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K-Mart Records Dec 12 Sales List - rare 45's etc

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To view the list with soundfiles etc go to:



Modern Soul & Boogie 45’s


Essex IV – My reaction to you / My heart just can’t take it – Wind Mill / EX / £350 (Classic modern double header that stayed rare.)


Major Thomas – And you know’ it  / Wake up crying – Lion’s / EX / £250 (Nice and clean copy of this very rare boogie 45. Flip is a nice ballad.)


Buddy Ace – It’s all for you / I’ll love you (If you let me) – Tear Drop / EX / £200 (Late 70’s release by this pedigree artist very seldom offered for sale. Two excellent sides, modern dancer backed by a lovely slowie.)


Krash Band with Evelyn Holder – So I can make this change (In my life) – Liberated / EX / £150 (One of my all time faves. Very hard to find especially in clean condition.)


Solar Fire – Funk fever – Solar / EX / £150 (Jazz funk with an almost cosmic disco feel. Super obscure Chicago 45 with a great looking label.)


Lamar Thomas – Feel so good inside – Mca / EX / £125 (Killer modern dancer that was reissued on a 12 inch recently. Promo copy which means company sleeve instead of the pic sleeve.)


Direct Pressure – Let me love you / Love flight – Future Electric / EX / £125 (Now more indemand than the Hiram & Direct 45 due to the excellent mellow boogie cut “Let me love you” only found here. “Love flight” still sounds great.)


Odyssey & Company – You’re so silly – Heat / EX / £125 (Rare and sought after boogie.)


Four Below Zero – E.S.P. – P&P / EX / £100 (Modern soul evergreen, here on first label with a slightly different take. Date written on label.)


Jeanette (Baby) Washington – Cup (Runneth over) – Sixth Avenue / EX / £100 (Very rare, and very good modern soul dancer. Superior version to the Ronnie Dyson song. Small pencil writing on both sides of the label.)


Dynamics – We can make it if you try / We found love – Columbia / EX / £95 (Two killer modern sides which the dancer side is only available on the much rarer issue copies.)


Brief Encounter – Get a good feeling – Capitol / EX / £90 (Killer modern dancer with a rare groove feel. Flip is a nice ballad.)


Brief Encounter – Shake and move / I want you so much – Sonic / EX / £80 (Highly sought after 2010 release by the group themselves with two previously unissued modern tracks. This copy is numbered 3 out of 500.)


Fat Jack – It must be magic – Pyramid / EX / £80 (Obscure and rare mellow boogie cut. Label has gotten the infamous Soul Bowl/John Anderson treatment, that is the address been scratched out.)


Velvet Hammer feat. Walter Smith – I can’t believe – Chila / EX / £70 (Obscure modern soul floater. Rare version of High Society.)


O’Jays – Love you direct – PIR / VG+ / £70 (Superb 1984 release and one of the rarest releases on the label. Issue only. Record has a jukebox swirl but plays ok. Flipside has line written with filt pen.)


Frank & James – How long is forever – Smooth City / EX / £65 (The 1982 original release of this popular modern dancer.)


Four Wonders – Just looking for my baby – Solid Foundation / EX / £65 (Epic modern soul. Rarer issue copy with the great flipside slowie.)


Shades of Blu – Bella mi – A&M / EX / £50 (Version of the Maxine Brown Avco track. Only found on rarer issue copies. The official a-side is a nice one as well.)


P.J. Smith & Co – Hold on to it / Hey mister – Shane / EX / £50 (The rarer and to my ears better female lead version of the Barry Smith tune. The flip is a lovely slowie not found on the Barry Smith 45.)


Topics – God and you – Noodle / EX / £50 (Japanese reissue of this great midtempo modern dancer.)


Family Underground – Nowhere to run – Hollygroove / EX / £50 (Fabulous modern dancer that stayed unreleased until this 2007 release. Holds £1000+ modern sound. Since long out of print and very sought after now.)


