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Members Accounts Clean Up - Only Active Members

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on a roll at moment and so the improvements/sort outs continue with aim for 100% in next couple of days

All "closed" accounts have been deleted - there were 1400+ of these

A month or so ago 1200 plus old accounts were deleted, and 1400+ not been used since 01 jan 2006 acounts were moved into "closed" section

these have now been deleted along with all other closed accounts

end resut is soul source has 2,209 registered active members

all these have logged into site since 01 Jan 2006

Have had over 6000 members on here since using this forum software and while could have kept it like that as more impressive, an active member count was choosen as its more reliable and accruate, helps the site work better and better for members !

As said its all part of a overdue sort out, new member registration is turned off but will return hopefully tomorrow with new features that will help avoid probs been having

as with all stuff like this there is a chance of errors

if any existing member is having probs with login etc

please use the contact link at top and let us know



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