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Doors Fully Reopened

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After the last few weeks where had to close the doors for a bit, happy to say that they are now fully reopen

The reg/login/members things have had a revamp and a clear out

and with the switch to active accounts only, it does mean that a lot of the problems people have had due to old accouts/emails/usernames already been used should be past history

Also mean that there are many more display names available if your choice was taken when joining

New members set up goes like below

(nowadays due to spammers, hackers and clowns - its has to be abit more complex unfortunately)

sign up

email is sent from site - member must follow link to validate email

once validated there is a short delay untill site approves

member in

welcome pm auto sent

new member posts quick intro/shout ( optional but strongly recommened if gonna post)

The intro/shout forum is now more prominent and as often find old muckers etc showing up its always worth a check to see who's fell into site

onwards and slightly upwards

mike :lol:

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