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John Manship Auction Results 20 -5-2015

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Bobby Reed Time Is Right For Love / If I Didn't Love You

Not only two sides to-die-for but also carrying that rare characteristics that make them both “Never Tire of” spins.. the genius of Van McCoy & Joe Cobb ensures it…

What can we say about this record, that you don’t already know.. not much really; as it has been a cherished Northern Soul spin by the thinking DJ for decades.. personally I’m still not sure which side I like the best…

A bigger compliment I could not think of!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 319.00

Crystal Touch Just Funky Fun / You're The One

Rare Colorado Springs FUNKER backed with a stunning Deep Soul ballad..

Two sides of pure neighborhood quality releae 2 years after the groups formation…a hopeful 7 man gathering of talented local musicians.

We open with the solid-FUNKER written by vocalist Ron Covington & the proficient flutist of the group Mike Hancock. A spunky Funk dancer riding a relentless prompted horn rhythm, a relentless guitar, all manner of additions pepper the arrangement from bongos, flute, Tenor Sax.. from Funker from a most unlikely area for this style..

Flip it over and sweetness seeps from the speakers…those delinquent horns from the “Fun” side, ease off into pure elegance.. as an imploring John McCauley vocal plumbs the depths of emotion for near five minutes. Turning in flawless performance exuding real-soul on every note…with subtle horns and a keyboard for company..

Stand out Soul!! especially towards the end when group harmony comes in to finish off a fine piece of work.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 212.00

Howard Tate Baby, I Love You / How Blue Can You Get

Peaches & Cream, Keegan & Toshack, Malbec & Stilton, Smoked Salmon & Capers, Suspenders & Stockings, Girlfrend & Your Credit Card…all pairings very comfortable in each others vicinity…

let me add..

Jerry Ragovoy & Howard Tate - a musical-marriage made in Soul Heaven.. Ragovoy being one of the greatest 60’s exponents of the studio big production and Howard Tate the proprietor of a matchless Soul-Snarling… equally comfortable with a suggestive purr or a squealing howl that he seemed to be able to execute both, whilst singing just one song..

Howard Tate took lyrics and drove them of a verbal roller-coaster ride whilst Mr. Ragovoy directed a suitable arrangement to compliment! This Northern Soul classic showcases that statement perfectly, as prompting horns, punctuate Tate’s expressive pleas as his beseeching soars and falls on queue.

Brilliantly powerful Northern Soul presented here on by far & away its rarest format. 1967 Green & White DEMO is sparkling condition.. vinyl is so very near to Mint minus and the labels as you can see are flawless.. the original birth-sleeve is silly rare also..

A stand-out piece crafted by two stand-out guys..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 106.00

High Keys Living A Lie / Let's Take A Chance

We could right a chapter on how this Northern Soul classic influenced the congregation at “The Golden Torch” after all this was one of the greatest stomping dance tunes ever spun there..

Fitting into that frenetic style of “Quick Change Artist” “A Little Togetherness” “Just Ask Me” “I’ve Got Something Good” “Countdown Here I Come” the real-deal “Stompers” the amphetamine saturated faithful could really let loose to… Yes a chapter or maybe even two, on the effect tunes of this calibre had on the minds and bodies of 70s Soul throngs..

On the flipside… I’m lost for words… except.. if there is a better example of the BIG CITY SOUND… I’ve never heard it!!

This is the infinitely rarer BLACK STOCK copy of what is unanimously considered one of the most-distinguished NS double helpings you could ever be lucky enough to own

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 342.00

Jesse Davis Gonna Hang On In There Girl

A 100 Club anthem and you’re unlikely to encounter a finer copy than this offering - with two perfect labels and vinyl that only reveals sleeve contact blemishes under bright light..

From the pen of Mirwood’s major lyricist Shirley Matthews comes defiant wording driven by thundering horns and Jesse Davis’s rich vocal.


Timeless and still greeted with crammed dancefloor enthusiasm.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 637.00

Joan Dovalle Let Me Go / No Better For You

Motor City Sister spills not one but two succulent Northern Soul killers on one very seldom seen disc..

This discs elusivity has ensured its longevity of escaping any form of reissuing, bootleg or even CD overkill. It’s rarity spans all formats.

Check out the stunning double soundfile spewing Detroit decadence on every note.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 450.00

Al Jarreau Shake Up / Room-boom

I do remember clearly,. finding this insanely rare 45 towards the end of the last century. The disc stuck out because I so appreciate Al Jarreau’s 70s albums from my brief flirt with Jazz-Funk; never even knowing he did a local Milwaukee Soul 45, and both sides turned out to be belting Northern Soul. I filed it and kept it ever since…

Then I had an excitable collector begging me for my copy after he missed a listing on E-Bay…So I dug around for a while and couldn’t find - then today it popped out of a box I hadn’t touched in memory.. now I have no idea who the customer was… yes my brain is slowly turning to turnip-soup..

Reluctantly I’ve made the decision to make this real-rarity, open-season. Even though the “word” is out, to remind yourself why I would file a record for 15 years without trying to sell it…will become obvious as two “upfront” Northern Soul winners boom their way into your heart.

I do apologize to the collector who first asked if I knew the record..but I’m sure you will see it now and act accordingly.

Without question this highly regarded Soul/Jazz man’s rarest piece of vinyl by eons…and we don’t need to remind anyone of the E-Bay value it was won for, we think the double-soundfile will be all the enticement for ownership you’ll require…

DOG-RARE Northern Soul 45 waiting for it’s chance..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 458.00

Uniques Not Too Long Ago

You are viewing the rarest 60’s PROMO on this prolific British label and undoubtedly one of the scarcest of any of the highly-coveted British DEMO possibilities you care to mention.

