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Huge Saleslist - Northern, Modern, Funk, R&b, Sweet With Mp3

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To order: PM me . Records will be reserved on a strict first come, first served basis.

Postage to Europe is Euro 5,50 for the first record, add 0,50 Euro for each additional 45
Worldwide Postage is Euro 8.- for the first record, add 1.- Euro for each additional 45

I will be at the Bamberg weekender and you can pick-up your order there.
I can ship stuff on monday from germany, which gets the postage rates down. So if you are not in a hurry with your order, you can safe a few bucks!

I recomend registration for more expensive orders!

Trade offers and wants lists are always welcome

BROTHER LOVE: Precious Dove * A BROTHER LOVE PRODUCTION, M-, 475.- Euro on hold
Rare and mesmerizing 70's dance tune, that has been a Karl Marthon discovery from a few years back. Very few copies turned up since then and this one here is a s clean as it gets.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brotherloveprecious_1.mp3

PAT STALLWORTH: Questions Part 1 & 2 * FLY-BY_NITE, M-,  375.- Euro on hold
Ohio Modern Soul groover on Bill Jacocks short lived Fly-By-Nite label. Great atmospheric semi instro flip on Part 2!!

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/patstallworthquest1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/patstallworthquest2_1.mp3

THE MAR-KEYS: Heavenly Thing * MAR-KEYS, M-, 250.- Euro
Dave Hamilton penned Detroit sweet soul masterpiece. Clean as a whistle and so very hard to track down. This is my last copy of the small batch I had.

Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/markeysheavenlyshort_1.mp3

TIM JACOB: Mercy Baby * SOLO, VG++ to M-, mild wear on lbl, 250.- Euro
Dick Smart issued this single on his Solo Records imprint with local DJ Tim Jacob. With no authorization what-so-ever, Jacob rapped over “Paul’s Midnight Ride” that is the instrumental flip off the 1968 Atco single “ Baby Be Mine” by the Sweet Delights. This instrumental was at the time used as his theme song for his radio show. The name of the track off the Solo single was taken from the common catch phrase Jacob used in his shows.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/timjacobmercy_1.mp3

McKINLEY MITCHELL: Party Across The Hall / She's Already Married * BLACK BEAUTY, M-, 175.- Euro
Indemand funky crossover with an equally good ballad flip

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mckinleypartyacross_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mckinleymitchshesmarried_1.mp3

HIRAM AND DIRECT: Love Flight / Turn It Around * HIROME, M-, 150.- Euro
Awesome Detroit Modern Soul with an equally good 2-stepper on the flip. Recorded at the legendary Tantus-Studios, where the Brothers Gilmore cut "I Feel A Song". Great and rare!

Soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/hiramanddirectloveflight_2.mp3
Soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/hiramanddirectturn_1.mp3

RAMONA KING: It's You That I Want / Everybody Knows * ACTION, M-, 100.- Euro, reversed labels, sold
Mint copy of this crossover soul stunner, that gets plays at venues like Soul Essence for the simple reason; that this record is soulful to the bloody max!

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ramonakingitsyouthati_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ramonakingeverybody_1.mp3

SIR GUY ARMOND: God Bless The Woman * SCAMM, VG++, label tear "x" on label flip, 100.- Euro
West coast uptempo Northern

soundile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sirguyarmondgodbless_1.mp3

GODS GIFT TO WOMAN: Stop And Think It Over / Groovin' * LISTENING POST, VG / VG+, 100.- Euro
Group soul rarity, that sounds just to good to be true, light crackles during the first 45 seconds or so, then cleans up nicely. Flip it over for a dancefloor pleasing cover of the Young Rascals' classic "Groovin".

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttowoamnstop_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttowomangroovin_1.mp3

BRUTAL FORCE: Dreams For Sale / The Number For Groove * PHIL-L.A.-OF SOUL, M-, 70.- Euro sold
funky 70's bomb, that sounds simply fantastic on a club system.

Soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brutalforcedreams_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brutalforcethenumb_1.mp3

FRANK FURTER AND HIS HOT DOGS: Imitation * UPTOWN, promo, VG-,label damage, 60.- Euro
Northern Soul rarity with the winning award for the weirdest band name ever! Plays very good for the grade and if you don't give a damn about f*cked labels....

