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Huge saleslist Northern, Modern, R&B sweet * MP3

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To order: PM me . Records will be reserved on a strict first come, first served basis.

Postage to Europe is Euro 5,50 for the first record, add 0,50 Euro for each additional 45
Worldwide Postage is Euro 8.- for the first record, add 1.- Euro for each additional 45

I recomend registration for more expensive orders!

Trade offers and wants lists are always welcome

60’s Soul / Northern & R&B

McKINLEY MITCHELL: Party Across The Hall / She's Married Already * BLACK BEAUTY, M- 150.- Euro
Mint copy of this funky crossover indemander. Flipside is a superb ballad.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mckinleypartyacross_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mckinleymitchshesmarried_1.mp3

Z.Z. HILL: Come On Home / One Way Love Affair * MH, M-, 125.- Euro,  sold
Indemand uptempo Northern Soul tune backed up by an equally good R&B tingled dancer
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/zzhillcomeonhome_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/zzhillonewaylove_1.mp3

TRADE MARTIN: Work Song * RCA VICTOR, VG+, 100.- Euro, sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/trademartinworksong_1.mp3

BLENDERS: Tale Of Sadness / Funky Fun In The Ghetto * DJO, M-/VG+, 100.- Euro
Flipside is credited to Eddie Silvers & The Constellations. Two contrasting sides on this Chicgao rarity. Top side provides a group Northern Soul dancer flip is great funk.
Soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/blenderstaleof_1.mp3
Soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddiesilversfunkyfun_1.mp3

AMBROSE DONALD: Who's Number One * EMERSON, VG+, slightly off-centre, 50.- Euro
Semi known rarish uptempo 60's dancer with gritty vocals. Disc is just a tiny bit off-centre, but you won't realize this when spinning the record. I recorded the soundfile without any corrections, so what you hear is what you get.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ambrosedonaldwhosnum_1.mp3

SAM AND BILL: I'll Try / I Feel Like Cryin' * DECCA DL 80 016, wlp, made in Germany, Vinyl: VG++ / Sleeve: VG+, 50.- Euro
Super cool looking german picture sleeve issue of this immense 60's dancer with a mind blowing deep soul side on the flip.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/samandbillilltry_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/samandbillifeellike_1.mp3

SHERMAN EVANS: The Craze * MANCO, M-, 60.- Euro
Mint stock copy of this indemand R&B dancer
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/shermanevansthecraze_1.mp3

SHERMAN EVANS: Yo Yo Twist / If I Should Die * MANCO, M- 50.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/shermanevansyoyo_1.mp3

SHERMAN EVANS: Looking For My Baby * MANCO, M-, 50.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/shermanevanslooking_1.mp3

LaVON BRIDGES: With A Smile (On My Face) * GLORECO, M-, 50.- Euro
Early Detroit soul in perfect condition
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lavonbridgeswithasmil_1.mp3

BOBBY DUKES: Just To Be With You * CALLA, promo, VG++, label damage, 50.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbydukesjusttobe_1.mp3

THE NATURELLES: Love Has Joined Us Together / Show Me The Way * VENTURE, promo, M-, "X" on label, 40.- Euro
The rarer promo with the "Show Me The Way" on the flipside! Most promos have "Love Has Joined Us Together On Both Sides"! Perfect slice of midtempo groover with beautiful vocals and a great production. Flip is mesmerizing big city soul.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/naturelleslovehas_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/naturellesshowme_1.mp3

EBONY JAM: Right On * AMOS, VG, 30.- Euro, sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ebonyjamrideon_1.mp3

LITTLE EVA: Take A Step In My Direction / Everything Is Beautiful About You Boy * VERVE, VG++, 25.- Euro
Great Northern Soul from the locomotion-girl.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/littleevatakeastep_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/littleevaeverything_1.mp3

FONTELLA BASS: Lucky In Love * CHECKER, 25.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fontellabassluckyin_1.mp3

