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4 New Soul 45s Auction: Charmels, Carl Hall, Chuck Wood, Bunny Sigler

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This week, we added four new 45s to our Louise Neal 45 Soul Auctions page, which features eye-popping, previously unplayed promo treasures from the Louise Neal Soul 45 collection. See the Auctions page for photos.
  • Carl Henry Hall, Mercury 72318 (promo), 1964. "Summertime / Let Me Down Easy" Condition: M- (M|M-|M-) You have never heard Gershwin's "Summertime" until you hear this spectacular -- and highly danceable -- Northern Soul arrangement! The flip is another uptempo winner. This beautiful promo copy has pristine Mint labels, and the vinyl and audio are very close to Mint. MB $200. 
  • Charmels, Volt 155 (promo), 1967. "As Long As I've Got You / Baby Come And Get It" Condition: M (M|M|M) This is a new, unplayed promo copy of the most sought-after single by this obscure female group, featuring two delightful Northern Soul tracks. The labels have a faint touch of storage wear, and the vinyl has a very gentle, no-impact warp. The audio, I'm pleased to say, is pristine Mint on both sides. Comes in a crisp Atlantic-Atco factory sleeve. MB $200. High Bid: $280 | Auction ends midnight EST Monday, Sept. 21.
  • Chuck Wood, Roulette 4754 (promo), 1967. "Seven Days Too Long / Soul Shing-A-Ling" Condition: M- (M-|M-|M) What a great, propulsive dancer this one is! No wonder it's one of Kev Roberts' Top 500 Northern Soul 45s -- in fact, this one is #10 on that list! This new, unplayed promo copy has pristine Mint labels, and the A side audio is Mint as well. The vinyl would also grade Mint, but there's a very gentle warp (almost too slight to mention) that has no impact on the playback or audio. Comes in a crisp Roulette Records factory sleeve and includes an original Roulette Records shipping package sent to Louise Neal. MB $100. High Bid: $100 | Auction ends midnight EST Wed., Sept. 23.
  • Daydreams, Dynamo 107 (promo), 1967. "Been Ready For A Long Time / Sit Down And Think" Condition: M (M-|M|M) The A side is an irresistible slice of Northern Soul, a definite dance winner! After cleaning, this new, unplayed promo reveals pristine Mint vinyl and audio. The labels grade Near Mint to reflect a faint touch of storage wear. High Bid: $65 | Auction ends midnight EST Fri., September 25.
  • Bunny Sigler, Parkway 6001 (promo), 1968. "Follow Your Heart / Can You Dig It" Condition: M (M|M|M) Two terrific dancers, with an A side that earns a mention in Kev Roberts' book of the top Northern Soul 45s -- at spot #540. This new, unplayed promo (two shields design) comes in a crisp Cameo/Parkway factory sleeve. It has no notable flaws, grading Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio). MB $70.

If you are interested in bidding, please visit the Louise Neal 45 Soul Auctions page for images and an explanation of the auction process. 

Other 45s still available for bidding include:

  • Shirelles, Scepter 12198 (promo), 1967. "Last Minute Miracle / No Doubt About It" Condition: M- (M|M-(sw)|M) This was the seminal Girl Group's last chart single. It features top-notch Northern Soul dancers on both sides, and the A side comes in at #278 in Kev Roberts' list of the Top 500 Northern Soul 45s. Comes in an crisp Scepter Records factory sleeve. This new, unplayed promo copy has pristine Mint labels and audio. The vinyl grades Near Mint to reflect a gentle warp that has no effect on playback or audio. MB $70
  • Anna King, Ludix 103, 1963. "The Big Change / You Don't Love Me Anymore" Condition: M (M|M-|M) This early Anna King single will surprise fans who know her mainly from her Smash sides with James Brown, which lean toward the Funky side of Soul. Here, King swings with a decidedly Northern Soul feel. Both sides are sure bets to fill the dance floor, and this new, unplayed stock copy will ensure the purest audio possible! With its beautiful Mint labels and pristine audio, I'm grading the record Mint overall, but note that the Vinyl grade is Near Mint to reflect some very light storage wear (but no scuffing). MB $80.
  • Jeanette Harper, 20th Century 6683 (promo), 1966. "Put Me In Your Pocket / To Be Loved" Condition: M- (M|M|M-) This wonderful single, featuring signature Northern Soul tracks on both sides, sits at #253 in Kev Roberts' list of the Top 500 Northern Soul 45s. Comes in an crisp 20th Century Records factory sleeve. This new, unplayed promo copy has pristine Mint labels and vinyl, and the audio on "Pocket" is also pristine; the B side audio has very light surface noise, which is why we're grading the audio Near Mint. MB $200.
  • Carmen Cole, Groove 0045 (promo), 1964. "I'll Never Stand In Your Way / Step Right Up" Condition: M- (M-|M-(sw)|M) Here's a beautiful, unplayed promo of this terrific Northern Soul single, in its original Groove Records factory sleeve. The A side label is pristine, while the flip has a touch of ringwear. The vinyl would grade Mint but has a gentle warp with no effect on playback or audio, which remains pristine. MB $90.


Louise Neal was a black female disk jockey from North Carolina who had a 3-hour Soul/RnB/Blues show from the late 1950s through the mid-1960s. During that time, she collected thousands of (mostly) promo 45s at her home from the many record companies she was registered with for receiving promotional material--ABC, Atlantic/Atco, Chess/Checker/Cadet, Decca, Brunswick, Shout, Stax/Volt, Fame, Imperial, Jubilee, Okeh, Sue, Philles, SureFine, Vee-Jay, Kent, Duke, Bell, Paula/Ronn, Rojac, Peacock, Motown (all labels), Veep, Capitol, Modern, Dial, Jamie and many others. A large number of these precious 45s accumulated unopened in their original shipping packages after Neal left the business and moved to New York in 1967. (Also during 1963-65, when Neal had earlier left town.) Most are highly collectable and extremely rare Northern Soul singles with book Louise Nealvalues ranging well above $100... a few above $1,000! Many are pristine--unplayed and with a bare minimum of storage wear. Others may exhibit very light storage wear and/or an "x" marked on the label. A good many come in their original factory sleeve, some of which are rare and valuable on their own these days.

The collection also contains rarities and classics of interest to fans of RnB, Blues, Girl Groups, Doo Wop, and various other genres of Rock.

Louise Neal collection: Shipping packages for the promo 45sWe began selling records from the Louise Neal collection in June 2015, and it will take years for us to get through everything. To see what's for sale, what's already sold, and what's coming up, visit the Louise Neal Collection page on Classic 45s (http://www.classic45s.com/). We continue to add more details about the collection as time permits. This page shows all the Louise Neal 45s we've added to date (some have sold).

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