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Huge List Incl Infinity On Wilkerr, Casual T, Johnny King + Fatback Etc

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PM to reserve.


For soundfiles, info on gradings and payment etc please view the list here:




Modern Soul & 2 step 45’s


Infinity - Queen of my universe / Up - Wilkerr / EX / £650 (Killer modern soul double header! So rare and so good.)


Wil Collins & Willpower - Anything I can do - Bareback / VG+ / £300 (DJ copy with label wear. Vinyl is nice and just shy of EX.)


Luther Davis Group - Keep on dancin - Inner I / £300 (His rarer one, killer funky modern dancer. Record looks and plays EX but has an hairline so 50% of the going rate here.)


Veda Brown - I had a fight with love / Play brother, play sister - Rav / VG+ / £250 (Rare version of the Ann Sexton tune, lovely crossover dancer backed with a beautiful slowie.)


Luv ‘n Haight - One night love affair / Rock on - AMR / EX / £250 (Killer midtempo soul dancer and a real hard one to find especially in this clean condition.)


Seattle Pure Dynomite - I wonder love - One World / VG+ / £200 (Definite original of this killer Seattle modern soul cut. One to file besides Bernadette Bascom and Unfinished Business. Record has a few light scattered marks, and plays with occasional light background pops but never overpowering the music.)


Family Underground - Everybody knows / Let me feel your love - Power Funksion / VG+ / £150 (Popular midtempo modern soul backed with a more funky flip.)


Eddie Horan - City life - Fantasy/Wmot / EX / £100 (Very rare issue copy, great modern soul dancer.)


Walter Jackson - Let me come back - Brunswick / VG+ / £100 (Classic alert! Evergreen sound. Record has a few sleeve marks, plays clean.)


Peakke - Tell me like it is Part 1 / Part 2 - Sound of Birmingham / VG+ / £100 (Dead rare modern soul slowie. Label flipside has a couple of small stains.)


Klas, Larry Jackson, Ricky Gaddis - Let’s make love tonight - Sahara / EX / £100 (Chicago modern soul rarity.)


Casual T - Hands off - Fifty Six Hope Road / VG+ / £75 (Great modern dancer. Jamaican release which is rarely seen in this fairly clean condition. Tear on label from removed sticker.)


Mandisa - Summer love - El-Leo / EX / £50 (Lovely and obscure rare groove type of sound.)


Catalinas - Dancin’ romancin’ - The Catalinas / EX / £40 (Lovely feel good modern soul dancer.)


Gaslight - Just because of you / It’s just like magic - Polydor / EX / £40 (Rarer issue copy, two lovely 1970’s slowies.)


Buck - Trust me this night - Playboy / EX / £40 (Great modern soul dancer. Comes in company sleeve, small X written on both sides of the label.)


John Fox - It’s up to you - Capitol / EX / £35 (Very very good crossover soul slowie. Lovely demo copy complete with company sleeve.)


Smoked Sugar - My eyes search a lonely room for you / (Loving you) Coming out of a brand new bag - 20th Century / EX / £35 (Rare issue copy, two great sides of their well loved album. “My eyes..” is a different version than found on the album though. Comes in company sleeve, label has a stamp.)


J.R. Bailey - The eyes don’t know the feeling / same  Rca / EX / £35 (Another superb slowie but this awesome artist. Demo copy complete with company sleeve.)


Tender Touch - Can I see you tomorrow - Paramount / EX / £30 (Superb soulful slowie)


Windy City - Hey it’s over / If by chance - WB / EX / £30 (Highly recommended Chicago modern soul. Two killer sides. Lovely copy in company sleeve.)


Honey Cone feat. Sharon Cash - Somebody is always messing up a good thing - Hot Wax / EX / £25 (Underrated and hot modern soul dancer that I can really recommend. Here in the coolest format too - white demo vinyl copy.)


Candy Yams - I’m goin’ down - Blue Duke / EX / £25 (Charming low fi modern soul out of Florida.)


Barbara Hall - Can I count on you / V.I.P. - Innovation II / EX / £25 (Issue copy with a Hot Wax styled flipside. X on label.)


Barbara Hall - Can I count on you - Innovation II / EX / £20 (Superb modern soul slowie. Demo copy, vinyl unlike the issue but with same flip.)


Patti - Come and get it - GEC / EX / £20 (Essential Chicago modern/disco side. )


Al Downing - I’m just nobody - Polydor / EX / £20 (Yet another modern soul winner on Polydor.)


Starfire - Almost insane / Don’t come back - Dynamic Artists / EX / £20 (Classy slowie backed with funky disco. Both sides of the label has small tears.)


Lifestyle - Katrina / Love can make you cry - Mca / EX / £20 (Rare issue copy. 1977 modern soul dancer backed with a great slowie. X on label.)


