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SS17 8JY

Tel: 01375 640951 / 07808 253553 - 8am – 9pm (GMT)

e-mail robert.messer@onetel.net



                        South London Soul train - 1st sat of each month. Check it out in Peckham Rye London. Amazing event !!!                                              

            I'll be DJing out in Germany at the Ausburg weekender 21st - 23rd August (Near Munich) Book your flight now !                                      

            Its the week before the Isle of Wight. This year we've secured the Ryde castle for the weekend. Thats gonna be a hell of a party with the KTF and Three button heroes.  28th - 31st August                                          


            POSTAGE - £2.50 for 1 (25p each extra) ALL SENT RECORDED. Registered add £4.00. Overseas please write or phone.                                               

            Cheques or P.O.s payable to MR. MESSER    Tracks marked *** are available on a C.D. for £4 incl. P&P                                               


            SECTION 1 - U.K. LABEL SOUL & R'n'B                                    

1          SOLOMAN BURKE Looking for my baby (Great dancer)  Atlantic           EX       £15

2          SOLOMON BURKE (No no) I cant stop loving you now (Good southern mover) Atlantic           EX       £10

3          DONALD HEIGHT         ***           Rags to riches to rags (Great thumping northern soul)           Avco   EX            £40

4          THE NEW MONITORS        Fence around your heart (Good early 70's dancer)     Buddah           M         £30

5          THE M.V.P.'S Turning my heart beat up (Classic 70's northern)       Buddah           EX       £35

6          DONNIE ELBERT    Along came pride (Great stomping northern) Epic     M         £10

7          THE AGENTS           Trouble (Classic northern soul)           Grapevine        M-       £20

8          IRMA THOMAS            *** What are you trying to do (Superb northern dancer)  Liberty            VG+    £30

9          RUFUS THOMAS     Walking the dog (Club classic)           London           M         £15

10        MARVA WHITNEY       ***            Daddy don’t know about sugar bears (Rare funk groover)    Mojo    M-            £25

11        SUGAR PIE DeSANTO        Soulful dress (Good club soul)           Pye International         EX       £20

12        TOMMY TUCKER    Hi heel sneakers (Classic mod R'n'B spin)      Pye International         EX       £8

13        H.B. BARNUM         It hurts too much to cry (Classic - rare Spanish EP)   RCA    EX/EX            £80

14        MARVIN GAYE       Can I get a witness (Motown magic)  Stateside         VG+    £18

15        INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX  ***       Tightrope (Stomping northern oldie)  Stateside         VG+    £12

16        THE TAMS    Be young be foolish be happy (Classic oldie - W.O.L.)         Stateside         M-       £6

17        IKE & TINA TURNER         Gonna work out fine (Classic club sound)     Sue 306           G         £6

18        THE HIT PACK         Never say no to your baby (Great dancer)      TMG 513        VG+    £95

19        MARTHA & VANDELLAS My baby loves me (Gorgeous mid tempo)      TMG 549        EX       £20

20        MARVIN GAYE       One more heartache (Classic 6Ts soul)           TMG 552        EX       £20

21        WILBERT HARRISON        Kansas city (Great R'n'B oldie)          Top rank          VG      £8

            SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels                                            

22        THE SAPPHIRES      Gotta have your love (All time classic 60's northern) ABC    M-       £40

23        THE IMPRESSIONS It's alright (All time classic)    ABC    VG+    £7

24        MARY WELLS         Dear lover / Can't you see (you're losing me) Two superb sides         Atco    M-       £12

25        PERCY SLEDGE      Heart of a child (Great mid tempo)    Atlantic           M-       £10

26        BARBARA LYNN    This is the thanks I get (Great mid tempo crossover) Atlantic           VG      £5

27        TSU TORNADOES   What good am I (Surely THE essential crossover 45)            Atlantic           M         £25

28        ROSE COLORED GLASS   Cant find the time (Great crossover - W.O.L.)           Bang    EX       £10

29        JACKIE WILSON     Because of you (All time classic floor filler)  Brunswick       M-       £90

30        JACKIE WILSON     This love is real (Brilliant song beautifully sung)        Brunswick       EX       £15

31        JACKIE WILSON     I'm the one to do it / Higher & higher (2 classic sides)           Brunswick       EX       £8