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/frankfurterimitation_1.mp3


EDDIE JONES: Give Me Good Lovin' * FAIRMOUNT, M-, 60.- Euro


soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddiejonesgivemegood_1.mp3

ANNETTA: Get Away Boy / Since There's No More You * JUGGY, M-, 50.- Euro
Indemand funky soul backed up by a immense deep soul ballad. This is actually Anette Snell, who reorded a few sides for Dial in the 70's. Paul Kelly wrote both sides of this record and he braught her to the attention of Buddy Killen...

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annettagetaway_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annettasinceyouve_1.mp3

OUR BROTHERS KEEPER: The Harlem Clown * KING, promo, M- 50.- Euro
Less then half of the booking price for this excellent crossover styled dancer.

Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ourbrotherskeepertheharl_1.mp3

THE VIBRATIONS - 4 track E.P. released in Portugal!
RCA TP-652, Mono, M- / M- condition, release date written on label, 50.- Euro on hold
Super rare MINT! EP by the Vibrations, taken from their Mandala LP,  with one track on it, that is only available on a 7" format on this portuguese E.P. The other songs are released as Mandala 45s, while Mandala 2514 with "The Man / Man Overboard" is genuine rare. Two great funk dancers on this and a fabulous crossover dancer.
The Man
Man Overboard
Midnight Rider
Ain't No Greens In Harlem

Soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vibrationstheman_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vibrationsmanover_1.mp3
Soundfile 3: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vibrationsaintno_2_1.mp3

JERRY HILTON AND THE GENTLE RAIN: Complete Opposites * SONIC, VG+, 40.- Euro
Semi known group crossover soul rarity.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerryhiltoncomplete_2.mp3

SATYR: Free And Easy / Pity For A Fool * RCA, M-, wol, 50.- Euro
This is the much rarer stock copy of this modern soul anthem with the must-have-sweet-soul-flip "Pity For A Fool", that is missing on the much more common promo copies.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/satyrfreeandeasy_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/satyrpityfora_1.mp3

BASIC BLACK AND PEARL: There'll Come A Time, There'll Come A Day * POLYDOR, promo, M-, 50.- Euro on hold
Extra clean promo copy of this stunning Modern Soul dancer

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/basicblackandtherell_1.mp3

SPLASH: Who Is Your Friend / So Long Joe * BLUE SOUL, M-, 50.- Euro, on hold
1973 chicago sweet soul two sider, that never pops up for sale. The flipside "So Long Joe" is heavily lurking into crossover category and would be a nice addition to any early doors set.

L.J. REYNOLDS: Intruder * MAINSTREAM, M-, 50.- Euro
Hard hitting funky soul

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ljreynoldsintruder_1.mp3

LENOX AVENUE: Sunshine * CHESS 2101, M-, 50.- Euro
Rare funky soul, that lately gets the attention it deserves. Last copy of the small batch I had

Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lenoxavenuesunshine_1.mp3

KARL RATZER: Mary Ann * RST, made in Austria, M-/M-, 50.- Euro
Fantastic soul jazz dancer on a tiny austrian label. I got this copy from the label owner and they just pressed 100 copies! Karl Ratzer is a local Jazz musician, who some of you might know as a member of The Slaves, who recorded some incredible rare and good 45s in the 60's.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/karlratzermaryann_1.mp3

KENNY ROBINSON AND THE CHESSMEN: Baby Say You Love Me / Something You Got * B.O.S.S., VG++/VG+, 40.- Euro n hold
Nice groupsoul northern, but it's the Chris Kenner cover on the flip that nails it down for me...