Kellee Patterson – I’m gonna love you just a little more baby – Mint / EX / £45 (UK original of this killer version of the Barry White track. UK press hold a version that’s only are found on this 45. Lenght is between the short US 45 issue and the long demo 45 and long LP version. “Paterson” mis-print first press. Label has stains + a tiny tear from removed stickers.)


Leon Debouse – Every fella’s girl / Getting with my baby – Bold / EX / £45 (Two great never before on 7 inch until this Japanese re-issue 45. Well made with superb sound quality and great looking label, very limited release and since long out of print.)


Executive Suite – Why in the world do they keep on – DT / EX / £45 (Sought after boogie funk dancer.)


Mel Davis – Double or nothin – Rock Mill / EX / £40 (Super soulful and just lovely midtempo soul. Multi coloured first press, promo copy. Tiny tear on label.)


Silk – I can’t stop (Turning you on) – PIR / VG+ / £30 (PIR indemander and rightly so, one of the best on the label. Record has some light marks, plays well.)


Main Ingredient – Instant love – Rca / VG+ / £30 (Rarer demo copy which is the only way to get the 4:13 full length version of this modern soul pearl. Vinyl has a few light marks, plays well but not perfect.)


Michele White – Closer – Sunshine Sound / EX / £25 (Lovely feel good modern soul dancer and a tricky one to pick up on 45. Rarer vinyl copy.)


Charles Earland – Coming to you live – Columbia / EX / £25 (Disco/modern dancer that is rare on 45 and even more so on an issue copy like this.)


Bobby Jonz – Win your love – Dispo / EX / £25 (Underrated Chicago modern dancer, one to play alongside Melvin Moore “All of a sudden”.)


Denise LaSalle – I’m so hot – Mca / EX / £25 (Modern/disco classic that’s rare on 45.)


One Way – I didn’t mean to break your heart – Mca / EX / £20 (Tough issue only modern dancer with a powerful bassline.)


Invitations – Look on the good side – Silver Blue / VG+ / £20 (Modern soul evergreen. Vinyl has some light marks but plays well.)


Lamont Dozier – Can’t get off until the feeling stops – Warner Brothers / EX / £20 (Stone classic which is tricky to find on a 7 inch.)


LTG Exchange – You’ll never learn (about love) – Big Tree / EX / £20 (Breezy modern soul dancer. Flip has a “F” written with pencil.)


Bodacious – (Will you) Groove with me – Super Nova / EX / £20 (Rare Florida indie boogie/disco/modern 45.)


Frank E. Moore – Spellbound – Exochronos / EX / £20 (The rare version to the Frank Everett cut on Big Smokey records.)


David Morris, Jr. – Midnight lady Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 – Buddah / EX / £15 (Essential Philly dancer. 3:36 plus 6:13 versions. DJ copy.)


Mike Jemison – You’ll never get my love – Lake / EX / £10 (Modern soul classic which I feel is a bit underrated nowadays.)


Ben E. King – We got love – Atlantic / EX / £10 (Highly recommended Philly soul dancer.)


Eugene Record – Fan the fire – Warner Brothers / EX / £10 (Nice down to the core 3:46 45 version on this tricky to find 45.)


5th Dimension – No love in the room – Arista / EX / £10 (Their one song I actually like, excellent midtempo modern soul dancer.)


Jackson Sisters – Boy, you’re dynamite – Mums / EX / £6 (White demo of this excellent midtempo dancer. Complete with company sleeve.)


Talk of the Town – Don’t be so mean – Gamble / EX / £5 (Killer Philly dancer. clean copy complete with the great looking company sleeve.)


Dorothy Moore – Girl overboard – Malaco / VG+ / £5 (Just marvelous soul, and nice on a 7 inch.)


Crossover Soul 45’s


Apple and the 3 Oranges – Love brings out the best of me – Sagittarius / EX / £700 (Powerful crossover dancer and a major Cali rarity. Don’t miss the flip which is a real nice midtempo track.)