LEON HAYWOOD: It's Got To Be Mellow / Cornbread And Buttermilk * DECCA, M-, 25.- Euro, on hold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonhaywoodmellow_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonhaywoodcornbread_1.mp3

PAM COLQUITT: I Done Got Over Losing You / It's Gotta Be Love * JACKLYN, M- 25.- Euro
Excellent windy city 2-sider in immaculate condition.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcolquittdonegot_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pamcolquittitsgottabe_1.mp3

BOBBY BLAND: Yum Yum Tree * DUKE, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbyblandyumyum_1.mp3

THE SPECIALS: Kissin' Like Lovers * MARC, promo, M-, 15.- Euro
Clean promo of this westcoast 60's dancer
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/specialskissing_1.mp3

LINDEL HILL: Crush On You / Ain't Got Time * BRIGHT STAR, M-, 25.- Euro
Two great R&B styled 60's dancers
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lindelhillcrushon_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lindelhillaintgot_1.mp3

COOKIE JACKSON: Uptown Jerk * UPTOWN, M- in company sleeve. 25.- Euro, sold
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/cookiejacksonuptown_1.mp3

JIMMY McCRACKLIN: The Wobble * MERCURY, promo, strong VG, plays ex! 25.- Euro
Uptempo R&B
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jimmymccracklinthewob_1.mp3

THE UNLUV'D: An Exception To The Rule / Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm * PARKWAY, M-, drill hole in lbl, 15.- Euro
Unplayed copy of this outstanding blue-eyed Northern stomper
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdanexcept_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdaintgonna_1.mp3

BOBBY POWELL: I'm Gonna Leave You * WHIT, M-, drill hole in lbl, 10.- Euro
Great Louisiana R&B dancer
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbypowellimgonna_1.mp3

Great Miami R&B moover
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/billrobinsonthecow_1.mp3

JERRY WASHINGTON: Set Your Soul On Fire * EXCELLO, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerrywashingtonsetyour_1.mp3

MARY KNIGHT: Cry Me A River / Comes The Night * MUSICOR, VG+, 15.- Euro, sold
Great popcorn from 1965...
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/maryknightcrymea_1.mp3

BOBBY McCLURE: Peak Of Love * CHECKER, promo, VG+, 15.- Euro
Peak-side is M-, flipside is VG+
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbymcclurepeakof_1.mp3

THE DELLS: There Is / Show Me * CADET, M-, 10.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dellsthereis_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dellsshowme_1.mp3

THE PLATTERS: Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ * MUSICOR, M-, 10.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/platterssweetsweet_1.mp3

TENISON STEPHENS: Don't Let Go / Call Me *ARIES, M-, 10.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tenisonstephensdontletgo_1.mp3

70’s Soul / Modern

WILL COLLINS & WILL POWER: Anything I Can Do * DERBY, made in Italy, Vinyl: VG++ with a tiny edge chip (down left on the pic) not affecting play at all / Sleeve: VG to VG+ with 2 smal splits. 250.- Euro
Italian issue of this Modern Soul classic, so hard to find and still sounds so unbelievable great!
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willcollinanythingican_1.mp3

LARRY SAUNDERS: In my House / Lilah * RO-LA, VG+/VG, 250.- Euro, sold
So good two-sided 70's soul, that never comes to market! "In my House" is a vocal tour-de-force with a catchy dance beat and great lyrics. Flip it over for one of the most weird dance tracks ever recorded.... I know 20 quid in manship's guide, but he's very wrong here and probably had his last copy ages ago.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/larrysaundersinmy_1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/larrysaunderslilah_1_1.mp3

ALL AGES BAND: Coming Home * A&A, VG to VG-, 350.- Euro
Super rare Modern Soul winner, that's most likely unknown to most! This copy comes with a flyer signed by three band members and an handritten advertisment for a concert in Ft. Lauderdale. The flyer looks like as it was made out of the picture sleeve of this record and as you can see on the pics it has some tape residue on it.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/allagescoming_1.mp3

