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Huge saleslist Northern, Modern, R&B sweet * MP3

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To order: PM me . Records will be reserved on a strict first come, first served basis.

Postage to Europe is Euro 5,50 for the first record, add 0,50 Euro for each additional 45
Worldwide Postage is Euro 8.- for the first record, add 1.- Euro for each additional 45

I recomend registration for more expensive orders!

Trade offers and wants lists are always welcome



THE CHOSEN FEW BAND: What It Takes To Live * BUFFALO'S REFLECTION, M-, 1000.- Euro, sold
One of the toughest Modern Soul 45s out there. Uptempo 70's soul masterpiece in immaculate condition!
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/chosenfewband_1.mp3

JEWEL: Paradise * JEWEL PRODUCTIONS, VG++, scratched out adress on label, VG++, 475.- Euro, on hold
Classic Modern Soul spin in great nick with only light pops during the intro. Scratched out adress a sure hint, that it went through Soul Bowl records back in the days
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jewelparadise_1.mp3

ONYX: Break It Loose * NIA, promo, strong VG, near VG+, 275.- Euro, on hold
Awesome westcaost funky soul dancer, that is en vogue for all the right reasons. Dancefloor pleasing greatness and on many peoples wantlist
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/onyxbreakitloose_1.mp3

WILL COLLINS & WILL POWER: Anything I Can Do * DERBY, made in Italy, Vinyl: VG++ with a tiny edge chip (down left on the pic) not affecting play at all / Sleeve: VG to VG+ with 2 smal splits. 250.- Euro, sold
Sold it twice in the last two months and both customers didn’t pay. One is a big name UK DJ by the way. So, if the next dude, who puts this on hold, doesn’t pay, I throw this in the bin!
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willcollinanythingican_1.mp3

KATHLEEN EMERY: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Evil Ways * LOVE RECORDS, Vinyl: M- with a soft warp, not affecting play / Sleeve: VG+ with intact corners but light wrinkles, 225.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kathleenemerymotherless_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kathleenemeryevilways_1.mp3

THE UPTIGHTS: Shy Guy * COLUMBIA, promo, VG+, 200.- Euro, on hold
Uptempo girlie Northern Soul, that ticks all the boxes. This is actually Doris Duke/Willingham singing.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/uptightsshyguy_1.mp3

7 DAYS UNLIMITED: Dirt (In The Sky) / Early Morning Break * FIRE MOUNTAIN, M-, 125.- Euro, sold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/7daysunlimiteddirt_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/7daysunlimitedearly_1.mp3

GLENDA SHUREE: Someone Like You * C&F, M-, 125.- Euro
Awesome westcoast sister funk, that rarely pops up for sale
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/glendashureesomeonelike_1.mp3

SOUL BROTHERS SIX: Some Kind Of Wonderful / I'll Be Loving You * ATLANTIC Testpress, VG+, 100.- Euro
Matrix reads A-1204/A-1205. Genuine original Atlantic testpress and for sure the rarest format for this awesome 2-sided Northern Soul gem
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulbrotherssixsomekindof_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/soulbrotherssixillbelov_1.mp3

BIG DAVE AND THE HOT CITY BAND: She Gives Me What I Want When I Need It / Do It To It * GLITTER FUNK, VG++, 100.- Euro, on hold
Pittsburgh funky Modern Soul winner with an overlooked great flip
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bigdaveshegivesme_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bigdavedoittoit_1.mp3

THE VIKINGS: Heartaches (Don't Last Forever) / Never Seen A Stranger * VOYAGE, VG+ / VG++, 125.- Euro, sold
Detroit funky 70's soul, that got all the ingredients to go big. Flip it over for a perfect slice of group crossover soul. Breathtaking good record on both sides, don't sleep!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vikingsheartaches_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/vikingsneverseena_1.mp3

MANZEL: Space Funk / Jump Street * FRATERNITY, VG+, 100.- Euro, on hold
Milestone funk record outta Ohio
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/manzelspacefunk_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/manzeljumpstz_1.mp3

JANET HELMS: I Love, I Love You Baby / Sad Sad Lover * STONE GROOVE, promo, VG+, wol, ringwear on label, 100.- Euro
Super rare local Washington D.C. jazzy edged, shuffling funky sister soul backed up with a quality ballad
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/janethelmsilove_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/janethelmssadsad_1.mp3

MARLENE KING: Throwing Stones * NAJMA, M-, 100.- Euro
Semi-known crossover gem, that reminds me of Ella Woods "I Need Your Love".
Soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/marlenekingthrowing_1.mp3

BOBBIE ROBERSON: Don't You Leave Me Baby / Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby * BOLIVIA, M-, 75.- Euro
Beautiful slice of downbeat soul. Flipside lurks heavy into crossover-territory
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbierobersondontyoule_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/bobbierobersondontturn_1.mp3

TOMMY BUSH: Stop And Think! * SPECIALITY, promo, VG+, H20 damage to label, 50.- Euro, sold
Overlooked funky soul on this mighty westcoast label.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tommybushstopandthink_1.mp3