Scrutinizing the vinyl, inspection reveals only the merest minuscule blemish on the a-side, flipside has a light mark on the run-in. Both sides play “mint” and appear Mint -. Label white background has faint “browning” see scan..

Showcasing Joe Stampley & his team whip up a blue-eyed cauldron of Louisiana Northern Soul… the record that set the bank balance straight for the “Paula” label of Shreveport, the labels first “Hit” in the UK though it sunk without trace, as we have found over the years the “Stock” release on Pye International only appears in dreams…

Rarity is EXTREME! Condition is likewise - you can expect a little competition trying to secure this enticing Promo…  

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 144.00

Phonetics Don't Let Love Get You Down / Pretty Girl

The summer of 1964 - A Californian genius was at work - crafting yet another peerless Soul offering that fell by the wayside. Willie Hutch a creator behind so many superior Soul recordings…

Superior is the proper word for the legacy he left the Soul-enthusiast with…Just listen to that imploring lead vocal. Weeping with anguish on every word, whilst teammates sooth his pain with luxurious harmonies in the background.

This Rare Soul delicacy is currently firmly featuring within my play list, as my weakness for the genuinely soulful dictates my turntable choices. Much loved for decades but in my view undeservedly living in the shadows of “Just A Boys Dream” which I find weaker on the lead vocal.

If I can have anything to do with it, this vocally preferable Northern Soul beauty will have and equally deserved day in the sun.

The flipside underscores Mr. Hutch’s capabilities as “Pretty Girl” is also deserving of your ear… but the vocal on the Top-side..just kills me!

Condition is stunning both sides..near perfect vinyl - labels are both flawless and of course this is not the copy I’ve played every set for the last 3 months..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 276.00

Precisions Instant Heartbreak ( Just Add Tears ) Alt. Mix / Dream Girl

UNIQUE!! The studio mix George McGregor didn’t release, a pace slower and so much stronger for it. Take a listen to truly sumptuous Motor City vocal group Northern Soul - so slickly delivered by a gathering of highly gifted gentlemen & Mike Terry’s blows.

Until recent times Arthur Ashford, Michael Morgan, Billy Prince and Denis Gilmore’s work has been taken somewhat taken for granted, as with the exception of just one 45 everything this group released is comparatively common; All enjoying strong sales on the Drew label and now currently the Darlings-Of-The-Dancefloor with “If This Is Love ( I’d Rather Be Lonely” which is perhaps the most consistent floor-pleaser nationwide.

So when something “Unique” comes to market, it will be taken very seriously indeed. Especially when it presents mercurial Northern Soul with Mike Terry’s burping-baritone prompting such a gifted-gathering..

Take a listen to superior Northern Soul standing by to enhance some Top-Jocks set or to take some ambitious young-gun DJ nearer to the NS summit…

We repeat - the UNISSUED take of what is already one killer recording - enriched by the different approach.

PS the flipside is “Dream Girl” and as far as we can tell is the same as the Drew 1004 release.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 101.00

Sisters Love I'm Learning To Trust My Man / Try It. You'll Like It

This listing today covers not only the “UK Motown” offering but also the FUNK aficionados and DJ’s who will know all too well that this rare 1973 British release has no USA counterpart…

The current huge demand on this Sister-Funker! Mainly comes from the worldwide Club-Funk-Circuits but the UK Tamla Motown completest will be wishing it didn’t, as most TMG’ers have this 45 as an annoying gap in their UK Mowest run.

There is of course TMG 10021975 reissue, sparked by the huge dancefloor demand created simultaneously by Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes PIer DJ’s.

On this never wilting Rare Soul scene I personally love tunes to bounce back into fashion, after the almost instant deletion of Mowest 3009 in late 1973 this 45 has always, even then, been a real beast to capture… 42 years later as a PROMO in immaculate condition - it’s has become a cult-search..

Click the soundfile, but be prepared to be confronted by some caustic Sister attitude… demanding you dance!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 62.00

James Barnett Keep On Talking / Take A Look

The genius of Dan Penn shines from every note of music and every breath James Barnett takes whilst delivering this cherished Northern Soul “Torch” anthem.. but not overlooking the Deep Soul dream that sleeps on the flipside.

“Keep On Talking” intro has got to be one of the most instantly recognizable starts of any NS classic. As The Muscle Shoals team take the drum roll invitation, Spooner Oldham’s rattling piano-work, a burping sax, steamroller horns… lift this mid-tempo brilliance high above the dancers.. but ironically it’s those instrumental pauses that make the session so special.. the horns, piano and sax fusion perfectly pitched for the footwork to glide!

Flip it for Deep Soul supremacy as James Lowe’s tantalizing guitar licks encourage the mysterious James Barnett’s vocal from one defiant sentence to another… “Take A Good Look - Honey Take Your Last Look …Of Me Walking Out The Door” Dan Penn again validating his wordsmith artistry.

Two sides giving up the very best of two highly appreciated Soul styles; From a place down South where masterpieces were crafted.. by a team akin to “Chippendale” Soul-artisans meticulously building tunes that is now sadly another lost-art!

This example is the VINYL Promo press and is of course FLAWLESS!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 263.00

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High keys. Living a lie. Proper tune


I didn't think this price too bad for an issue? Am I out of touch? Flip is brilliant.

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