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Promos ENDING today; Seven Souls, Okeh 7289; Exits, Gemini 1004

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This week, we added four new 45s to our Louise Neal 45 Soul Auctions page, which features eye-popping, previously unplayed promo treasures from the Louise Neal Soul 45 collection. See the Auctions page for photos.
  • Seven Souls, Okeh 7289 (promo), 1967.  "I Still Love You / I'm No Stranger" Condition: M- (M|M-|M) You really can't go wrong with either side of this rare single! This new, unplayed promo comes in its original Okeh Records factory sleeve (which itself shows some storage wear). The labels are so close to perfect I'm grading them Mint, and there's no doubt about the audio: It's flawless, both sides! The vinyl (styrene) is graded Near Mint to reflect some very light storage-related visual artifacts.
    High Bid: $800 USD | Auction ends 9PM EST Wed., Oct. 7.
  • Exits, Gemini 1004 (promo), 1967.  "Under The Street Lamp / You Got To Have Money". Condition: M (M-|M|M) Skipping by the delightful, mid-tempo A side, most collectors go straight for the great dance track on the flip... A definite winner! Aside from some very light age-fading of the white background on the labels, this new, unplayed promo copy is pristine Mint!     High Bid: $130 USD | Auction ends 9PM EST Wed., Oct. 7. 

If you are interested in bidding, please visit the Louise Neal 45 Soul Auctions page for images and an explanation of the auction process. 

Other 45s still available for bidding include:

  • Invincibles, Warner Bros. 7061 (promo), 1967.  "Woman Is The Soul Of A Man / Git It"   Condition: M (M|M|M) Wow! Talk about great Northern Soul dance music! You can't go wrong with either side of this rare single, though "Woman" gets the nod from most Northern Soul enthusiasts. This new, unplayed promo comes in a crisp Warner Bros. Records factory sleeve. It has no notable flaws (even a very faint warp is hardly worth mentioning), grading Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio).      MB: $75
  • Bunny Sigler, Parkway 6001 (promo), 1968. "Follow Your Heart / Can You Dig It" Condition: M (M|M|M) Two terrific dancers, with an A side that earns a mention in Kev Roberts' book of the top Northern Soul 45s -- at spot #540. This new, unplayed promo (two shields design) comes in a crisp Cameo/Parkway factory sleeve. It has no notable flaws, grading Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio). MB $70.
  • Carl Henry Hall, Mercury 72318 (promo), 1964. "Summertime / Let Me Down Easy" Condition: M- (M|M-|M-) You have never heard Gershwin's "Summertime" until you hear this spectacular -- and highly danceable -- Northern Soul arrangement! The flip is another uptempo winner. This beautiful promo copy has pristine Mint labels, and the vinyl and audio are very close to Mint. MB $200. 


Louise Neal was a black female disk jockey from North Carolina who had a 3-hour Soul/RnB/Blues show from the late 1950s through the mid-1960s. During that time, she collected thousands of (mostly) promo 45s at her home from the many record companies she was registered with for receiving promotional material--ABC, Atlantic/Atco, Chess/Checker/Cadet, Decca, Brunswick, Shout, Stax/Volt, Fame, Imperial, Jubilee, Okeh, Sue, Philles, SureFine, Vee-Jay, Kent, Duke, Bell, Paula/Ronn, Rojac, Peacock, Motown (all labels), Veep, Capitol, Modern, Dial, Jamie and many others. A large number of these precious 45s accumulated unopened in their original shipping packages after Neal left the business and moved to New York in 1967. (Also during 1963-65, when Neal had earlier left town.) Most are highly collectable and extremely rare Northern Soul singles with book Louise Nealvalues ranging well above $100... a few above $1,000! Many are pristine--unplayed and with a bare minimum of storage wear. Others may exhibit very light storage wear and/or an "x" marked on the label. A good many come in their original factory sleeve, some of which are rare and valuable on their own these days.

The collection also contains rarities and classics of interest to fans of RnB, Blues, Girl Groups, Doo Wop, and various other genres of Rock.

Louise Neal collection: Shipping packages for the promo 45sWe began selling records from the Louise Neal collection in June 2015, and it will take years for us to get through everything. To see what's for sale, what's already sold, and what's coming up, visit the Louise Neal Collection page on Classic 45s (http://www.classic45s.com/). We continue to add more details about the collection as time permits. This page shows all the Louise Neal 45s we've added to date (some have sold).

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Updated auction info.

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