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Mr Smithy

Aka Shaic - Dove Song

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See Pics and listen to clips of both sides – about ¾ of each but rest plays fine.
Few light surface scuffs, so I would say VG+.

Label on Villi side has dedication from Aka and a little wear on the left hand side.
Label on Thang side had similar dedication but when I was cleaning it some of it wiped off. It may all come off, but that’s up to you.

I’m taking offers from $2,200 up by PM
Up till midnight EST Wednesday July 15th.

It's in NYC.
Payment from ROW. Bank transfer preferred but all things considered.
In US. Carrier bag of used small bills is always favourite but again we can work something out.
Not keen on PP

Shipping by secure method to be agreed upon. Paid by buyer.

Any questions feel free by PM.


Aka Thang 1.jpg

Aka Thang 2.jpg

Aka Thang 3.jpg

Aka Villi 1.jpg

Aka Villi 2.jpg

Aka Villi 3.jpg

Aka Shaic - Swave Villi Us -Ain't no big thang do - Dove Song short Both.mp3

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