32        JACKIE WILSON     Whispers (All time great northern)     Brunswick       M         £10

33        TONI LAMARR             *** Just in the nick of time (Van McCoy magic)  Buddah           M         £25

34        BOBBY PARIS             ***  I walked away (Northern soul classic)            Capitol (Demo)           M-            £150

35        PATRICE HOLLOWAY      Love & desire / Ecstasy (Classic double sider)           Capitol (Demo)           M            £185

36        DEON JACKSON     You said you loved me (1st label on this Detroit tune)          Carla    M         £15

37        GENE CHANDLER  Such a pretty thing (Classic oldie)      Checker           EX       £10

38        BILLY STEWART    Sitting in the park (Classic 6Ts soul)  Chess   M         £10

39        JAN BRADLEY        Mama didn't lie (Classic 6T's club soul - rare early label design)       Chess   EX       £15

40        THE KITTENS              ***   Ain't no more room (Great girl group soul)    Chess   M-       £15

41        GENE McDANIELS Sweet lover no more (Latin flavoured dancer)           Columbia         M-       £40

42        THE BLENDERS          ***  Tale of sadness (Brilliant Chicago group soul)           DJO     M         £150

43        THE LAMP SISTERS    *** The way I love this man (nice Texas soul shuffler)    Duke (Demo)  M-       £10

44        MIDNIGHT MOVERS      ***         Stop look and listen (Horn driven shaker)      Elephant V ltd            EX            £15

45        GAIL MILES Got to find him (Funky 70's mover)   Exit 6  M         £30

46        THE ITHACAS              ***  If you want my love (Philly soul northern dancer)     Fee bee            M         £90

47        THE LYRICS So glad (Smooth group soul floater. W.O.L.)            GNP Crescendo          EX       £45

48        CHOLLI MAYE             *** You will never get away (Superb girlie dancer)         Gold    M-       £50

49        TONY MICHAELS        *** I love the life I live / Picture me and you (Lovely Detroit floater)     Golden world (Demo) EX       £70

50        LaBRENDA BEN      Just be yourself (Gorgeous mid tempo)          Gordy  M         £50

51        MARSHA BRODY   Right combination (Stomping oldie)  Hot shot          M         £15

52        THE O'JAYS  Lipstick traces (All time great 6T's mid pacer)           Imperial           M-       £15

53        SOUND OF SOUL    Wrapped up tight (Stunning mid tempo girlie sound)            Josie (Demo)   M         £50

54        THE C.O.D.'s I'm a good guy / Pretty baby (Classic Chicago)         Kellmac           M-       £10

55        SHIRLEY WAHLS   Why am I crying (Killer double sider - W.O.L.)        King (Demo)   VG      £30

56        THE SANDPIPERS   Young generation (Old mod spin in the 80's) Kismet M-       £35

57        ERNEST MOSELY        *** Stubborn heart (Absolute classic Chicago northern)  La Cindy         VG+            £600

58        WE THE PEOPLE     Making my daydream real (So soulful 70's)   Lion     EX       £60

59        DENISE CHANDLER     ***           I'm walking away (Chicago girl group dancer)           Lock    VG+    £15

60        THE LOVELITES           ***            Bumpy road ahead (Finger snapping girl group soul) Lovelite           M            £12

61        PORGY & MONARCHS      Think twice before you walk away     Musicor           M-       £60

62        COOKIE SCOTT       I don’t care (Awesome crossover - slight edge warp)            Orr       VG      £150

63        JOSEPHINE TAYLOR    ***           Smooth groove (Driving Chicago femme mover)       Palos    VG      £50

64        THE IKETTES           Whatcha gonna do (Thumping 60's dancer)   Phi Dan           M-       £40

65        THE BUTLERS         Laugh laugh laugh (Superb vocal / inst dancer)          Phila    EX       £30

66        THE KEY MASTERS    *** Been so long (Sweet Chicago harmonies)      Quality Sound EX       £60

67        THE PARLIAMENTS           Don't be sore at me (Northern classic)            Revilot            M-       £35

68        LIBERATION                *** Love looks good on you (Very rare crossover - hard to find clean)   S.O.A. M            £350

