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stovall sisters - hang on in there

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i have the WD of this, and the release number is #1028. it looks like almost all of the ones on popsike are the same (WD, 1028)


this person on eBay is selling 3 mint copies - and he says they are re-issues and they are orange stock copies with the release number R7 74167(?). 

it just seems odd that a single that was so unsuccessful that there seem to be few original stock copies would be re-issued by Reprise? and it isn't rare enough to boot (plus, no bootlegger would make original looking sleeves). 


any thoughts? is this a modern re-issue? it doesn't seem rare enough for that either...




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Don't get it either. Another little "pet project"?



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yeah, so what happened here is, remember about a decade ago Warners/Rhino did the "What It Is" box set? well, last record store day they reissued those reissues but this time on coloured vinyl.

the listing is for the Stovall Sisters from the reissue of the reissue.

legit release.

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2006 re-issue

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ha! interesting. 

thanks guys!

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