Notations - Judy blue eyes - Mercury / EX / £20 (1977 between labels release and a nice soulful slowie in the same style as their Gemigo output.)


Modulations - I can’t fight your love - Buddah / EX / £20 (Classic modern dancer which still sounds great to my ears.)


Love Affair - To make you love me / same - United Artists / EX / £20 (Demo copy, the neglected flipside which is as good as “I can’t stop loving you”. Small writing on the stereo side.)


Bradford - Sho-be-do-be-do - Zanzibar / EX / £20 (Provokingly slow, and good, 2 step.)


J.P.’s Force - (You give me so much) Satisfaction - Sensational / EX / £15 (Killer two step cut.)


Funkhouse Express - Music makes you move - Buddah / EX / £15 (Energetic funky disco that’s been a popular spin on clubs around Europe the last few years. Demo copy complete with company sleeve.)


Trumains - Love still remains / Sore loser - Rca / EX / £15 (Sugary balled backed by a Philly soul styled dancer. Vinyl demo copy.)


Skip Mahoaney - Running away from love - Abet / EX / £15 (White demo copy of this classic modern dancer.)


Jones Girls - If you don’t love me no more / If you don’t start nothing - Paramount / EX / £15 (Essential Curtom soul! Flip is more funky but also good. A “B” written on label.)


Jones Girls - If you don’t love me no more / Hey Lucinda -  Curtom / EX / £15 (Essential Curtom modern soul dancer.)


Brown & Diamond - You’re the best thing in my life - Lakeside / VG+ / £15 (Obscure 1983 Cleveland modern soul release.)


Kazu Matsui Project - Standing on the outside - Lakeside / EX / £10 (White demo of this lovely modern soul pearl.)


M-D-L-T Willis - What’s your game? - Ivory Tower / EX / £10 (Lovely mellow dancer in the Lovelites kind of style.)


Sherm (Reb) Nesbary - Don’t make me sorry / All my life, all my love - Cheri / EX / £10 (Two nice sides. This is the more common sunset design label. One side of the label has a date written on it.)


Frederick Knight - When it ain’t right with my baby - Juana / EX / £10 (Essential modern soul cheapie. Such a classy track.)


Maze feat. Frankie Beverly - The look in your eyes - Capitol / EX / £10 (All time classic which is nice on a 45. Comes in company sleeve, label has a small round sticker stuck to it.)


Two Tons O’ Fun - Taking away your space - Fantasy/Honey / EX / £8 (Superb dreamy stepper which is tricky on 7 inch. Highly recommended! Label has small round sticker.)


B.A.D. - Stay awhile - Sinban / EX / £8 (Two step of the highest quality.)


Crossover, Northern Soul & Funk 45’s


Johnny King & Fatback Band - Peace, love not war - BC Project II / VG+ / £650 (Incredible track, as good as funky soul gets. DJ copy, stain on label.)


Dennis Lee & Notables - Sunday afternoon / Funky penguin - Jenmark / VG+ / £70 (Lovely crossover backed with funk. Vinyl just shy of EX and plays well.)


Madeline & the Monticellos - Binding ring of gold - De-Vel / EX / £60 (Popular funky soul with a dramatic edge. Demo VINYL copy, usually seen on styrene.)


Exits - Under the street lamp / You got to have money - Gemini / EX / £50 (Essential and classic double header. Aggressive northern dancer backed with midtempo harmony cut. Light green label copy.)


Albert Jones - Fifteen cent love - Kapp/Tri City / EX / £50 (Rare issue copy of these excellent Detroit sides. BB hole through label.)


George McRae - Take it all off - United Artists / EX / £40 (Excellent crossover soul dancer which is well rare on this label.)


Elgins - Heaven must have sent you - V.I.P. / EX / £40 (Cool looking white promo copy of this Motown classic. One side has a B and an X written with ballpoint pen.)


Nina Simone - Sea lion woman [see line woman] - Philips / EX / £30 (Classic jazz dancer. Here with the hilarious misspelling. Two barely noticable F’s written on label, and there’s a distribution sticker.)


Mickey & the Soul Generation - Football / Joint session - Maxwell / EX / £25 (Two sides of highly regarded Texas funk. Lovely clean white promo/CGC distributed copy.)


Larry Saunders - Fly away love bird - Soul International / EX / £20 (Crossover pearl, rarer no logo design copy.)


Theresa Lindsey - Gotta find a way - Correc-Tone / EX / £20 (Evergreen Detroit northern soul dancer. The Atlantic distributed release. B written on label with ballpoint pen.)


Brenda Jones - This is the me me (not the you you) - Flying Dutchman / EX / £20 (Funky soul pearl.)


Fabulous Counts - Lunar funk / Get down people - Moira / EX / £20 (Two classic funk sides, here on a white demo. One label side has a X written with ballpoint pen.)