69        EDDIE FLOYD             ***  Make up your mind (Pre Stax Memphis dancer)        Safice  M-       £20

70        JACKEY BEAVERS      *** Hold on (Classy 60's dancer)  Sound stage 7 VG+    £30

71        JOE SIMON                 ***    The girl's alright with me (Great dancer)        Sound stage 7 EX       £12

72        BARBARA & THE BROWNS         I don't want trouble (Good female group shuffler)    Stax     EX       £20

73        MARJORIE BLACK One more hurt (Classic mod / northern oldie)            Sue      M-       £100

74        THE DESIRES            ***     Smile (Rare group soul 45 - W.O.L.)  Tamboo           VG+    £100

75        DARROW FLETCHER        Changing by the minute (Killer late 60's dancer)       Uni      EX       £20

76        JERRY BUTLER       Make it easy on yourself (Awesome soulful ender)   Vee Jay           EX       £10

77        JERRY BUTLER       I don’t want to hear it anymore (Awesome beat ballad - in VG pic sleeve)  Vee Jay (Demo)            EX       £20

78        THE MONITORS      Since I lost you girl (Gorgeous mid tempo)    VIP     M-       £15

79        UNITED IMAGE          ***  Love's creeping up on me (Driving soul dancer)        Volt     M-       £25

80        REGGIE MILNER    Soul machine / Hello stranger (Funky, punchy Memphis soul)          Volt (Demo)    M-            £30

81        ILANA                       ***      Where would you be today (Soulful crossover)         Volt (Demo)    M-       £30

82        JONES & BLUMENBERG   The right track (Great Memphis style applied to this gem)    Volt     M-       £40

83        CAMILLE BOB & THE LOLLIPOPS   ***   Got to get away (Funky late 60's mover)                Whit (Demo)            M-       £20

            SECTION 3 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.                                    

84        JOHN LEE HOOKER           Think twice before you go (Mod classic)       Bluesway        M         £15

85        BOBBY BLAND       Ain't nothing you can do (Classic R'n'B)       Duke   M-       £10

86        BOBBY BLAND       Honey child (Great mod club R'n'B)  Duke   EX       £15

87        THE MIRACLES           ***  Got a job (Excellent early soul - W.O.L.)       End     VG      £20

88        LIGHTNIN SLIM      Rooster blues (Earthy R'n'B dancer)  Excello            EX       £25

89        SLIM HARPO           Tip on in (Great R'n'B dancer)            Excello            M         £10

90        SLIM HARPO           Baby scratch my back (All time classic)         Excello            M-       £10

91        JOE BATAAN           Gypsy woman (Latin classic)  Fania   EX       £100

92        RICHARD BERRY   Have love will travel (Massive mod oldie)     Flip      VG      £35

93        Jr WALKER   Good rockin' (Up beat thumping inst)            Harvey            G         £10

94        JIMMY McCRACKLIN        Steppin' up in class (Good R'n'B dancer)       Imperial           EX       £10

95        ROSCOE GORDON      *** You got my bait / Jessie James (Two good sides - good R'n'B)         Jomada            M-       £50

96        B.B. KING     And like that (Excellent R'n'B dancer)           Kent    EX       £20

97        LOWELL FULSOM  Tramp (In demand R'n'B dancer)       Kent    M-       £12

98        LITTLE WILLIE JOHN        I'm shakin' (In demand mod sound)   King    EX       £100

99        COASTERS   Love potion No.9 (Huge mod spin for last few years)           King    M-       £25

100      ALVIN CASH & THE REGISTERS            Twine time (Classic club soul spin)     Mar V Lus       EX       £6

101      IRMA THOMAS       Hittin' on nothing (Rare New Orleans femme R'n'B growler)           Minit   VG      £45

102      THE SHOWMEN      It will stand / Country fool (Classic mod double sider - W.O.L.)      Minit   VG+    £8

103      "SINGIN" SAMMY WARD & SHERRI TAYLOR            Lover (Minor edge warp)        Motown          EX            £40

104      BOOTS BROWN       Cervesa (Great R'n'B inst - old mod spin)      RCA    EX       £8

105      SAM & DAVE           You aint no big thing baby (Great R'n'B shuffler - T.O.L.)   Roulette          EX       £30

106      MAR-KEYS   Last night (Club classic)         Satellite           EX       £10

107      JERRY LEE LEWIS       *** Shotgun man (Old mod spin for Shirley)       Smash  M-       £20

108      SOUL SISTERS         I can't stand it (Club soul classic)       Sue      EX       £10

109      HANK JACOBS        So far away (Mod classic)      Sue      EX       £10

110      SWINGIN' BROTHERS  ***           Shake 'em up baby (Great club sound like Shake a tail feather)            Tomak M         £30

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