COMPASS: That’s Enough For Me / (You Are) Spring Of my Life * TRUE LOVE, VG+, slight label damage, 75.- Euro, sold
Obscure smooth westcoast 70's soul 2-sider, that rarely pops up for sale
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/compassthatsenough_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/compassyouare_1.mp3

MARC LaROI CUMMINGS: Lots Of Love / Struggling Together * SETTING SUN, M-, 50.- Euro
Great 70’s Modern s-sider with some Ronnie McNeir involvement
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/marclaroilotsof_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/Marclaroistruggling_1.mp3

ROBERT JONES SINGERS: Trying To Reach My Goal * ROBMATT, VG+, 50.- Euro
Hands-in-the air-styled funky gospel soul from 1975.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/robertjonessingerstry_1.mp3

CAL BRANDON: 24 Hour Love Man / I Kept On Smiling * HIT MAN; VG, light label damage, 50.- Euro, sold
Deep Alabama 70's soul dancer recorded at Muscle Shoals. Two great sides!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/calbrandon24hourslove_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/calbrandonikeptonsmili_1.mp3

ALDER RAY MATHIS: Take Me Baby / I Want To Get Married * JETSTAR, promo, M-, wol, 40.- Euro
Funky Northern Soul
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/alderraymathistakeme_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/alderraymathisiwantto_1.mp3

THE GIRLS: The Hurt's Still Here / Mark My Words * MEMPHIS, VG+, 40.- Euro
Only light marks that do not affect the play keep this from being M-, great southern crossover shuffler with a funky flip
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/girlsthehurtis_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/girlsmarkmy_1.mp3

AL DOWNING: I'm Just Nobody * POLYDOR, M-, 40.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/aldowningimjustnobody_1.mp3

THE HALLELUIAH CHORUS: I've Got To Find A Way * NICKEL, VG+, with some spots on the run in groove, not affecting play! 40.- Euro
Superb mellow groover on Richard Pegue's Nickel label.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/halleluliahchorusivegot_1.mp3

TONY AND TANDY: Bitter With The Sweet * COTILLION, promo, wol, M-, 40.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tonyandtandybitterwith_1.mp3

WALES WALLACE: Somebody I KNow * BRC, VG++, 40.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/waleswallacesomebody_1.mp3

FUNKY: Funky Stop * MECANO, Made in Canada, 40.- Euro, sold
Cool canadian disco funk, that works wonders when dropped in a club
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/funkyfunkystop_1.mp3

THE HESITATIONS: No Brag Just Fact * GWP, VG to VG+, 30.- Euro
Funky group soul of the highest order and way better then their outplayed "Is This The Way To Treat A Girl".
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/hesitationsnobrags_1.mp3

JIMMY DELPHS: Almost * CARLA, VG++, 25.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jimmydelphsalmost_2.mp3

EDDIE BO: Hook And Sling * SCRAM, VG+, wol, 25.- Euro, sold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/eddiebohookand_1.mp3

JOE QUARTERMAN & FREE SOUL: Get Down Baby * MERCURY, M-, wol, 25.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joequartemangetdown_1.mp3

THE FIVE WAGERS: You're My World / Until I Found You * NATION TIME, strong VG near VG+, "X" on label, sticker on label, 25.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fivewagersyouremy_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/fivewagersuntilifoundyou_2.mp3

THE MAD LADS: Did My Baby Call? * VOLT, M- 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/madladsdidmybaby_1.mp3

IRENE REID: Dirty Old Man * OLD TOWN, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/irenereiddirtyoldman_1.mp3

CLARENCE MURRAY: Don't Talk Like That * SSS INTERANTIONAL, promo, M-, 20.- Euro, on hold
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/clarencemurraydonttalk_1.mp3

JOHNNY BRISTOL: Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me * HANDSHAKE, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/johnnybristolovenolonger_1.mp3

THE OVATIONS: Till I Find Some Way / Sweet Thing * XL, VG, 20.- Euro
George Jackson penned on both sides
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ovationstillifind_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ovationssweetthing_1.mp3

WILLARD BURTON: Let Me Be Your Pacifier / Warm The Pot * MONEY, M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willardburtonletmebeyour_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/willardburtonwarmthe_1.mp3

GENE MILLER: Sho Is Good * HI, promo, VG-, plays VG+, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/genebowlegsshoisgood_1.mp3

KIM WESTON: Take Me In Your Arms * GORDY, M-, 20.- Euro
Mint in company sleeve!
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kimwestontakemein_1.mp3

TAMMI TERRELL: This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) * MOTOWN, M-, 15.- Euro
Mint in company sleeve
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/tammiterrellthisold_1.mp3

LAFAYETTE AFRO-ROCK BAND: Voodounon / Oglenon * EDITION MAKOSSA, wol, VG++ / VG++ (sleeve), 30.- Euro
Afro Funk psych 45 with breaks housed in it's original sleeve
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lafayetteafrovoodoo_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lafayetteafroogleon_1.mp3

