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Hi Everyone

A reward from raresoul45s to our loyal customers


A very special flash sale has just started, I’m able to offer this great selection of quality 45s for way below there their market price. Take a close look this means there are some super bargains to be had.

You can find all the 45s on the website by using the search facility.  http://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/home

Don’t delay


Heres the website link http://www.raresoul45s.co.uk/home

Thanks Darren


Otis Leavell         baby      50 WAS 75

Bob Brady           goodbye baby   75 WAS 100

Doris Wilson        big flame is gonna break   75 WAS 125

Jimmy Ruffin      don't feel sorry for me  125 WAS 200

Dave Newman  make up your mind         100 WAS 150

Sandra Phillips   world without sunshine   100 WAS 150

Dean Parrish      bricks broken bottles and sticks  175 WAS 250

Percy Wiggins    that’s loving you   65 WAS 75

Art Freeman      slipping around with you   125 WAS 175

Phyllis Brown     oh baby   100 WAS 150

Jimmy Miller      on a backstreet   75 WAS 125

Dean Barlow      third window from the right   75 WAS 150

Pat Brown           the good got to suffer for the bad    200 WAS 250

Laura Greene    moonlight music and you (rca issue)  175 WAS 250

Kenny Carter     I gotta get myself together     100 WAS 150

Barons    I got a feeling     65 WAS 100

Dean Parrish      determination  50 WAS 75

Harrison and majestic kind           tearing me up inside  75 WAS 100

Charlie McCoy and escorts           my baby's back again    100 WAS 150

Lee Shot Williams             love now pay later    150 WAS 200

Bobby Peyton   keep calling me   75 WAS 100

Hal Miller             on my own two feet   80 WAS 125

Soul Shakers      I'm getting weaker  125 WAS 175

Rose St John and wonderettes  mend my broken heart   100 WAS 125

Tammy Levon    it takes two   100 WAS 125

Lola Sands           to whom it may concern    150 WAS 200

Marvelows         your little sister    75 WAS 100

Janie Grant         my heart your heart   75 WAS 125

Ideals    mighty lover   100 WAS 125

Grand Prixs         roar of the crowd   250 WAS 350

Barbara Mills      queen of fools   50 WAS 75

Sharon Soul        how can I get to you   50 WAS 75

Bobby Sheen     Dr love    150 WAS 200

Dynamics             love to a guy/whenever I'm without you   125 WAS 200

Lollipops              step aside baby /loving good feeling   75 WAS 125

Kelly Michaels       I need him   100 WAS 150

Jackson Brothers              I gotta hear it from you  125

Eddie Garrigan    I wish I was    40 WAS 75

Linda Jones         I'm taking back my love    75 WAS 125

Bobby Paris        night owl   125 WAS 150

Arthur Freeman               you got me uptight    200 WAS 400

Kim Weston       a thrill a moment    50 WAS 60

Emanuel Laskey                I gotta run for my life   175 WAS 250

Arcades                there's gotta be a loser    150 WAS 200

Linda and Vistas                she went away    75 WAS 100

Eric Lomax           7 the loser (Columbia Issue)   150 WAS 200

Veda     Whats It All About  175 WAS  200

The Patrick Bradley         Just one more chance  75 WAS 100

Linda Lloyd          breakaway (Columbia Issue)  150 WAS 250

John Edwards    the look on your face (bell Issue)   150 WAS 250

Darrel Banks       I’m the one who loves you (volt)       150 WAS 200

Peter Hamilton hey girl (Jamie dj)     95 WAS 125

Jerry Fischer       gotta find me someone to love (musicor dj)    30 WAS 50

Solomon King    this beautiful day (Columbia UK)   100 WAS 150

Ivan Neville        dance your blues away (cookie)    200 WAS 300

Sam Butler          I can’t get over losing you (sri)    125 WAS 175

Ritchie Barrett   I will love you (swan dj)    40 WAS 75

Sharon Soul        his love is amazing (coral dj)  40 WAS 75

Darlene Love    too late too say your sorry (reprise Issue)    75 WAS 100

Millionaires         you’ve got to love your baby (castle)   100 WAS 150

Burning Bush     keeps on burning (Mercury Issue)    200 WAS 250

Emanuel Laskey                I'd Rather Leave On My Feet  DT   175 WAS 250

Tommy Sears    get out (chalet Issue)    60 WAS 150








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