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyrobinsonbabysay_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyrobinsonsomething_1.mp3

RODGER COLLINS: She's A Good Woman / Ain't Going To Forget It * GALAXY, promo, M-, 35.- Euro
The much rarer promo of this excellent two-sider with an uptempo funky edged Northern side and a great R&B flip.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rodgercollinsshesagood_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rodgercollinsaintgoing_1.mp3

CHRISTINE ADAMS: Loneliness Is Always Around * CYCLONE, tiny label tear, drill hole in label, M-, 35.- Euro on hold
Frantic funky crossover soul

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/christineadamsloneliness_1.mp3

SPICE: I Need A Man / Reach Out * CL AN THAIR, M-, 35.- Euro sold
Stone mint copy of this semi-known windy city 70's groover with an equally good Four Tops cover on the flip

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spiceineedaman_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spicereachout_1.mp3

JOHNNY BEECHER: Jack Sax The City * WARNER BROTHERS; VG++, 35.- Euro
Hard to find exotica R&B shaker

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/johnnybeecherjacksax_1.mp3

THE SWAN SILVERSTONES: Trust In God * SAVOY; M-, 30.- Euro
Great 70's funky gospel 45

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/swansilvertrust_1.mp3

CISSY HOUSTON: I'm So Glad I Can Love Again * JANUS, promo, 30.- Euro
Silky crossover soul,

soundile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/cissyhoustonimsoglad_1.mp3

PAM COLQUITT: I Done Got Over Losing You / It's Gotta Be Love * JACKLYN, M- 30.- Euro
Excellent windy city 2-sider in immaculate condition.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcolquittdonegot_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcolquittitsgottabe_1.mp3


soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fatbackbrother_1.mp3

COUNTER POINT: Early Dawn / You Made Me So Very Happy * JA-WES, M-, 30.- Euro on hold
Modal Jazz 45 on a tiny chicago label with a funky drummer flippin' it in the background.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/counterpointsearly_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/counterpointsyoumade_1.mp3

Rare Texas funk instrumental on one of major Bill's outputs

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sonsofmosesmalibu_1.mp3

KENNY BALLARD: Mr. Magic * KAPP, promo, M- 30.- Euro
Underrated 60's shuffler with amazing vocals and an irresistable beat.

Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kennyballardmrmagic_1.mp3

LEMME B. GOOD: I Can't Stop Myself / Mother May I * MERCURY, M-/VG+, some ringwear on label flipside, 30.- Euro

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lemmebgoodicantstop_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lemmebgoodemother_1.mp3

TWO TONS OF LOVE: Brown And Beautiful / It's A Bad Situation In A Beautiful Place * KAPP, M-, 25.- Euro on hold
Super nice chicano crossover backed up by a latin tingled sister funk dancer.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/twotonsbrownand_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/twotonsitsabad_1.mp3

PACE-SETTERS: Freedom And Justice / Same Instro * KENT, M- 25.- Euro sold
Funky group soul at it's very best

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pacesettersfreedom1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pacesettersfreedom2_1.mp3

JOE HAYWOOD: (Play Me) A Cornbread Song * KENT, promo, M- 25.- Euro
Razorsharp funky 60's soul, that sounds great next to records like Rudy Mockabee's "Sweet Thing". Super duper clean copy here!
Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joehaywoodplaymea_1.mp3

NOTATIONS: Superpeople * GEMIGO, M-, 25.- Euro
1974 funky soul arranged and and produced by Richard Tufo.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/notationssuper_1.mp3

DILLARD & JOHNSON: Here We Go, Loving Again * PIEDMONT, M-, 25.- Euro
Super clean copy of this uptempo 70's dancer produced by Moses Dillard, who is also one part of the vocal duo.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dillardandjohnsonherewego_1.mp3

FONTELLA BASS: I Can't Rest / I Surrender * CHECKER, M- / VG+, 25.- Euro
Superb Northern Soul on both sides

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fontellabassicantrest_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fontellabassisurrender_1.mp3

JACKIE SHANE: Sticks And Stones / Any Other Way * SUE, VG to VG+, 25.- Euro
Uptempo R&B backed up by a fabulous midtempo tune. Vinyl has some light marks and plays excellent!

Soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackieshanesticksand_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jackieshaneanyother_3.mp3

ARTHUR K. ADAMS: Gimmie Some Of Your Lovin' * MODER, M-, 20.- Euro
late 60's funky edged soul goodie in immaculate nick!