LAS VEGAS CONNECTION: Running back To You / Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do * HEP'ME, M-, 225.- Euro, sold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lasvegasconrunning_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lasvegasconcantnob_1.mp3

THE WASHINGTON BROTHERS: Love Can Make You Happy / Don't Let It Go * CLOCKWERKE, M-, 225.- Euro, on hold
Semi-known and excellent 1978 funky modern with a great ballad flip
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/washingtonbrotherslovecan_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/washingtonbrothersdontletit_1.mp3

AL JAMES AND THE NEW RHYTHM BAND: Give Me Up Turn Me Loose * ALOCIS, M-, 125.- Euro
Hypnotic and super soulful Houston / Texas midtempo early 80's groover, this is the rarer solid centre 45.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/aljamesgivemeupturn_1.mp3

COMPASS: That’s Enough For Me / (You Are) Spring Of my Life * TRUE LOVE, VG+, slight label damage, 100.- Euro
Obscure smooth westcoast 70's soul 2-sider, that rarely pops up for sale
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/compassthatsenough_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/compassyouare_1.mp3

CLARENCE REID: Three Is A Crowd / You Got To Fight * ALSTON, M-, 100.- Euro, sold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/clarencereidthreeis_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/clarencereidyougotto_2.mp3

PATRICK GAMMON: When Can I See You * METRONOME, Made in Germany, Vinyl: M- / Sleeve: VG+, 60.- Euro, on hold
A record, that only came out in Krautland and Italy and what a nice floating jazzy 70's dancer this is. The next Ruby & The Mudflaps in the making....
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/patrickgammonwhencanisee_1.mp3

BRENDA LEE EAGER: When I'm With You * MERCURY, M-, 60.- Euro
Mellow groover of the highest order with an outstanding vocal performance by Mrs. Eager. This one got the production talents of Larry Mizell written all over it. Nothing less then a masterpiece!
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/brendaleeeagerwhenim_1.mp3

JEAN SHY: You've Got To Take It (If You Want It) / We've Got A Good Thing Going * FOX CAR, M-, 50.- Euro, sold
Beautiful down to midtempo soul that's dripping with soul.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jeanshyyouvegotto_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jeanshywevegota_1.mp3

JERRY HILTON AND THE GENTLE RAIN: Complete Opposites * SONIC, M-, 40.- Euro, sold
Semi known group crossover soul rarity.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerryhiltoncomplete_3.mp3

MORRIS DOW AND EASTERN SOUND: Black Child / Night Rider * DEE DEE, M- 40.- Euro, sold
Totally underrated two-sider for everybody, who apporeciates sophisticated 70's dance soul. One side is social aware crossover and the one side soulful funk. Highly recomended!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/morrisdowblackchild_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/morrisdownightrider_1.mp3

MARC LaROI CUMMINGS: Lots Of Love / Struggling Together * SETTING SUN, M-, 50.- Euro
Great 70’s Modern s-sider with some Ronnie McNeir involvement
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/marclaroilotsof_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/Marclaroistruggling_1.mp3

WINFIELD PARKER: I Wanna Be With You * P&L, M-, 35.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/winfieldparkeriwannabe_1.mp3

JOEY GILMORE: Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone / Do It To Me One More Time * PHIL-L.A.-OF SOUL, promo, M-, 35.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeygilmoresomebody_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeygilmoredoittome_1.mp3

SMOKE: Oh Love (We Finally Made It) / Love Let's Be Happy Now * MO-SOUL, M-, 30.- Euro, on hold
West coast 70's goodie with a moody and flawless Bob Relf production and a majestic Barry White arrangement.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/smokeohlove_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/smokeloveletsbe_1.mp3

PATTI AUSTIN: Magical Boy * UNITED ARTISTS, M-, 30.- Euro, on hold
Under the radar 70's dancer, so very very soulful.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pattiaustinmagicalboy_1.mp3

