a beat as I noticed London/Decca practice of hand-stamping London DEMOs with the running times of each side of the label in black ink rubber stamper was NOT there.. .What a bonus, that the rather annoying over-sized “225” black-ink stamping has not been executed… the consequence is… TWO PERFECT labels and vinyl that only reveals the lightest of sleeve contact blemishes, under close inspection and bright light.


The music - we don’t even have to mention - but do click the soundfile anyway because even after all these years - both still stir my insides…

Finding a better copy - would be some challenge, indeed.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 1,117.00

Soul Children Stax Promo Biograhy & Group 10" By 8" Glossy Photo

Perfect condition 8” by 10” glossy group shot of this highly accomplished Soul gathering; handpicked by Isaac Hayes & David Porter perform their selected premier creations.

Norman West had already shook Memphis by laying down some mighty Deep Soul creations on Hi Records, M.O.C. & Smash usually under the wing of Don Bryant.

Shelbra Bennett a local Memphis Sister who cut her Soul-teeth within the Church Community.

Anita Louis the youngest of the team, having work her way from being one of Carla Thomas’s starlet backing singers to a mainstay in Soul Children.

Last member John Colbert, became noticed after working his trade as a street-corner sing on the street of Memphis for many years until his resilience paid dividends ..

Together with the stunning group-photo comes a 5 page insight into the group, its members and the people who drove the Soul Children though to release fully 8 highly-regarded albums ad innumerable 45s.

The backbone of the group was its ability to spontaneously change the lead-vocalist between them. crafting some of the greatest “Soul” recordings ever made..

This PROMO KIT is insanely RARE and in perfect condition.. the “Paper-Boys” among you will recognize the importance of this beautiful document.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 31.00

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Guest johnny hart

Contours-"First I Look At The Purse" £271 ; Those R& Whites [iPer-so-Nally preferred red & browns] make the dosh! What a Whitworth Street Winner ; Lots of Issues About this is for Acute O.C.D.s  J.M.s. Contours ;"I Cant Stop This Feeling"track [historic S.S. thread from dark ages ] failed to attract any bidders at an S.P.of £29.  on Ebay. Alledgedly a discovery from Blackpools Dr Who,; Joe Stubbs on lead ,sounds more like Una?  P.S . Goldsoul KR are bringing over The Contours ,for a U.K.Gig ,Fantastic Performers " Watch Out Guys" LOl Johnny

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An unexceptional week apart from Buddy Smith but not all that much up for grabs really. Still the best British auction by far compared to the competition. The spiel is brilliant - someone's angling for an Honorary Degree - but most importantly, the whole process is totally transparent. How John sources records in such good condition I'll never know. I guess it's tough coming up with better and better records so some weeks inevitably will be fairly low key. I check the bids on John's auction items daily but very rarely bid on them. I strongly recommend watching some other ( non eBay) websites with auctions to observe how superior John's is.

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I thought that the Living color would have been a bit higher, good track imho.


Higher? Usual going rate is less than a ton (IMO)


You'd have to pay me to play Buddy Smith, hate it.

Sounds like he's wibbling on the first line.


Don't know what wibbling means, but he lisps. Is it that what you mean?

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I thought he overstated the Herb Johnson record quite a bit ("We consider this TOXAN copy a top-trophy"), given the horrible writing on the label.   Shame, too, as I think a copy in better condition could have fetched quite a bit more.  Overall,  a lackluster group of records on auction this week. 

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