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/arthurkadamsgimme_1.mp3

BLACK ROCK: New Yor City Bump * BLACKROCK, M-, 20.- Euro
Sophisticated Disco 45 mixed by Tom Moulton. Super clean Mint copy!!!

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/blackrocknewyork_1.mp3

JAMES CRAWFORD: If You Don't Work You Can't Eat / Stop And Think It Over * MERCURY, M-, 20.- Euro-, sold
60's original version for the Bobby Byrd smash from the 70's and this one got a more Northern feel to it. Produced to perfection by James Brown. Flip it over for a fabulous deep slowy!
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamescrawfordifyoudont_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamescrawfordstopand_1.mp3

SOLOMON BURKE: Keep Looking * ATLANTIC, M-, slight label damage, 20.- Euro on hold
Powerhouse funky mod soul dancer
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/solomonburkekeeplook_1.mp3

THE SANTELLS: So Fine * COURIER, M-, 20.- Euro
Super clean stock copy of this girlgroup Northern Soul dancer.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/santellssofine_1.mp3

MITTY COLLIER: I Can't Lose / You Hurt So Good * PEACHTREE, M-, 15.- Euro
Raw funky soul backed up by heartwrenching deep soul ballad on William Bell's mighty Peachtree label. Highly recomended!
Soundfile1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mittycolliericantloose_1.mp3
Soundfile2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mittycollieryouhurt_1.mp3

JOHNNY DANIEL AND THE SOUL MALIBUS: Make Me Feel So Good / Down, Get Down * SMR, VG++, "x" on label, 15.- Euro on sold
Nice Syl Johnson soundalike with a punchy flipside

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/johnnydanielmakemef_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/johnnydanieldown_1.mp3

PETE LANCASTER: Mellow Hustle * RST, Made in Austria, M- / M-, 40.- Euro
This months obscurity is an austrian only release by a veteran of the music scene, Pete Lancaster, a tall guy with gypsy origins, recorded a 45 on the legendary Star-Club-Label in Hamburg Germany and wrote countless songs for the likes of Herbie Mann or Dusty Springfield. This is virtually unknwon so far and it is great modern soul dancer. The 45 has been recorded in the early 80's with some Jazz-musicians from Vienna.

soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/petelancastermellow7_1.mp3


OLLIE & THE NIGHTINGALES: Girl, You Have My Heart Singing / I Got A Sure Thing * STAX, M-, 20.- Euro
Two great 60's dance sides
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ollieandgirlyouhave_1.mp3
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ollieandigotasure_1.mp3

EDDIE JAMES: Her Mama Won't Leave Us Alone / Sad Sad Feeling * STARTOWN, M-, 20.- Euro on hold
Soulful late 60's funk with a great deep-with-a-beat-flipside
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddiejameshermama_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddiejamessadsad_1.mp3

MESSIAH: Easy Livin' / Alpha Wave * MAGIC MINSTREL, M-, 20.- Euro
Wicked Florida instro funk 2-sider with a super nice label design.

soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messiaheasylivin_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messiahalphawave_1.mp3

ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS: Dancing To Your Music / Count The Ways * GLADES, wol flipside, M-, 20.- Euro
Philip Mitchell penned non-LP 70's dancer, that has it all! Flip it over for a Norman Whifield styled funky tune
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/archiebelldancing_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/archiebellcountthe_1.mp3

ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS: You Never Know What's On A Woman's Mind * GLADES, M-, warped not affecting play, 15.- Euro
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/archiebellyouneverknow_1.mp3

BETTY DAVIS: He Was A Big Freak / Shut Off The Lights * ISLAND, M-, 15.- Euro
Miles Davis' girlfriend on this heavy funk 2-sider
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettydavishewasabig_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettydavisshutoff_1.mp3

BABY HUEY & THE BABYSITTERS: Mighty Mighty Children * CURTOM, M-, drill hole in label, 15.- Euro
Written and produced by Curtis Mafield and arranged by Donny Hathaway; truly a dreamteam at work!
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/babyhueymightymighty_1.mp3

THE WHISPERS: Make It With You * SOUL TRAIN, M-, 15.- Euro
Uptempo 1977 dancer by the mighty Whispers.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/whispersmakeitwith_1.mp3