Baby Washington - Don’t let me lose this dream / I’m good enough for you - Cotillion / VG+ / £18 (Superb version of the Aretha Franklin song. White demo copy with writing on label. Comes in lovely looking company sleeve.)


Holly Maxwell - Winter go away - Smit-Whit / EX / £15 (Lovely crossover soul. White demo copy with Atlantic distribution.)


Panic Buttons - Come out smokin’ - Gamble / EX / £15 (White demo of this driving Philly funk dancer.)


Promatics - Sugar pie honey - Jo Jo / EX / £15 (Classic northern soul double header. Small writing on label.)


Disco 12’s


Claudja Berry - Sweet dynamite - London / VG+/VG / £60 (The rare Canada release with 5:09 version. Company sleeve has light overall wear, writing on label.)


Brian Briggs - Sampler - Bearsville / EX/VG+ / £35 (5 track EP sampler from “Brian Damage album”. With “AEO”. Light general damage on cover, still looks neat.)


King Errisson - Space queen - Venture / EX/VG+ / £30 (Spacy disco classic on a sought after 12 incher.)


Chuck Davis Orchestra - Spirit of sunshine - West End / EX / £30 (Cool looking white demo copy of this spacy disco cut.)


XR 7 - XR 7 - Quality / EX / £20 (Slow pumping Canadian disco.)


Sandy Steel - Mind your own business - Uniwave / EX/EX / £10 (Disco with a punk attitude. Canada press complete with company sleeve.)


Soul & Jazz Albums


Sahib Shihab - Jazz joint vol. 2 Companionship - Vogue / EX/EX / £250 (Only jazz record on the list but an absolutely great and classic one. Clean German 1971 Vogue original.)


Class-Set - My style - Mod-Art / EX/EX / £200 (Lovely, clean copy of this cult label release.)


Jo Jo Murray - Real man / Steppin’ out - I.B. / EX/EX / £75 (Rare 1989 indie album. As new copy still in shrink.)


Frank Dell - Yesterday’s people - Guinness / EX/EX / £70 (Another one of the rare and good Guinness titles. With “He broke your game wide open” which sounds slightly different to the 45 version if my ears does not deceive me. Lovely copy still in shrink. Cut corner.)


Continental IV - Dream world - Jay Walking / EX/EX / £55 (Essential, and rare, Philly soul album.)


Jackie Ross - Full bloom - Chess / VG+/EX / £50 (Classic Chicago soul album. Cover still in shrink but shows some aging stains on back and has a cut out hole. Vinyl has a few superficial sleeve marks.)


Bobby Womack - Fly me to the moon - Minit / EX/VG / £30 (Early album featuring “I’m in love” and the re-make of “What is this” and more. Cover has a few centimeter upper seam split and light ring wear. Still looks neat.)


Bobby Womack - My prescription - Minit / EX/EX / £25 (Super clean copy with promo sticker on front cover. With “I’m gonna forget about you”, “More than I can stand” etc)


Spinners - The original Spinners - Motown / EX/EX / £25 (Essential yet obscure Motown soul crammed with goodies. “Sweet thing”, “Truly yours”, “I’ll always love you” etc)


Clay Hammond - Taking his time - Kent / EX/EX / £25 (Compilation of his 1960’s recordings for the US Kent label, both released and previously unreleased. Guess this was a pretty poor seller in 1988 when it came out as it is well tricky to find now.)


Coke Escovedo - Comin’ at ya! - Mercury / EX/EX / £25 (With the definite take of the Johnny Bristol track “I wouldn’t change a thing”.)


John Gary Williams - s/t - Stax / EX/EX / £20 (With the classic floater “The whole damn world is going crazy”. As new copy still in shrink, cut out hole.)


Faze-O - Riding high - She / EX/EX / £12 (With the full 5:21 version of the title track. Cover has a X written on front cover and an I in back.)


Hot Ice - Hot Ice No. 1 - Polydor / EX/VG / £12 (Canadian album with the intense disco dancer “Dancing free” and the crossover dancer “It’s time to leave the disco”. Ignore the title on the last one as it’s quite good! Sleeve has ring wear and upper spine wear.)


Dynamics - What a shame - Black Gold / EX/EX / £10 (With “Woe is me”, “She’s for real” and a few more good tracks.)


Freedom - Farther than imagination - Malaco / EX/EX / £10 (As new copy still in shrink. A little for everyone here - 2 step in “Summer memory”, modern dancer in “Know you better” and a classic funky disco cut in “Get up and dance”.)


Family Brown - Imaginary world - United Artists / EX/EX / £8 (1977 album with the lovely two stepper “Never had a love”. Cut corner.)


Fat Larry’s Band - Lookin’ for love - Fantasy/Wmot / EX/EX / £8 (Just great midtempo modern soul in “Like to get to know you better” which is quite rare on 7 inch. “How good is love” is great too.)

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