CAROL QUINN: Good Boy Gone Bad * MGM, M-, 30.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/carolequinngoodboy_1.mp3

LEON HAYWOOD: It's Got To Be Mellow / Cornbread And Buttermilk * DECCA, made in Canada, 30.- Euro, sold
Much rarer canadian issue of this midtempo gem + a cool funky mod soul flip
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonhaywooditsgot_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/leonhaywoodcornbread_2.mp3

MARY WELLS: If You Can't Give Her Love (Give Her Up) * REPRISE, promo, M-, 30.- Euro, on hold
This here has Bobby Womack written all over it: it's quite obvious his guitar playing and the production credits go to the master as well.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/marywellsifyoucantgive_1.mp3

GLORIA EDWARDS: (Need Nobody To Help Me) Keep Up With My Man / Anything You Want * KING, M-, wlp, 30.- Euro, sold
Mindblowing early 70's soul on side one and a funky edged dancer on side two.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gloriaedwardsneednobody_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gloriaedwardsanything_1.mp3

GWEN McCRAE: Lead Me On * COLUMBIA, demo, M-, 25.- Euro, on hold
Flroida crossover soul perfection
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/gwenmccraeleadmeon_1.mp3

KING SPORTY: Thinking Of You * KONDUKO, VG+, 25.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/kingsportythinking_1.mp3

LaVON BRIDGES: With A Smile (On My Face) * GLORECO, M-, 50.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/lavonbridgeswithasmil_1.mp3

THE UNLUV'D: An Exception To The Rule / Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm * PARKWAY, M-, drill hole in lbl, 15.- Euro
Unplayed copy of this outstanding blue-eyed Northern stomper
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdanexcept_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/unluvdaintgonna_1.mp3

Great Miami R&B moover
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/billrobinsonthecow_1.mp3

THE DELLS: There Is / Show Me * CADET, M-, 10.- Euro, sold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dellsthereis_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/dellsshowme_1.mp3

PATTI AUSTIN: Magical Boy * UNITED ARTISTS, promo, VG+ 25.- Euro, sold
Under the radar 70's dancer, so very very soulful.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/pattiaustinmagicalboy_2.mp3

PETE LANCASTER: Mellow Hustle * RST, Made in Austria, M- / M-, 30.- Euro
Pete Lancaster, a tall guy with gypsy origins, recorded a 45 on the legendary Star-Club-Label in Hamburg Germany and wrote countless songs for the likes of Herbie Mann or Dusty Springfield. This is virtually unknwon so far and it is great modern soul dancer. The 45 has been recorded in the early 80's with some Jazz-musicians in Vienna/Austria.
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/petelancastermellow7_1.mp3

JOEY IRVING: Masterplan / On My Own * CONQUER, M- 20.- Euro
Cool Boogie Modern Soul on top side and a nice midtempo ballad on the flip.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeyirvingmasterplan_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/joeyirvingonmyown_1.mp3

DONNY GERARD: He's Always Somewhere Around * GREEDY RECORDS LTD, M- 10.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/donnygerardhesalways_1.mp3

JAMES REESE AND THE PROGRESSIONS: Joker (Where Did You Come From) / He'll Never Go * NAJMA, M-, 10.- Euro
Previouly unreleased 70's soul gem, that hit the scene by storm. This guy recorded an indemand funk tune for Najma and Russell Paine a London based collector and DJ found the mastertapes for this and released it earlier this year. A must have and limited too!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesreesejoker_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/jamesreesehellnever_1.mp3

JUICE: Catch A Groove * GREEDY RECORDS LTD. M-, 20.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/juicecatcha_1.mp3

CHUCK WILLIS: Mother Fuyer * LA VAL, M-, 15.- Euro
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/chickwillismotherfuyer_1.mp3

SYL JOHNSON: Ode To Soul Man / I'll Take Thiose Skinny Legs * TWINIGHT, M-, 12.- Euro, sold
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonodeto_2.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/syljohnsonilltake_1.mp3

GODS GIFT TO WOMAN: Stop And Think It Over / Groovin' * LISTENING POST, M-, 100.- Euro, sold
Group soul rarity out of Louisiana.
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttowomanstop_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/godsgifttogroovin_1.mp3

SPICE: I Need A Man / Reach Out * CLE AN THAIR, M-, 30.- Euro
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spiceineedaman_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/spicereachout_1.mp3

JULES JOHNSON AND THE DYNAMICS: Take A Little Time This Time * POLYDOR, promo, M-, 25.- Euro
Superb sweet soul from Memphis
soundfile: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/julesjohnsontakealittle_1.mp3

OHIO PLAYERS: Varee Is Love / Walt's First Trip * WESTBOUND, M- 10.- Euro
Immaculate sweet soul cut by the might Ohio Players. Flip it over for a quality funk instrumental!
soundfile 1: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayersvaree_1_1.mp3
soundfile 2: http://www.hamburgcitysoul.com/upload/ohioplayerswalts_1_1.mp3






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