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Cheap Storming Northern

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Postage £2.50 to the U.K. (recorded), £3.50 to Europe, £4.50 to anywhere else, regardless of the size of package. (Your second and third record etc incurs NO postage charge!!!!!) Apologies in advance for the quality of the soundclips - I'm not very technically minded!!!!! If you have any reservations about the playing quality of any record, please get in touch and also don't forget that I offer a full money back guarantee (including postage) if not happy for ANY reason

Outsiders - Gotta Leave Us Alone - Capitol £10 

Light wear and tiny letter "s" in red biro on label - STORMING!!!!! 

 Gotta Leave Us Alone O.MP3

Carolyn Carter - I'm Thru - Jamie (WHITE PROMO) £12 

Light scuffs to vinyl - Plays fine - Powerful, dramatic Northern!!! 

 Im Thru CC.MP3

Rip Tide - Dynamite - Josie (WHITE PROMO) £58 SOLD 

Fantastic R & B meets Funk meets Northern!!!!!!!! 

Junior Wells - Up In Heah - Bright Star £10 

Light wear to label and vinyl - Forget the title - GREAT!!!!! 

 Up In Heah JW.MP3

Billy Harner - Sally Sayin' Somethin' - Kama Sutra £10 

Light wear to vinyl - FANTASTIC!!!!

 Sally Sayin Somethim BH.MP3 

Herbert Hunter - The Big Oak Tree - Poncello £58 

Can't recommend this enough - BARGAIN PRICE - Pounding, top drawer Northern!!!!! 

 Big Oak Tree HH.MP3

Mitty Collier - Help Me - Chess £6 

"Drill hole" otherwise decent enough copy - Paced Soul mover!! 

 Help Me MC.MP3

Ray Charles - I Can't Stop Loving You Baby - ABC £10 

Very slight edge lift - STORMING!!!!! 

 I Cant Stop Loving You Baby RC.MP3

Thanks for looking and listening


Gotta Leave Us Alone O.MP3

Im Thru CC.MP3

Up In Heah JW.MP3

Sally Sayin Somethim BH.MP3

Big Oak Tree HH.MP3

Help Me MC.MP3

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