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Soul Source Back On The Road

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... to ruin :lol:

posted a bit about last 14 or so days on here


know tempting fate but so far does seem that by monday be back to 100%

Hooray :D

I've never met you (try to look a little less relieved please) but you hold a very specail place in my heart

If a leggy gobshite ever throws herself at you and smothers you in an array of kisses - don't start to cry, it'll only be me :ohmy:

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Well done Mike and thanks for taking all the time to keep the site going !

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if we had any cynical members on here sure they be saying the next bit is just a ploy to distract kirsty


but as havent any such members, think ok to just add that big thanks are due from me to the mod team, who have kept things going on here


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