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Worlds Most Abusive Ebay Seller


Short version - won a record off this bloke, turns out he's someone who ripped me off 18 months ago and owes me £40 so all I did was ask for it back, here are his replies.


Hi Pete,i don't know wether you got my invoice for this item,either way if you are not intending on sending payment please let me know...i also heard that you have been telling people i owe you money? the last time i heard from you i was in Barcelona and ask you to contact me when i got back regarding this matter,you never did?....i prefer to treat you with respect,and i would like to think you are a honourable man,but words spread you have been telling lies about me.....You don't know me ,and i'am not a thief..please do not take liberties with me...also please honour this ebay transaction....


Your full of shite,and your'e a liar...i don't care how many ebays feedbacks you got your're still a liar....i can't be bothered with all the you did this, and you did that bolloks,it was so long ago i can't remeber..but i do know i sent you the money....If you think you can skank me mate,we'll see about fucking arsehole...


Is that a threat? ha ha you fucking tosser...f*** off...c***....don't you think i know people you twat...what! you think i'am bothered c***...go ahead,tell you what ...why don't you just stick to own shite music, and stop making a living off the backs of Black Music...c***...i'am up your way Friday,why don't you come and meet shit house

Don't know if it's worth it over £40 eh?

p.s. I told him to name a time and place :wicked:

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Some reggae guy...

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That is one of the funniest email conversations I've ever seen.

Straight from nicey nicey to no-holds-barred without passing Go....most people at least start with a few subtle jibes!

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