THE SPECIALS: Kissin' Like Lovers * MARC, promo, M-, 15.- Euro
Clean promo of this westcoast 60's dancer
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/specialskissing_1.mp3

ORANGE SUNSHINE: Who's Cheating On Who * PRODIGAL, promo, M- 15.- Euro
This is the same song as the former Soul Sam cover-up by the Defiants on Show-Me-Town.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/orangesunshinewhoscheat_1.mp3

KITTY CLARK: Big Wheel / Funny You Should Ask * HOUSE OF ORANGE, M-, 15.- Euro
Obscure Northern Soul dancer on Allen Orange's label, best known for Geater Davis' fabulous output. Flip it over for a nice ballad
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kittyclarkbigwheel_1.mp3
soudnfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kittyclarkfunny_1.mp3

DEBRA: What It's Gonna Be / Can You Remember * GREE-JACK, M-, small label tears, 15.- Euro
Two great crossover styled northern dancer on this chicago release.
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/debrawhatitsgonna_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/debracanyourem_1.mp3

BIG BO AND THE ARROWS: Hully Gully, Now / Bi Bo's Twist * DUCHESS, M-, 15.- Euro
2-sided New Orleans R&B banger
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bigbohully_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bigbotwist_1.mp3

BEE BEE BUTLER: Sweet Sweet Life / I Can't Stand Another Hurt * SMC, M-, 15.- Euro
Southern sister funk backed up by a great deep soul cut
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/beebeebutlersweet_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/beebeebutlericantstand_1.mp3

CREATIVE SOURCE: Pass The Feelin' On * POLYDOR, promo, M-, 15.- Euro
Super soulful midtempo 70's dance tune, that easily stands the test next to big ticket items. Highly recomended and you will struggle to find a cleaner copy then this!
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/creativesourcepassthe_1.mp3

THE O'JAYS: Stand In For Love * IMPERIAL, promo, M-, 15.- Euro
Extra clean promotional copy of this vocal group masterpiece with Eddie Levert in top form and the Detroit Pied Piper production isn't too shabby either.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ojaysstandinfor_1.mp3

BABY RAY: The House On Soul Hill * IMPERIAL, M-, 15.- Euro
Mod soul classic in great nick and with it's original distribution sleeve
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/babyrayhouseon_1.mp3

DANNY BELL: Your Wrong About Me / Call On Me * DOWN TO EARTH, M-, 15.- Euro
Smooth and sweet crossover soul goodie, that sounds very much like a Philly record, but is actually out of chicago. Well, if you like Ronnie Walker...
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dannybellyourwrong_2.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dannybellcall_2.mp3

ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS: You're Such A Beautiful Child / I Can't Stop Dancing * ATLANTIC, M-, 15.- Euro sold
Houston Texas' finest band, The TSU Toronados, are backing Archie Bell up on this fabulous midtempo groover and be asured, that you won't find a cleaner copy then this! Flipside is an uptempo Gamble/Huff production
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/archiebellyouresucha_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/archiebellicantstop_1.mp3

PUBLIC SCHOOL 13: Help (Kick The Habit) / Recess * JUGGERNAUT, M-, 15.- Euro
Anti drug funky group soul produced by Juggy Murray with a nice bongo driven instro on the flip.
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/publicscholl13help_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lostweekendbridge_2.mp3

DAWSON SMITH: I Don't Know If I Can Make It * SCEPTER, VG++, 15.- Euro
Perfect dancefloorfriendly funk with social aware lyrics, that could have been written yesterday. Just a few pressing bubbles, keep this from being mint
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dawsonsmithidont_1.mp3

THE UNLUV'D: An Exception To The Rule / Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm * PARKWAY, M-, drill hole in lbl, 15.- Euro on hold
Unplayed copy of this outstanding blue-eyed Northern stomper
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdanexcept_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdaintgonna_1.mp3

SANDY BARBER: Can't You Just See Me * OLDE WORLD, M-, 15.- Euro
Discoish 70's soul in perfect nick
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/sandybarbercantyoujust_1.mp3