Funder Cooper – I didn’t know – Lamp / EX / £500 (Rare and sought after xover dancer. Impossible to find especially a clean copy like this.)


Donald Hopson – It’s over – Royalty / EX / £350 (Superb all-nighter sound on a very rare 45. Writing on label.)


Brothers of Soul – Dream – Shock / EX / £200 (Essential crossover. Best version and on the well rarer yellow label release.)


Brothers of Soul – Try it babe – Shock / EX / £15 (Sublime slowie of the highest quality. My personal BoS fave.)


7 Days Unlimited – Trying – Big Town / EX / £75 (Crossover of epic qualities on the Part 2 vocal side of this 45. Flip is a great mood builder too.)


Out of Sights – Tears don’t care who cry – Saru / EX / £70 (Dramatic and funky xover dancer.)


Magnetics – Wasting time – J-V / EX / £60 (Huge crossover fave.)


Cleveland Robinson – Somebody to love / Boy – Nosnibor / EX / £60 (The pink label versions of these two excellent dancers.)


Elements – Just to be with you – Saru / EX / £60 (Now well classic crossover dancer. The group version as favoured by most.)


Curt Darin – Two on a cloud – Buddah / EX / £55 (Superb dreamy floater.)


George Jackson – How can I get next to you? – MGM / EX / £50 (One of his most sought after and to my ears best 45’s. White promo complete with the company sleeve.)


Enchanted Five – Have you ever / Try a little love – CVS / EX / £50 (Two lovely group harmony sides.)


Collaboration – Where is love / Forgive me – Mohawk / EX / £50 (Very nice double header.)


Elanthony – Sweet Jo-Ann / Will you wait? – Star-Vue / EX / £45 (Lovely Chicago double header. Not an easy one to find especially not in clean condition.)


Madeline & the Monticellos – Binding ring of gold – De-Vel / VG+ / £40 (Powerful crossover soul. Record has some light sleeve marks, plays well.)


Bobby Foster – If you really need a friend – Sound Plus / EX / £40 (Lovely feel good xover dancer.)


Old (M)Pressions – Right on – Brooks Brothers / EX / £30 (1978 crossover dancer which has been well popular last few years. Flip is a very nice deep soul styled ballad. Copies turned up in quantity but here’s the chance to get it a bargain price.)


Bits and Pieces – Did I scare you? – Nasco / EX / £25 (Promo copy of this excellent crossover dancer.)


Quickest Way Out – Hello stranger / Tick tock baby – Karen / EX / £25 (Crossover group version of the Barbara Lewis track. Flip is nice too.)


Dionne Warwick – You’re gonna need me / (I’m) Just being myself – Warner Brother / VG+ / £25 (Killer Lamont Dozier double header. Vinyl has some light marks, plays well apart from a quick cue burn on the YGNM side.)


Jean Wells – What have I got to lose – Calla / EX / £25 (Crossover evergreen, such a good one.)


Sam Baker – It’s all over – Sound Stage 7 / EX / £25 (Black label issue copy of this feel good xover dancer.)


Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘77 – Love music – Bell / EX / £20 (White label red text promo copy. Classic dancer which always been a bit tricky to find on 45. One label side is clean, the other has a tiny stain from a removed sticker.)


Candice Love – I wanna get back – Aquarius / EX / £15 (Rare vinyl copy of this excellent female crossover cut. Both sides of label has small round blue sticker + tiny tear from removed sticker.)


Butlers – She’s gone – Gamble / EX / £15 (Lovely Philly floater.)


Billy Davis – It’s all over – Hi / EX / £15 (Killer midtempo dancer, very soulful stuff and perfect for old legs on the dancefloor. DJ copy.)


George Wilson – Here stands a man who needs you – Black Circle / EX / £15 (Pittsburgh crossover evergreen.)


