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WANTED Arthur Willis & Soulful Dynamics THE HURTING / HERBIE BROWN ONE

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One will surface at some point they always do. theres a pile of £50 notes waiting for the person that finds this post in the next 50 years as I'm only 33 now I'm waiting for you to get in contact lee jeffries

Hi Lee. Hope one comes your way one day. With your outlook, one surely will at some point in the distant future. Fortunately there are heaps of good records out there in the interim to make the chase all the more enjoyable. Good luck mate.

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Hi Lee.

Not as many copies of the Herbie Brown 45 as folk think !!

It has always been a tough 80s 45 to find and just superb.

Good luck in your search Lee.



Had it twice Micky.One went to Butch and other went to Dearlove.

Traded both for records that struggle to make £100 these days.

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