ANN SEXTON: I'm His Wife (You're Just A Friend) * SOUND STAGE 7, M- ,30.- Euros, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextonimhiswife_1.mp3

MAXINE BROWN: Treat me Like A Lady / I.O.U. * AVCO, promo, M.- 25.- Euro
Two great sides
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/maxinebrowntreatme_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/maxinebrowniou_1.mp3

SUADE: Open Up Your Mind (To My Mind) * RED LINE, M-, wol, 25.- Euro
Sometimes it's a thin line between two-step and sweet soul
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/suadeopenupyour_1.mp3

FRANKIE SANDERS: Take Another Look / Blues Time In Birmingham * JUANA, M-, 25.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/frankiesanderstakeanother_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/frankiesandersbluestime_1.mp3

BOBBY WOMACK: You're Welcome, Stop On By * UNITED ARTIST, M-, 10.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbywomackyourewel_1.mp3

PETE LANCASTER: Mellow Hustle * RST, Made in Austria, M- / M-, 30.- Euro
Pete Lancaster, a tall guy with gypsy origins, recorded a 45 on the legendary Star-Club-Label in Hamburg Germany and wrote countless songs for the likes of Herbie Mann or Dusty Springfield. This is virtually unknwon so far and it is great modern soul dancer. The 45 has been recorded in the early 80's with some Jazz-musicians in Vienna/Austria.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/petelancastermellow7_1.mp3

TWO TONS OF LOVE: Brown And Beautiful / It's A Bad Situation In A Beautiful Place * KAPP, M-, 25.- Euro, on hold
Super nice chicano crossover backed up by a latin tingled sister funk dancer.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/twotonsbrownand_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/twotonsitsabad_1.mp3

LEROY HUTSON: All Because Of You * CURTOM, M-, 20.- Euros, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leroyhudsonall_1.mp3

INNER SPACE: Break The Chain / Make It Hard On Him * SWEET FORTUNE, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/innerspacebreakthecha_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/innerspacemakeit_1.mp3

JOEY IRVING: Masterplan / On My Own * CONQUER, M- 20.- Euro
Cool Boogie Modern Soul on top side and a nice midtempo ballad on the flip.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeyirvingmasterplan_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeyirvingonmyown_1.mp3

UNIVERSAL MIND: Something Fishy Going On * RED COACH, M-, wol, 15.- Euro, sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/universalmindsomething_2.mp3

THE MOB: I'd Like To See More Of You * COLOSSUS; M-, 12.- Euro
Complete with it’s picture sleeve
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/mobidliketo_1.mp3

DONNY GERARD: He's Always Somewhere Around * GREEDY RECORDS LTD, M- 10.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/donnygerardhesalways_1.mp3

JAMES BRADLEY: I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love * MALACO, M-, 10.- Euro
Excellent 1979 stepper out of Florida with an immaculate Frederick Knight production.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesbradleyicant_1.mp3

THE IMPRESSIONS: Seven Years * CURTOM, M-, 10.- Euro, on hold
Driving 70's dancer, that outshines most of the big money rarities.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/impressionsseven_1.mp3

JAMES REESE AND THE PROGRESSIONS: Joker (Where Did You Come From) / He'll Never Go * NAJMA, M-, 10.- Euro
Previouly unreleased 70's soul gem
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesreesejoker_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesreesehellnever_1.mp3

Funky stuff

THE GATURS: Gatur Bait / Wasted * GATUR, VG++/VG+, 150.- Euro, on hold
In my book this is the best funk record ever recorded. Willie Tee is the man behind this New Orleans bomb and this guy recorded more good sides then you can shake a stick at.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gatursgaturbait_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gaturswasted_1.mp3

DUANE YATES & THE CAPRIS: Hold It * N-JOY, M-, 75.- Euro, on hold
Intense funky soul screamer out of Louisiana.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/duaneyatesholdit_1.mp3