Variations – Yesterday is gone – OKeh / VG+ / £15 (Lovely midtempo soul. Record has a few cosmetic marks, plays ok.)


Chestnut Tree – Super lovin’ – Paramount / EX / £12 (Promo copy of this nice feel good cheapie.)


Gloria Walker – My precious love – People / EX / £12 (Classic and very soulful floater type of sound.)


Doug Haynes – The sly, slick and the wicked – Dakar / EX / £12 (Nice version of the Sly, Slick & Wicked tune.)


Fiestas – Sometimes storm – Respect / EX / £10 (Severely underrated crossover dancer that will have it’s day eventually. Not too far from JP Robinson’s “Our day is here” for instance. Multi color label copy.)


Love’s Children – Soul is love – Curtom / EX / £8 (Nice promo copy complete with company sleeve of this feel good Curtis dancer.)


Futures – Stay with me – Gamble / EX / £6 (Essential 1972 Philly.)



Northern soul 45’s


Lorraine Chandler – Gotta find a way / Instrumental – Warren Acetate / VG+ / OFFERS over £150 (Unreleased version of the Thelma Lindsay/Naomi Wilson song. Flip holds an instrumental version credited to Billy Sha-Rae’s Congress Band, also unissued.)


Buddy Conner – When you’re alone – Breakthrough / EX / £200 (Rare first release of this popular dancer.)


Volcanos – Gotta be a false alarm – Harthon / EX / £175 (Storming Philly northern on a definite original.)


Jackie Lee – Darkest days – Abc / EX / £100 (Northern soul evergreen. Tiny barely noticable writing on label.)


Jackie Lee – The duck – Mirwood / VG+ / £30 (Very nice and very rare white demo of this stone classic. Vinyl has some light sleeve marks, plays well. “The Duck” side has two stamped stars.)


Jackie Day – Before it’s too late – Modern / EX / £75 (Northern evergreen, love it!)


Fantastics – High note – Sound Stage 7 / EX / £75 (Feel good dancer, really like this one.)


Appreciations – She never really loved me – Sport / EX / £70 (Superb Detroit midtempo dancer.)


Lee Andrews & the Hearts – Never the less – Crimson / EX / £60 (Atmospheric Philly northern classic. BB hole through label, multi color label original.)


Irma & the Fascinators – Lost love – Scepter / EX / £60 (Clean copy of this lovely dancer, complete with company sleeve too.)


Cheers – Take me to paradise – OKeh / EX / £60 (Rare vinyl demo copy, usually seen on styrene.)


Bobby Williams – Baby I need your love – Sure-Shot / EX / £50 (Lovely midtempo dancer.)


Cheryl Williams – Everybody’s happy but me / I’m your fool – Bengee / EX / £50 (Killer feelgood northern dancer backed with a lovely slowie. Original with virtue stamp in run out.)


Puzzles – My sweet baby / I need you – Fat Back / EX / £50 (Excellent NYC double header.)

Lovettes – I need a guy / I’m afraid – Carnival / VG / £50 (White promo copy of this superb northern dancer. Label has a vintage sticker, vinyl some light marks but both sides plays ok.)

Lovettes – I need a guy / I’m afraid – Carnival / VG / £45 (Superb northern dancer. Label has bb hole, vinyl some light marks but both sides plays ok.)


Joy Lovejoy – In orbit – Chess / VG- / £40 (Superb Chicago northern. Vinyl is absolutely covered with superficial marks but surprisingly it plays clean.)


Silky Hargraves – Hurt by love – D-Town / EX / £35 (Detroit evergreen now well hard to find in clean condition like this.)


Precisions – Why girl / What I want – Drew / EX / £30 (Stormer backed with a pleading midtempo killer. Styrene copy.)


Precisions – If this is love (I’d rather be lonely) – Drew / EX / £30 (Indemander now tricky to find in clean condition.)


