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Guest kermack

Mercend, Tel Aviv

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Guest kermack

Well after everything, the recent war being the main reason, our first 'northern' night in Tel Aviv finally got off the ground and was a great success.

Not packed by any means but a (mostly) young enthusiastic crowd kept the dance floor busy.

Here's some of the sounds played, first Dana Kesslers spot:

I'll do anything - Doris Troy - Calla-

Put your arms around me - The Sherrys - JJ-

Breaking down the walls of heartache - Johnny Johnson - Direction-

Do the temptation walk - Jackie Lee - Mirwood-

Tell me baby - Karmello Brooks - Milestone-

My sugar baby - Connie Clarke - Joker-

Loving you takes all of my time - The Debonaires - Solid Hit-

That's Enough - Roscoe Robinson - Wand-

Suspicion - The Originals - Acetate-

Exus Track - luther Ingram & his Orchestra - HIB-

Baby hit and run - The Contours - Gordy-

Stolen Hours - Patrice Holloway - Capitol-

Cards on the table - The Diplomats - Arock-

Quittin time - International Kansas City Playboys - Wheelsville-

It's gonna be a false alarm - The Volcanos - Harthon-

The time is right for love - Bobby Reed - Bell

and mine........they managed to get me off after about an hour and a half !!

The Vondels - Hey girl, how you've changed (Airtown Testpress)

The Charades - Keys to my happiness (MGM)

Youngblood Smith - You can split (Verve)

Wooden Nickels - Nobody but you (Omen)

E.Rodney Jones - R'n'B time (Tuff)

Prince Ella & Sidney Jones - Baby sugar I love you (Prince)

Freddie Williams - I got to live while I can (Hollywood)

John Bowie - Your gonna miss a good thing baby (Merben)

Patti Drew - Stop & listen (Capitol)

MiracleWorkers - Love in my soul (Scam)

Sunday - Ain't got no problems (Alteen)

Bobby Peyton - Keep calling me (Hilton)

Delreys - Mama was right (New Breed)

Bernard Williams - Focused on you (Harthon)

Herb Ward - Strange change (Argo)

Dennise LaSalle - Love reputation (Chess)

The Four Sights - Love is a hurting game (Shy Soul)

Sir Guy Armond - God Bless the woman (Scam)

Furys - I lost my baby (Mark IV)

Sharon Soul - How can I get to you (Wild Deuce)

Chandlers - Your love makes me lonley (Col Soul)

Ray & Dave - Wrong wrong wrong (Mica)

Darrow Fletcher - What good am I (Jacklyn)

Brothers Of Soul - I'd be gratefull (Boo)

Classic Sulivans - Shame shame shame (Masterkey)

Abraham & his Sons - Your mother understood (Revue)

Sonji Clay - I cant wait (Songee)

other playlists to follow......................as one guy said to me after ''just music with good vibes''


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Guest kermack

There is no formal scene as such, northern is really in it's infancy here.

What there is mainly centered around the Neeman brothers (Soul of the Net), who love all things soulfull. They have recently been 'shaken up' by a bunch of very dedicated younger guy's who want to put northern on the map over here, hence our now monthly gatherings.

Tel Aviv itself has a very rich nightclub scene and seems to be highly regarded on the dance/house scene worldwide.

Oh and then there's me, the token Brit expat. I must seem like a dinosaur to these people.......the old man of the (soul) mountain !!!

Currently we're looking for a bigger venue and to widen the musical format (maybe a funk spot?!!).

All in all maybe a hard core of 50+ soulies, not many but a start.

And it does my jaded cynical heart good when a young guy comes running up to me after hearing The Chandlers and tells me what ''an amazing tune, great, fantastic''

Yoni Neeman's spot

Jimmy Robbins ''I just cant please you'' (Jerhart)

Chuck Jackson ''Hand it over'' (Wand)

Royal Jokers ''Love games from A to Z'' (Wingate)

Art Freeman ''Slippin around' (Fame)

James Barnett ''Keep on Talking'' (Fame)

JJ Barnes ''Our love is in the pocket'' (Revilot)

Darrell Banks ''I'm the one who loves you'' (Volt)

Fascinations ''Girls are out to get you'' (Mayfield)

The Jades ''I'm where it's at'' (Nightlife)

And remember nearly everything over here is a ''newie''


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