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Rafa Club Aycliffe - John Parker & Dave Scott 6Th June 2015


John Parker (Beverley) and

Dave Scott (Peterlee)

Plus support from Rafa Club promoters.


Ian  Shoulder up to 8.00pm.

Dean Courtney – Love you just can’t walk away – MGM

Lola Sama – Whom it may concern – Bison

Appreciations – I can’t hide it – Aware

Jackie Beavers – I need my baby – Revilot

Steve Mancha – Did my baby call – Wheelsville

Moses Dillard – I wont think twice – Mark V

Bob & Fred – I’ll be on my way – Big Mack

Spiedells – Dream Girl – Providence

Hy-tones – Bigger and better – A-Bet

John Bowie – You’e gonna miss a good thing – Merben

Ritchie Adams – I can’t escape – Congress

A few memory jerker oldies there from Ian, kicking the night off and already getting the floor quite full ready for the next DJ – Dave Scott from Peterlee......

Dave Scott 8.00 – 8.30pm

Susan Rewis – They say you’ve found another baby

Sylvia Robbins – Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your heart

Edward Hamilton – Tell me

Emanuel Lasky – Sweet lies

Mellow Fellows – My baby needs me

Sandra King – Leave it up to the boys

Verdelle Smith – If you can’t say anything nice

Tutti Hill – He’s a lover  - Arock

Googie Rene – Smokey goes La La

The Queen city show band – True patron of the arts

Aretha Franklin – Don’t let me lose this dream

Exsaveyons – I don’t love you no more

A great warm up for Dave, great to hear the Exsaveyons and Tutti Hill again (totally underplayed) More from Dave later. By now the place was quite full and with punters from Wolverhampton (welcome back folks) and Hull, Clitheroe, Northumberland, we had soul fans wanting more – who best to deliver it than Special guest DJ John Parker. His early set went like this.......

8.30pm – 9.00pm – John Parker

Troy Dodds – Try my love – El Camino

Gwen Owens – Still true to you - velgo

Pegg Byers - I wish you a world of happiness – Unisued Virtue Acetate

Jessie James – Love is alright – Virtue Acetate

Crazy – The ............. – Bell sound Acetate

Springers – Nothing’s too good for my baby – Whale

Contessa – Breakaway – Las-Bar

Hy-Tones – You don’t even know my name – Southern Artists

Minnie Jones – Shadow of a memory – Sugar

Bitter and Sweet – I won’t have any baby’s for you – Anything Everything

Robert tanner – Sweet Memories – Megatone

I’m sure there was one or two more records by John in that set but missed off the list.... Just come along to the Rafa Club and get the best soulful massage you lugholes will get anywhere in the country. Next up Paul Ackley to try and keep things on an even keel, anything could happen here....

Paul Ackley 9.00 – 10.00pm

Monique – If you Love Me – Maurci (Old play for Kev Cowie from the Cumby years)

Romona Collins – You’ve been cheating – Clark’s

Chuck Cockerham – Have I got a right – Mala

Jessie James – Are you gonna leave me – Shirley (Request for the young bluds from Clitheroe)

Tommy Smith – Greater Love – Unisued Acetate (first play for this at the Rafa Club and what a response on the dance floor, made the night for me)

The Earles – Everybody’s got somebody but me – Tee-Ti (One of the best crossover modern soul records.... period)

Precious Three – I need a man – Ref-O-Ree (my recrd of the night last month - more from the Ref-O-Ree label later)

Nomads – Something’s bad with my baby – Mo-Groov  (old Searling spin from the Casino, 35 years ago and still sounding Whoah!)

The Professionals – That’s why I love you – Groove City

Johnny Hampton – Not my girl – Dotty’s

Imperial C’s – Someone tell her – Phil La

Patrinelle Staten – Little love affair – Sepia

Camaros – We’re not too young – Dar-Cha

Felony Theft – When you have love – Mijarrelix (again a full dance floor to this class record, one of the best dance crowds we’ve had at the Rafa Club for a long time, everyone up for the lot!!!)

Second Resurrection – You don’t let daylight catch you – Stanson (recently sold by Manship for £2,000.00+)

Kelly & The Soul Explosions – Talkin’ bout my baby’s love – Dynamite ( I remember Jumping Joan playing this at the Cumby about 12 years ago, it still sounds fresh today but £70.00 then and £700.00 now!)

Charlene & the Soul Serenaders – Can you win – Volt

Ty Karim – Lighten Up – Romark

Gene Townsell – I’m Walking away – Balana Town

New Wanderers – Ain’t gonna do you no harm – Ready

Sensations Demanding Man – Way-Out

Eddie Whitehead – Just your fool – BlackJack

Poets – Wrapped around your finger – J2

Tranells – Blessed with a love – Flo Jo

Wanda Davis – Save me – Project Soul

The Earles – Everybody’s got somebody – Tee Ti

Jesse James – Are you gonna leave me – Shirley

Donald Thomas – Calling me Home  - PMRC (Rafa classic....)

Eddie Whitehead – Just your fool - Blackjack

Fantastic set as usual from Paul with a few new plays there too. Now to bring things back to Earth, Kev Cowey filling in while everyone catches their breath from the last 3 dj’s.