Gene West – Little girl / In the ghetto – Original Sound / EX / £30 (Barry White on an early northern dancer. Flip is a version of the song made famous by Elvis Presley. Complete with company sleeve.)


Orlons – Spinning top – Calla / VG+ / £30 (Storming classic on a post Cameo release. Label has name + date stamp. Vinyl has a few sleeve marks, plays well.)


Temptations – Check yourself – Miracle / VG+ / £25 (Early, great dancer! Flipside has writing, inside of the label a little fraying. A few light marks but plays clean.)


Dynasonics – Soul bug – Dynamics / EX / £25 (Powerful northern instrumental.)


Judy Clay – You busted my mind – Scepter / EX / £25 (Another classic northern stomper which still sounds great.)


Ethics – Look at me now – Vent / EX / £25 (Superb group soul dancer that’s steadily grow in popularity. First press with catalogue number in deadwax rather than stated on the label.)


Juanita Williams – Baby boy – Golden World / EX / £20 (Fingersnapping Detroit soul.)


Remarkables – Is the feeling still there / Easily mislead – Audio Arts / EX / £20 (Two northern soul dancer sides.)


Incredibles – I can’t get over losing you / (I love you) For sentimental reasons – Audio Arts / EX / £20 (Stomping northern backed with soul harmony slowie.)


Contours – Just a little misunderstanding – Gordy / EX / £8 (One of my fave Motown dance tracks. Cut out hole)


R&B/Funk/Latin/Jamaica Soul/Funky Soul 45’s


Sly, Slick & Wicked – It’s not easy / Your love was meant for me – Paramount / EX / £225 (Very rare issue copy with the funky groover “Your love was meant for me”. Nice sweet soul flip. Vinyl copy too so in it’s most desirable format here.)


James Kelly Duhon – Pusher man / Drifter – Jude / EX / £100 (Funky soul dancer backed with a very nice slowie. Label has tiny tear from removed sticker.)


Sisters’ Sledge – Brand new generation – Money Back / EX / £100 (Their legendary first release. Superb sisters funk type dancer backed with an emotional ballad. Label on the funk side has two tiny round stickers.)


Apple and the Three Oranges – Free and easy – Stanson / EX / £85 (Bay Area funk. No line design label.)


Tony Gregory – I’m gonna break down / Dance on – Forward / EX / £80 (Rare and great slap of Jamaican soul. Clean copy but label has a tiny tear.)


Johnny K – I got bills to pay – Drive / EX / £70 (Superb Miami funk. Label has bb hole and a small amount of wear. Vinyl is very clean.)


Skip Mahoney & the Casuals – Town called no-where – DC International / EX / £50 (Funky soul classic which still sounds great. Added bonus is a good ballad flip.)


Kim Tamango – Not by bread alone / (Can’t wait until) Tomorrow – Firebird / EX / £50 (Classy and classic sister funk backed with a powerful slowie.)


Frank Williams Rocketeers feat. Little Beaver – Good thing (Part 1) – Lloyd / EX / £45 (Rare and early Little Beaver Florida release. Soul with equal amounts of funk and R&B.)


Spencer Jackson Family – Bring back peace to the world – Scarab / EX / £45 (Lovely gospel and funk infused Chicago soul.)


Doris Duke – Woman of the ghetto – Sam / EX / £35 (Killer version that I much prefer to the original. Part one label side has two tiny round stickers.)


Marlena Shaw – Woman of the ghetto – Cadet / VG+ / £20 (Funky classic. Vinyl looks fairly clean but plays with a little faint noise in the beginning.)


Carol Fran – I’m gonna try – Port / EX / £30 (Superb R&B dancer. The piano breakdown around 1:30 in is really really nice.)


Stepstones – Leave us alone – Big D / EX / £30 (Funky Detroit soul seldom seen in clean condition.)


Family Portrait – Natural man (I need) – Ghetto / EX / £25 (Superb crossover soul with a funky/ ghetto soul feel. Label has two tiny stains from removed stickers.)