PAT DENNIS: It's So Easy / Romance Without Finance * PERCEPTION, M-, 15.- Euro
Great soulful ballad produced and arrangent by a young and upcoming guy called Patrick Adams. Flip it over for a cool midtempo mover
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/patdennisitssoeasy_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/patdennisromance_1.mp3

BOBBY POWELL: I'm Gonna Leave You * WHIT, M-, drill hole in lbl, 15.- Euro
Great Louisiana R&B dancer
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbypowellimgonna_1.mp3

Smooth 70's masterpiece, that just floats along and is to nice for words.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/corneliustoolateto_1.mp3

RUBY ANDREWS: Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) * ZODIAC, VG+, 12.- Euro
Jo Armstead penned midtempo classic
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rubyandrewscasano_1.mp3

SPICE: Sweet Norma Jones * SOUND GEMS; M-, 12.- Euro
Mint philly 70's soul dancer
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spicesweetnorma_1.mp3

THE MAD MEN: Do The African Twist * GAMBLE, M- 12.- Euro
Uptempo funk from the streets of Philadelphia.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/madmenafricantwist_1.mp3

FOUR TOPS: Don't Bring Back Memories * MOTOWN, M-, drill hole in label, mild ringwear, 12.- Euro
Superb late 60's dancer with a remarkable pinao riff and Levi Stubbs in top form
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fourtopsdontbring_2.mp3

GARLAND GREEN: Just My Way Of Loving You * COTILLION, VG++, 12.- Euro, on hold
Syl Johnson and Donny Hathaway cooperation for arguably one of the finest midtempo 70's sides on planet earth!
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/garlandgreenjustmy_1.mp3

WILLIAM BELL: All I Need Is Your Love * STAX, M-, 10.- Euro
Silky crossover soul masterpiece.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/williambellallineed_1.mp3

J.R. BAILEY: After Hours * TOY; M-, 10.- Euro
Smooth 70's soul masterpiece
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jrbaileyafter_1.mp3

OTIS CLAY: Turn Back The Hands Of Time * ELKA; M-, 10.- Euro
Infectious Tyrone Davis cover
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/otisclayificouldturn_1.mp3

BRENTON WOOD: Baby You Got It / Catch You On The Rebound * DOUBLE SHOT, M-, mild ringwear, 10.- Euro sold
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brentonwoodbabyyou_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brentonwoodcatchyou_1.mp3

BOBBY WOMACK: You're Welcome, Stop On By * UNITED ARTIST, M-, 10.- Euro
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbywomackyourewel_1.mp3

DON COVAY: Somebody's Got To Love You / Temptation Was Too Strong * ATLANTIC, promo, M-, 12.- Euro
Strong 60's uptempo side backed up by a fantastic deep ballad.
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/doncovaysomebodys_2.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/doncovaytemptation_2.mp3

SYL JOHNSON: One Way Ticket To Nowhere / Kiss By Kiss * TWINIGHT, M-, 12.-
Bargain price for this amazing windy city 2-sider with a superb Donny hathaway arrangement.
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsononeway_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonkissby_1.mp3

RICHMOND INTERNATIONAL: Maybe - If I Leave You / Back On The Road * RED COACH, M-, 10.- Euro, sold
You won't find a better sweet soul 45 for 10.- Euro anywhere! Written by Barbara Mason and the super atmospheric instro flip ain't half bad either
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/richmondintmaybeifi_2.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/richmondintbackonthe_2.mp3

OHIO PLAYERS: Varee Is Love / Walt's First Trip * WESTBOUND, M- 10.- Euro one sold, one more copy available
Immaculate sweet soul cut by the might Ohio Players. Flip it over for a quality funk instrumental!
soundfile 1: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayersvaree_1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayerswalts_1_1.mp3

IRMA THOMAS: We Got Something Good * CHESS, VG++, 10.- Euro
Muscle Shoals production by Rick Hall with Irma in top form. Excellent 60's dancer and cheap as chips.
soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/irmathomaswegot_1.mp3

BOBBY CUTCHINS: I Did It Again * LASSO, M-, 10.- Euro
Mint stock copy of this Philly Modern Soul masterpiece
Soundfile: https://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbycutchinsididit_1.mp3

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