Kev Cowey – 10.00 – 10.30pm

Danny Woods  - You had me fooled – Correctone

Sam Dees  - Lonely for you baby – SSS

Falcons – Love look in her eyes – Big Wheel (request for Karen)

Montclairs – Hey You – Arch

Ruby Sherry – Feminine Ingenuity – Take 6

Yum Yums – Gonna be a big thing – ABC

The Four Voices – My love is getting stronger – Voice

Bobby Hutton – Come see what’s left of me – Phillips

Guitar Ray – You’re gonna wreck my life – Shagg

The Four Tracks  - Like my love for you – Mandingo (Rafa club fave)

David Ruffin – Walk away from love – Motown (every home should have one)

11 classics from Kev keeping the decks warm for the next tranch of dj’s returning for bout 2!.

Final set from Dave Scott – 10.30 – 11.15pm

The Dynamics – You make me feel so good

Paramount 4 – You don’t know

Johnny Gilliam – find yourself another (Rafa club play for Dave Eyley)

Houston Outlaws – Ain’t no telling

Delegates of soul – I’ll come running back

The Invitations – Watch out little girl

The intro’s – Stop look and listen

Constellations – I didn’t know how to

Baby Washington – There he is

Freddie Huston – If I had known

The Masqueraders – Do you love me

The Stemmons Express – Woman love thief

Yvonne Carrol – Please don’t go

Clydie King – Soft and gentle ways

The Sheppards – Little Girl lost (another Cumby play from decades ago)

Volumes – Ain’t gonna give you up (tune...)

Jimmy Wallace  - I’ll be back

Dave Scott punching above his waistline with that lot, excellent dance Northern Soul from Dave, you’re welcome back anytime.

Final set from John Parker next and the place is buzzing, quite full too which is nice and the dance floor getting a good thrashing from the boot leather...

John Parker – 11.15 – 12.00 midnight

Magnetics – Count the days – Sable

Gail Nevills – Taking my mind off love – Dotty’s

Milton Parker – Women like it harder – Closet (£585.00 last week on ebay – bargain)

George Pepp – The feeling is real – Coleman

Soul Inc’ – My proposal – Coconut Grove

Ann Caudell – Longing for you – Quick

J.D. Bryant  - I won’t be coming back – Shrine

Pat & the Blenders – Just Because – Fast Eddie

Phonetics – Just a boys dream – Trudel

Eddie Billups – Ask my heart – Peachtree

Del Rays Inc’ – Destination unknown – Tampete (Old Mecca / Cleethropes nighter sound and still sounding great, got to dig my copy out and blow the dust off it).

30 minutes or so of the night left and John double decks with Paul Ackley to send us all home wanting more – roll on July 2015...

Angela Davis – My love is so strong – Flaming Arrow

The Profs – Look at me - Curl

Precisions – My sense of Direction (is blown) – HenMar  (great tune John!!!!!!!!!)

Lestor Tipton – This won’t change – La Beat

Unique Blend – Yes I’m in love – East Bound

Admirations  - You left me  - Peaches

Inner Section – Let me love yuh – groups

Eddie Daniels – Is he better than me – Daniels

Cody Black – Mr Blue – D-Town

Appointments – I saw you there – De-Lite

Ray Agee – I’m Losing Again – Soultown

Wanda Davis – Save me – Project Soul

Gwen Owens – Wanted and needed – Velgo

Mystiques – Put out the fire – Orr

Yiddish Soul Brother – New York City – Chess

The Blue Soul – Gettin the corners – Westwood

Jimmy Phillips – She belongs to me  - Bump

Bobby Bennet – Alone with my tears – V-Tone

I.J Harris – My oh my! – Acetate

Well that just about is it! 12. 45 and time to pack everything away... My thanks to guest Dj’s Dave Scott, John Parker and the usual protagonists paul Ackley, Ian Shoulder and kev Cowey, a superb night with superb soul fans. Thanks for the support – without you all we would not have a soul night. Next Month – THE FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH – It’s special Guest Geoff Buckley from Clitheroe and Pete Fowler (We’re flying him from Perth Australia just to play for you!) so until then – enjoy life.

All the best folks – from Paul, Ian, Kev and Paul.

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Looks like our playbox did alright :lol:

Tutti Hill – He’s a lover  - Arock

Inspired matey,so underplayed.

The Queen city show band – True patron of the arts

Should have played the vocal :wicked:


Yiddish Soul Brother – New York City – Chess

Without me even bugging you to play it......the other side missing though :D


Well done boys.






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Cheers Martyn,


Not a good night to Dj when your stuck between the big guns of the rare soul scene, but I think I survived somehow.

Hope everyone that was there enjoyed it, and for those who were not there wished they had been there.

Thanks again to the promoters for the invite to Dj. :thumbsup: 



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Cheers Martyn,


Not a good night to Dj when your stuck between the big guns of the rare soul scene, but I think I survived somehow.

Hope everyone that was there enjoyed it, and for those who were not there wished they had been there.

Thanks again to the promoters for the invite to Dj. :thumbsup: 




I think it was a good night for our box to playout with the big guns & pull a few little surprises out.....Tutti Hill stroke of genius,would have had me throwing myself about like the daft lad :D

It's about passion :wink: 



Edited by hullsoul

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 We haven't been for a good few months 'but just a good as the last time , top records , good crowd , what more do you want!!........Kev.......:thumbsup:

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What can i say apart from great set from all the dj's

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