Marion Black – Who knows – Avco / EX / £20 (Gritty club soul classic. Vinyl copy.)


Sweet/Deep/Group Harmony/Ballad 45’s


Sherman Willis with the Soul Superiors – Darling, I love you – Soul Beat / EX / £330 (Well sought after deep with a beat kind of slowie.)


Different Shades of Brown – When the hurt is put back on you / Sending good vibrations – Motown / EX / £175 (Major sweet soul rarity double header from 1973. With the flip only found on the issue copies.)


Enchanting Enchanters – No one in this world / Boss action – BenMoKeith / EX / £125 (Super duper sweet soul. Driving funk flip.)


Calif. Malibus – I stand alone / Love in my life – M&M / EX / £80 (Nice clean copy of this sweet soul superstar. The theme tune for the infamous Felony Fight series. Flip is a nice modern soul cut that was featured on early Soul Supply/Goldmine comps.)


Odyssey – Our lives are shaped by what we love – Mowest / EX / £70 (…round with a hole in a middle then. White label copy of this wonderful soul pearl of a track. Vinyl is clean but labels has some issues, one side has three stains and a tiny tear from removed tape. The flipside has stickers covering the company and song title plus small tear and stain from a sticker which was covering the group name. )


Train Robbers – Tricky dick – St. Simmons / EX / £60 (Classic and absolutely gorgeous sweet soul.)


Blue Green – Can’t hide it – Easter’s / EX / £50 (Killer slowie! Label has one stain, still looks neat. Flipside has three tiny X scribbled with thin ball point pen.)


Clarence Littlejohn and Ultimate Set Band – You’re what’s happening baby / Superwalk – N and C / EX / £45 (A nice slowie backed with a mellow funky cut on a very obscure 1983 release.)


Theatrics – We got a love – VR / EX / £40 (Fantastic 1980 group harmony cut.)


Pastels – Been so long – Quality Sound / EX / £30 (Superb Chicago slowie. The flipside is the instrumental side Boba used to have as a speakover backing. And for a reason as it almost works better than the vocal side.)


Betty Williams – What can I do – Rollins / EX / £30 (Powerful deep soul.)


Barons – Lonely afternoon – Gamma / EX / £25 (Rare 1982 group cut slowie.)


Robert Evans – The ingredient of love – DT / EX / £25 (Super soulful Detroit slowie. And one clearly inspired by Smokey Robinson.)


Fabulous Traits – Lonely man / Love is strange – Tele-Phonic / EX / £25 (Group slowie of magic qualities. Funky flip that apparently has been gotten soul scene spins lately.)


Norman Scott – Baby don’t go – Way Out / EX / £20 (Gray label first release of this sublime slowie.)


Members of the Staff – Stop the bells – Evejim / EX / £20 (Beautiful Leon Haywood produced ballad with a dramatic feel.)


Mike Williams – Lonely soldier – Atlantic / EX / £20 (Classic deep soul anti war 45. Vinyl copy)


Coldwater Stone – Outside love affair – GSF / EX / £18 (White demo of this nice deep soul cut.)


Katie Love and the Four Shades of Black – It hurts so good – Scepter / EX / £15 (White demo of this classic slowie, wonderful stuff.)


These Gents – Yesterday standing by – Soulvation Army / EX / £15 (Killer sweet.)


Equations – I love your love – Dakar / EX / £12 (Absolutely gorgeous sweet soul slowie. And a somewhat tricky one to come by, only appear on the rare issue copies. Flipside has a sticker on label.)


Two step & Mellow Groove 45’s


Motha’s Funkk – We’ve got love – Street Star / EX / £140 (Tough, rare, and great two step.)


Star Fire & The Atkins All Stars – Oh baby – Atkins / EX / £80 (Superb one which starts out like a fast modern soul dancer before settling into a slow killer two step groove with ultra soulful vocals. Extra hard to find in this clean condition.)

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