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Membership Restricted


as per guidelines

a member has had his membership restricted

this was due to his previous posts on this site

and actions at recent soul events

has full story

While always try and avoid such action ( this has only happenend twice before ) in this case it was felt that such action was appropriate

For further discussion on this matter ask please do it via pm/email the mod


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rather than post up in csc thread, thought be better post here, just passing on where site is coming from regarding this matter

Pete and others

just in case any doubt

as said only time site has took similar action before is

1. to deal with someone out to cause deliberate damage

2. a rip off dealer posting under different names

As always try and keep stepping in down to a minimum and avoid "behind closed doors" style moderation decisions

Issues with this account

First post as a comment to an news article admitting actions that some consider well out of order and to be blunt unacceptable

Then starts posting up a few months later, and first action is to post confrontational mocking posts

That's what we looked at and based this decision on

Bottom line:

Way run forum is no big thing, aim is to offer worthwhile, enjoyable easy going place for soul related discussion.

Anyone can view, join and participate and "moderation" is kept low key the majority of time as feel this is best way to achieve this.

However action if needed, will be taken with posts/accounts that are felt deserve it

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