BERRY STREET STATION feat. CAROLY SULLIVAN: I Don't Care No More / King Bee * LE CAM, M-, 60.- Euro, sold
Suicide soul with a moody funky twist on this rare Fort Worth release on one of Major Bill's outlets.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/berrystreetidontcare_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/berrystreetkingbee_1.mp3

ANNETTA: Get Away Boy / Since There's No More You * JUGGY, M-, 60.- Euro
Indemand funky soul backed up by a immense deep soul ballad. This is actually Anette Snell, who reorded a few sides for Dial in the 70's. Paul Kelly wrote both sides of this record and he braught her to the attention of Buddy Killen...
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annettagetaway_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annettasinceyouve_1.mp3

RODNEY TROTTER'S EGYPT: Space Nig*a / Jackpot On A Cosmic Ship (Las Vegas Politics) * GREEDY RECORDS LTD:, M-, 40.- Euro
1977 P-Funk influenced space funk 2-sider, totally off the hook and as weird as you like it.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rodneytrotterspace_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/rodneytrotterjackpot_1.mp3

GEORGE PORTER'S JOYRIDE: Cissy Strut / Sneaky Freaky * DEESU, M- 25.- Euro
Rare New Orleans cover of the Meters classic
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/georgeportercissy_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/georgeporterfreaky_1.mp3

soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fatbackbrother_1.mp3

COUNTER POINT: Early Dawn / You Made Me So Very Happy * JA-WES, M-, 30.- Euro
Modal Jazz 45 on a tiny chicago label with a funky drummer flippin' it in the background.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/counterpointsearly_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/counterpointsyoumade_1.mp3

STAR MATERIAL: Give Me Some Play / I Need You * SPRITE, M-, light label damage, 30.- Euro
Superb mid 70's funk backed up by a sweet group soul tune
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/starmaterialgivemsome_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/starmaterialineedyou_1.mp3

LEONARD (Lil' Man) KAIGLER: I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind * MAJOR, VG+, some ringwear on lbl, 25.- Euro, on hold
Excellent funky kiddie soul out of Detroit I believe
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonardkaiglericantget_1.mp3

ANN SEXTON: You're Losing me / You're Gonna Miss Me * SEVENTY-SEVEN, M-, 20.- Euro, on hold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextonyoureloosin_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/annsextonyouregonna_1.mp3

JUICE: Catch A Groove * GREEDY RECORDS LTD. M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/juicecatcha_1.mp3

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Welcome To The World * Phil-L.A. Of Soul, M.-, promo, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/greatexpectationswelcome_1.mp3

MESSIAH: Easy Livin' / Alpha Wave * MAGIC MINSTREL, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messiaheasylivin_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/messiahalphawave_1.mp3

WALTER "BUTTERBALL" DAVIS: Nobody Cares For A Junkie * BUTTERBALL, M- 35.- Euro
Private pressed funk obscurity by the guy, who recorded "Girl Stop Begging" on La Cade.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/walterbutterballdavisnob_2.mp3

BILL YATES AND HIS T-BIRDS: Don't Step On My Dog * SUN, M-, writings on label flipside, 30.- Euro, sold
Funky Memphis R&B on Sam Philips legendary Sun label with a fuzzed up bassline. Obviously an answer song to Rufus Thomas "Walking The Dog". In original Sun-company-sleeve
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/billyatesdontsteponmy_1.mp3

OTIS GOODWIN: I Feel It Just A Little Bit / Sometimes * JAZZ, M-, 20.- Euro, sticker on label flip, sold
deep flip!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/otisgoodwinifeelit_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/otisgoodwinsometimes_1.mp3

LAVELL HARDY: Don't Lose Your Groove / Women Of The World * ROJAC, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lavellhardydontlose_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lavellhardywomenofthe_1.mp3

JERRY WASHINGTON: Baby Don't Leave Me * EXCELLO, M-, 15.- Euro, sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jerrywashingtonbabydont_1.mp3

