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Tri-City, Ultra-City & Moonville USA

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I've read few times that the Soul Merchants and the 21st Century were first edited on Tri-City label ? But in my book, Id' have them classified first on Moonville USA for the Soul Merchants and on Ultra-City for the 21st Century. Going by label design and chronology it simply follows. Is this right ? Even though there are two #321. Maybe one mistake rather than a ultra complex/chaotic  catalogue numbering system.

First one has catalogue number on bottom. Never more after. So I'd put those followers two prior. Then the new numbering with #313 on Tri-City, then back on Manville USA with #314 then Tri-City #315, Ultra-City #316, #317. Tri-City #318 & #319... then numbering becomes rather complicated.

Most likely, TC #318 & #319 were re-issued at the time the 2 Kapp were also released, as what seemed to be a good commercial opportunity for Choker Campbell and his logo to "break through".

What ever happened to that... 5618c3f793d92_Capture_dcran_2015-10-10__



THEN there's those 2 with the same catalogue numbers: 5618c489854ca_Capture_dcran_2015-10-10__5618c4a1d07f6_Capture_dcran_2015-10-10__

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Nightmare group of labels to get in order.I will pull mine out if i get time and look at run out info. There is another 315 number. Ultra City 315 - Loves Alchmey (typo on label).Its a garage thing. D

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Nightmare group of labels to get in order.I will pull mine out if i get time and look at run out info.

There is another 315 number. Ultra City 315 - Loves Alchmey (typo on label).Its a garage thing.

Dont forget Better World in the group of labels. Better World 4357 - Shades of Time.



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The 321 numbers aren't the same. The full cat. numbers are TC 321 and 70-321.

And then there was the gospel album with cat. no. TC 3000.

There was also Better World BW 4356 - Southern Trumpets.

All the labels are on discogs with scans.






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