KING HANNIBAL: Wake Up * AWARE, promo, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kinghannibalwakeup_1.mp3

KING HANNIBAL: The Truth Shall Make You Free / It's What You Do * AWARE, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kinghannibalthetruth_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kinghannibalitswhatyou_1.mp3

GI GI: Daddy Love * SWEET, M- 15.- Euro
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gigidaddylove_1.mp3

JAMES RIVERS: Bird Brain / Tighten Up * EIGHT-BALL, M- 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesriversbirdbrain_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesriverstightenup_1.mp3

CHUCK WILLIS: Mother Fuyer * LA VAL, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/chickwillismotherfuyer_1.mp3

EDDIE LONG: Mo Jo Workout * FUN CITY, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddielongmojowork_1.mp3

SYL JOHNSON: Come On Sock It To Me / Try Me * TWILIGHT, M-, 12.- Euro, on hold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsoncomeonsock_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsontryme_2.mp3

SYL JOHNSON: Ode To Soul Man / I'll Take Thiose Skinny Legs * TWINIGHT, M-, 12.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonodeto_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonilltake_1.mp3

SYL JOHNSON: One Way Ticket To Nowhere / Kiss By Kiss * TWINIGHT, M-, 12.-
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsononeway_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonkissby_1.mp3

PUBLIC SCHOOL 13: Help (Kick The Habit) / Recess * JUGGERNAUT, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/publicscholl13help_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lostweekendbridge_2.mp3

Ballads - Sweet & Deep

GODS GIFT TO WOMAN: Stop And Think It Over / Groovin' * LISTENING POST, M-, 125.- Euro
Group soul rarity out of Louisiana.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttowomanstop_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttogroovin_1.mp3

SPLASH: Who Is Your Friend / So Long Joe * BLUE SOUL, M-, 50.- Euro1973 chicago sweet soul two sider, that never pops up for sale. The flipside "So Long Joe" is heavily lurking into crossover category and would be a nice addition to any early doors set.

soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/splashwhoisyour_1.mp3

soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/splasholongjoe_1.mp3

SPICE: I Need A Man / Reach Out * CLE AN THAIR, M-, 35.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spiceineedaman_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spicereachout_1.mp3

JULES JOHNSON AND THE DYNAMICS: Take A Lottle Time This Time * POLYDOR, promo, M-, 30.- Euro
Superb sweet soul from Memphis
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/julesjohnsontakealittle_1.mp3

BETTY RENAY AND THE LASTER-DAVIS CONSPIRACY: You're The One For Me / Money Honey * ULTRA-CITY, M-,"X" on label, 25.- Euro
Obscure Detroit deep soul beauty, written by Albert Jones with a quality funky flip.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettyrenayyourethe_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bettyrenaymoneyhon_1.mp3

POSITIVE EXPRESS: Not On The Outside * VICTORY, promo, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/positiveexpressnotonthe_1.mp3

THE ESQUIRES: Girls In The City / Ain't Gonna Give Up * LAMARR, M-, 15.- Euro
Sweet crossover backed up by a nice uptempo dancer
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/esquiresgirlsin_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/esquiresaintgonna_1.mp3

PIC AND BILL: How Many Times * CHARAY; M-, 15.- Euro
Dead slow Texas deep soul, painfully good.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/picandbillhowmany_1.mp3

MARGIE ALEXANDER: Can I Be Your Main Thing / It Can't last Forever * ATLANTIC, M- 15.- Euro
One of the best deep ballads ever recorded. This is the harder issue copy with a beautiful crossover flipside, that's missing on the promos. Stone mint stocker here!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/margiealexandercanibe_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/margiealexanderitcant_1.mp3

OHIO PLAYERS: Varee Is Love / Walt's First Trip * WESTBOUND, M- 10.- Euro
Immaculate sweet soul cut by the might Ohio Players. Flip it over for a quality funk instrumental!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayersvaree_1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayerswalts_1_1.mp3














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